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Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson
Official press room with response to 2003 child molestation charges.
Michael Jackson
Includes streaming audio and video files, discography, image gallery and competitions.
Michael Jackson News:
News about Michael Jackson continually updated from around the net.
Bright Lights Film Journal: Michael & Janet Jackson
'The crazy careers of the King of Pop and his Queenly Sister... or is it the other way around?'.
h2g2: Michael Joseph Jackson - Singer and Songwriter
Entry in the BBC's 'Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy'.
The Invincible King
Fan site with extensive biography and fact page.
The Moonwalker: Interview Transcripts
Transcripts from several Michael Jackson interviews. Michael Jackson
Career overview and review of 'The Best of Michael Jackson'.
Rock and Roll Hall of Fame: Michael Jackson
Inductee biography.
Rock On The Net: Michael Jackson
Timeline and discography. Michael Jackson
Includes biography, photo gallery, articles and news.
Scott's Rock and Soul Album Reviews: Michael Jackson
Reviews of Off the Wall, Thriller and Bad.
VH1: Michael Jackson
Biography, discography and news.
Who Is He Really?
A wealth of information on the controversies surrounding Michael Jackson's life.
WWWF Grudge Match: Michael Jackson vs. Prince
Commentary on a fictional fight between the two artists.
Of course Jackson's odd - but his genius is what matters
Tom Utley in the Telegraph argues that the Martin Bashir documentary missed the point. (February 8, 2003)
Not so wacko Jacko
Western values counsel that we can buy anything and be anything, so why balk at Michael Jackson? Article from the Guardian by Ros Coward. (February 5, 2003)
Gold Magazine Michael Jackson Interview
Rare interview in which he talks candidly to Magdalena, the Gold Girl, about fame, the burden of his childhood stardom, his view on the media, and his future in film. (September 1, 2002)
Was Michael Jackson Framed?
Frequently cited article concerning accusations of child abuse, by Mary A. Fischer for GQ Magazine. (October 1, 1994)
Michael Jackson: Life In The Magical Kingdom
1983 Rolling Stone interview with Michael Jackson by Gerri Hirshey. (February 17, 1983)
Michael Jackson discussion forums.
Michael Jackson Singapore
Fan site with numerous concert performances available in RealAudio format.
Michael Jackson's World
Accapalla, instrumental and unreleased versions of Michael's songs in MP3 format, as well as live and rare Video footage. Also includes discography, videography, an image gallery and news.
MTV: Michael Jackson
Features audio and video clips, along with album reviews and latest news.
Nick D's MJ Site
A selection of MIDI files and rare video downloads on rotation. Also includes discography and lyrics.
OyvindEid's MJVideo
Video clips from music videos, concerts and performances.
MJ News International
Michael Jackson fan club that produces the globally-distributed KING! magazine on a quarterly basis. Excerpts available online, along with news, forums, downloads and merchandise.
Exclusively Michael Jackson
Latest news and listings and information regarding Michael's music, books and charitable works. Forums and monthly newsletter.
Followers of Michael Jackson
A free club featuring profiles, commonalities, and thoughts about the artist.
Indian Michael Jackson Fanatics Club
For Indian Michael jackson fans to get together and have fun michaeling around.
King Of Pop Fanatics Online
Group for Michael Jackson fans in the greater Los Angeles area. Includes information about the group, pictures, and merchandise.
Latvian MJ Fan Club
Latvian Fan club page with poems, and photos.
Living HIStory Fan Club
With news, links and information about Michael Jackson.
Broccoli Spears: I Hate Michael and LaToya Jackson!
Rants and images.
I HATE MUSIC: ILM Lyric Watch - Michael Jackson
Tanya Headon gets a jibe in.
Kulture Shock: The Man in the Mirror
An essay that is not anti per se, but concerned with 'What propels us to hate Michael Jackson'.
Seattle P-I: Who nose the dangled web Michael Jackson weaves
A parody of Michael's diary. (November 23, 2002) Loser of the Week: Michael Jackson
Gives reasoning behind the choice. (November 22, 2002) Arts & Entertainment: Who's bad?
Bomani Jones explains why Michael Jackson's music sucks. (June 26, 2002)
Michael Jackson related news stories and photographs. Michael Jackson
Features information, biography and commentary sections.
BBCi - Jackson's life in the spotlight
Profile of the star from the BBC, including links to related news articles.
Mj Talk
Michale Jackson related discussion forums.
A discussion board for fans to rant and rave about the artist.
Allexperts: Michael Jackson
Volunteer experts answer any questions you may have about the main man.
Michael Jackson CD Database
Comprehensive CD Database. Detailed information about each of Michael's recordings. Photos and links.
Michael Jackson Search Engine
Directory of Michael Jackson sites. Michael Jackson
Categorised links including biography, discography, news, reviews, lyrics and downloads.
Michael Jackson Remixed
Dedicated to individual track remixes and multiple track megamixes, official and otherwise. Comprehensive listings and information. MP3 downloads also available.
Donald's MJWeb
A selection of Michael Jackson video and audio clips.
FindMIDIs: Michael Jackson
Downloadable MIDI composition files.
Michael Jackson Invincible
Audio downloads, MP3 skins, wallpaper and desktop themes.
Michael Jackson Live
Albums available for online listening. Create your own playlist and view lyrics simultaneously.
Michael Jackson Radio Stream
Internet radio station featuring songs by Michael Jackson and siblings in streaming MP3 format.
Michael Jackson
The Greek Michael Jackson net club. Biography, discography, message board, archives, and links.
The Michael Jackson Fan Club
A worldwide service for Michael Jackson fans. The latest news, full color magazine, and greeting cards.
Michael Jackson Newspage Fan Club
With links, album news, newsletter, news, biography, mailing list, downloads, gallery, lyrics, and survey.
Michael Jackson Travel Club
Service designed to assist fans with travel arrangements to events. Includes travel stories, guides, and members.
MJ Internet Club
Features news, information on the AngelFace brochure, event information, pictures, and mailing list. Membership is free.
The MJIFC Members WebRing
A webring for Michael Jackson Internet Fan Club members who have MJ websites. Come join the ring, or find a MJ site to visit! Officially recognized by the MJIFC.
Official fan portal. Contains a biography, image gallery, charity work, and merchandise.
Neverland Czech Republic
Czech Michael Jackson fanclub.
Union Jackson Corporation
There are 2 different fan clubs in this web site. This site is dedicated to Michael Jackson and Janet Jackson.
United States Michael Jackson Web Ring
A Michael Jackson webring for MJ sites from the United States. Come join the webring or find a site to visit.
Brown Eyed Angel
Inspired fan site that has plenty of unique Michael Jackson related content over and above the usual facts and stats.
AJs MJ Web
Fan site includes biography, filmography, discography, links, and chat rooms.
Empyrean Dancer
Photos and screen captures from Michael Jackson videos.
Helena Kadlcikova Portfolio
Paintings, drawings and graphics.
HISteria Online Webcards
Send a Michael Jackson webcard here.
The HisTory of Michael Jackson's Face
Illustrated analysis of the singer's image throughout his career.
Michael Jackson Art Club
Primarily a collection of fan art.
Michael Jackson Photos
Collection of photographs and links.
The MJ Gallery
Sizeable collection of photographs, graphics and animations.
Brett 'The Imposter'
Photographs and contact details for this Michael Jackson impersonator.
Classique Productions' Michael Jackson Impersonators
Biographies and photographs of several impersonators this Las Vegas based company have on their books.
David G
'The image of Michael Jackson'. Short biography, photographs and video clips, along with contact details.
Jason Jackson
An Australian Michael Jackson impersonator. Factfile, photographs past performances and contact details.
King Sir Scorpio
Michael Jackson impersonator whose credits include Jay Leno's show. Biography, pictures, video and audio clips.
Michael Firestone
Brief biography, pictures and contact details for this Michael Jackson impersonator.
UK based but internationally travelled Michael Jackson impersonator. Biography, photographs, press reviews and contact details.
Pete Carter
Biography, pictures and copy of newspaper review for this New Jersey based Michael Jackson impersonator.
History, biography, and video clips of this Swedish female Michael Jackson impersonator.
Am I Right? Misheard Lyrics: Michael Jackson
Instances in Michael Jackson songs where lyrics can be amusingly misheard.
A-Z Lyrics Universe: Michael Jackson
Michael Jackson lyrics indexed by album. Also includes lyrics for selected non-album tracks.
Black or White
Michael Jackson lyrics listed by album, with a separate rare songs section. Also includes images and interviews.
Dana's MJ Page
Lyrics indexed alphabetically. Also includes a discography, videography, bibliography, factfile and quotes.
Dance Floor
Michael Jackson lyrics site. Categorised by album.
Lyrics indexed by album with facts and information regarding each in their respective sections.
ILM: Lyrics that Reference Michael Jackson
Discussion board thread with references to Michael Jackson in songs by other artists.
ALL Michael Jackson
Comprehensive biography, discography and videography, along with interview archive, speeches, song lyrics, picture gallery and latest news.
BOWbaby's MJ Kingdom
Share your MJ dreams and fantasies here. Also includes an image gallery.
Break Of Dawn
News, photo gallery, poetry and external links.
The Dance Master
Includes dreams and thoughts about the entertainer, as well as letters, poems, and history.
Dat Le's Michael Jackson fan site. Includes biography, discography, fact file, lyrics and downloadable MIDI files.
Donna's Michael Jackson Dedication Page
Includes picture galleries, guestbook, midi files, poems, and links.
Egyptian Fan Site
Includes news, pictures, video and audio downloads.
Forever, Michael
Contains selected pictures and quotes, along with a biography and discography.
IFC International
Includes news, downloads, games, pictures, reports, discography, lyrics, archives, java chat, sounds, links, videos, shop, and forum.
The Magic of Michael Jackson
Slick fan site includes news, trivia, images, fun and games.
Michael Jackson - The Invincible Experience
Discography, ringtones, pictures, guestbook and links.
Michael Jackson - Visual Documentry
Image galleries along with various other information including news, interviews and quotes.
Michael Jackson Azeri World
Site history, discography, midis, guestbook and links.
Michael Jackson Janet
Expansive Jackson tribute site.
Michael Jackson Online
Includes lyrics, quotes, list of awards the artist has received, and frequently asked questions.
Michael Jackson Portal
Fan portal with the latest news, downloads and forums.
Michael Jackson The King
Facts and general information, pictures, quotes and relevant links, questbook and poll.
Michael Jackson World Network
Includes news, merchandise, and articles.
Michael Jackson's House
A former impersonator's site with personal photographs, MIDI files and a how to Moonwalk section, along with lyrics, press articles and links.
Michael J.Loveland
Fansite dedicated to one of the most lovely and talented man in the world, with tour pictures and links.
Michaelfreak's Michael Jackson World
News, facts and images.
MJ Art
Michael Jackson fan art.
MJ Fanfiction
Collection of MJ fan fiction by various authors (some adult content).
MJ Music 2002
Contains news, photo gallery, interviews and mini quiz.
News, fan fiction and poems, concert reviews, articles and message boards.
News, discography, videography, fan fiction, comments, image gallery, lyrics, chart positions, message board, and chat room.
MJJ World
Includes news, calendar, history, pictures and links.
Paramount MJ
Latest news, biography, discography, message board, lyrics and fan's thoughts.
Planet Jackson
Includes pictures, realaudio files, news, lyrics, interviews, downloads, quiz, and the Michael Jackson ICQ list.
Planet MJ58
Includes HIStory information, pictures, polls, discography and facts.
The Thriller Michael Jackson Website
Biography, picture gallery, lyrics fan fiction/art/poetry and message board.
Ultimately Michael Jackson
Latest news, pictures, lyrics, guitar tabs, wallpaper, ringtones message board and mailing list.
Who Is It?
Includes news, pictures, calendar, merchandise and trading.
Michael Jackson Sex God
Anatomically categorised pictures of all his sexy body parts!
Black or White 2001
Large image gallery. Also includes downloads and news.
Changing Faces
Brief flash film from Guardian Unlimited showing how Michael Jackson's face has changed over time.
Do You Know Michael's Nose?
Can you guess which of the noses belong to Michael Jackson and which belong to someone else?
Invincible Lyrics
Lyrics for songs on Michael Jackson's latest album, Invincible. Michael Jackson
Lyrics indexed by album.
LyricsFreak: Michael Jackson
Alphabetical list of Michael Jackson lyrics.
Lyrics for Jackson Five albums as well as Michael's solo efforts.
Patleck: Michael Jackson Lyrics
Lyrics indexed by album from 'Got to be there' onwards. Also includes lyrics for selected non-album tracks.
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