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I Mother Earth

I Mother Earth - Blue Green Orange
Official site. Recent news, tour information, discography, and a chat and discussion forum.
ArtistDirect: I Mother Earth
Includes photos, audio clips, biography, album information, and a bulletin board.
Best of I Mother Earth
Biography of the band, lyrics, audio downloads, discography, and links. - Guitar Tabs
Tablature for various songs from the bands more recent albums.
Eye Mommy Planet
Unofficial mailing list for discussion dealing with the band.
Gardens of Gargantua
Guitar tablature, lyrics, reviews, articles, general information, and MP3s.
I Mother Earth
Collection of articles on the band. Dates from around December 1996 to the present.
The I Mother Earth Congregation
Pictures, biographies, and links to other sites dedicated to the band.
Music Song Lyrics: I Mother Earth
Sorted by album.
Lyrics to songs off the bands three albums, image galleries including live images, album reviews, links, and a biography.
Songburst and Delirium
Biographies and other information, as well as audio downloads.
Subterranean Wonderland
Collection of links to fan sites, articles, chat rooms and various sound clips.
Trippin' Down the Long Road
Interview with guitarist Jagori Tanna taken from Drop-D Magazine. (December 26, 1996)
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