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High Llamas

Artist Direct: The High Llamas
Profile, discography, and discussion board.
Go Pop: High Llamas
Brief review of a live show.
High Llamas
News, exclusive audio and video, gig information and discography.
The High Llamas
Includes discography, lyrics, audio, news, and message board.
The Musical Painting
A unique collaboration between The High Llamas and Jean Pierre Muller.
Space Age Bachelor: The High Llamas - Photocopy Music
Interview with Sean O'Hagen about his working methods, albums, and music in general.
Almost Cool: The High Llamas - Buzzle Bee
Aaron Coleman's review: 'there isn't a whole lot going on with this release that O'Hagan hasn't done with any of his other releases'. Rated 6.5.
Motion: TheHigh Lllamas - Buzzle Bee
Peter's review: 'A lot of the textures are similar to that of last year's 'Snowbug' album - vibes, marimbas, smears of analogue synthetics, but 'Buzzle Bee' seems a slightly less calculated, more intimate piece of work.'
Pitchfork: High Llamas - Buzzle Bee
John Dark's review: 'a brief eight tracks and 40 minutes of somnambulist, pianissimo music.' Rated 6.0.
The High Llamas - Cold and Bouncy
Reviewer states: 'It's an album that connects the unseen dots between the blithe, syrupy sounds of Bert Kaempfert to the innovation of Brian Eno, dabbing its own marks along the way.'
Music Monitor: The High Llamas - Cold and Bouncy
David W. Jackson's review: 'The High Llamas' lyrical vocabulary has finally caught up with their seemingly bottomless arsenal of sounds, and the result is their best album yet.' (February, 1998)
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