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The Loved 1's INXS Fan Pages.
List of websites and webring links dedicated to the band and individual band members.
Matt's INXS Page
Images, chat, forum, lyrics, profiles, multimedia and links.
Michael Hutchence - Just A Man
This is his story told by his sister Tina and mother Patricia Glassop. Includes FAQ, gallery, and reviews.
Official Michael Hutchence Memorial Website
A tribute from his family, created by his father. Current news, biography, family, memories, fan club, and memorial information.
Planet INXS
Fan site includes news, tour dates, pictures, wallpaper, links, and the author's encounters with the band.
Rockmagic: INXS Lyrics
Song lyrics to nine albums.
Rolling Stone: INXS
Includes biography, photo gallery, news, discography, album reviews, and message board.
Includes album reviews, music news, audio downloads, biography, discography, links, and a bulletin board.
An Excess Of INXS
Includes news, biography, discography, videography, gigography, pictures, articles, reviews, interviews, audio and video clips, and message board.
All Music Guide: INXS
Includes a biography and discography.
Davy's INXS Site
MP3 archive (includes rare b-sides), songography and desktop theme.
INaXS: INXS Tribute
Profiles, pictures, history, fanzine information, chatrooms and merchandise.
INXS Official Site
Features discography, biographies and news.
Live it INXS
Profiles, images, multimedia and links.
UK tribute band. Biography, show dates, MP3s, pictures, forum, and links.
INXS tribute band based in Sydney Australia. Includes gig guide, photos, and multimedia files.
AMG All Music Guide: Elegantly Wasted
Stephen Thomas Erlewine's review: 'The band does dabble in contemporary dance on Elegantly Wasted, but it all comes out sounding like the lite funk-n-roll of Kick, only without the energy. And without the tunes.' 2 stars.
Canoe: Elegantly Wasted
Dave Veitch's review: 'they haven't lost the ability to write a good hook or get bodies moving on the dance floor.'
NME: Elegantly Wasted
Roger Morton's review: 'a decent old-skool dance-rock record haunted by the covers-band culture of its country of origin...' Rating: 6/10.
Rolling Stone: Elegantly Wasted
Elysa Gardner's review: '10 years after 'Need You Tonight' hit the top of the charts, the sinuous dance grooves and crackling bursts of guitar in new songs such as 'Elegantly Wasted' and 'Don't Lose Your Head' don't seem very fresh.' 2 stars.
AMG All Music Guide: Full Moon, Dirty Hearts
Stephen Thomas Erlewine's review: 'the experimentation is poorly executed and there is a serious lack of strong songs and singles...' 1 star.
Rolling Stone: Full Moon, Dirty Hearts
Christian Wright's review: 'After a four-month tour of pubs in the villages and townships of their native Australia, it was inevitable: INXS are getting back to their roots.' 3 stars.
AMG All Music Guide: Kick
Steve Huey's review: 'every song is catchy and memorable, branded with indelible hooks. Even without the band's sense of style, the flawless songcraft is intoxicating, and it's what makes Kick one of the best mainstream pop albums of the '80s.' 4.5 stars.
CMJ: Kick
CMJ review: 'Pop success is a given for this band, having built a rock-solid foundation through college radio play and intense live shows, and Kick should take them one step up the pop ladder without betraying their hard-earned legion of fans.' (November
AMG All Music Guide: Listen Like Thieves
Stephen Thomas Erlewine's review: 'INXS completes its transition into an excellent rock & roll singles band with this album.' 4 stars.
Rolling Stone: Listen Like Thieves
Parke Puterbaugh's review: 'INXS rocks with passion and seals the deal with a backbeat that'll blackmail your feet.'
AMG All Music Guide: Shabooh Shoobah
Ned Raggett's review: 'an example of a talented bunch of performers still finding their own identity.' 3 stars.
Rolling Stone: Shabooh Shoobah
David Fricke's review: 'a radically streamlined, quietly menacing variation on techno-pop's fluffy, bouncy norm.' 3 stars.
AMG All Music Guide: The Swing
Stephen Thomas Erlewine's review: 'retains the new wave pop sense and rock attack of their earlier albums, while adding a stronger emphasis on dance rhythms.' 3 stars.
Rolling Stone: The Swing
Don Shewey's review: 'INXS is a talented, intelligent band, but 'Original Sin' clearly shows that a healthy dose of soul can turn their earnestness into incandescence.' 3 stars.
AMG All Music Guide: Welcome To Wherever You Are
Stephen Thomas Erlewine's review: 'nobody bought the album. And that is a shame, since it is one of their strongest.' 4 stars.
Rolling Stone: Welcome to Wherever You Are
Vic Garbarini's review: 'With a name like INXS, this band should make us laugh, make us cry, make us crawl on our bellies like reptiles. Instead the group just teases us with possibilities.' 2 stars.
AMG All Music Guide: X
Steven McDonald's review: 'It's not that's it's a bad album. It's just nowhere near as good as it could - and should - have been.' 3 stars.
Rolling Stone: X
Paul Evans' review: 'But more so than any previous INXS album, X is greater than the sum of its parts. It defines the band and clarifies the fullness of its appeal.' 4 stars.
CMJ review: 'Hutchence and Co. once again reveal why they are the Australian kings of dance-rock, moving in these grooves with a touch of funk and some incessant hooks that should add some much-needed spice to the mainstream.' (October 28, 1990)
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