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Human League

Blind Youth - The Human League (1977-1980)
A guide to the early work of the band, with biography, discography, MP3s, song guide, pictures, lyrics, and press cuttings. Human League
Lyrics for several songs.
Human League
Fan page for the group. Song of the month, and complete discography.
The Human League - An Opinion
A personal opinion of the electronic group from Sheffield. Includes a message board.
Hysteria: The Unofficial Human League Website
Complete fan site features member profiles and band history.
Musicfolio: Human League
Discography with album reviews and ratings.
Human Nature
A facsimile of an article from Smash Hits. (December, 1981)
AMG All Music Guide: Dare
Stephen Thomas Erlewine's review: 'Dare captures a moment in time perfectly - the moment post-punk's robotic fascination with synthesizers met a clinical Bowiesque infatuation with fashion and modern art, including pop culture, plus a healthy love of song
Rolling Stone: Dare
David Fricke's review: 'With all the knobs and buttons at their disposal, the Human League still goes for the hook. And with eight other songs as artfully grabby as 'Don't You Want Me,' Dare keeps reelin' 'em in.' 4 stars.
AMG All Music Guide: Fascination
William Ruhlmann's review: 'the group's failure to produce a new album after 19 months was an indication of the instability it would suffer for the rest of its career.' 3 stars.
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