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The Jazz Butcher Conspiracy

The Jazz Butcher Conspiracy
Official site features news, trivia, press clips, audio files, lyrics, discography, profiles of past and present members and friends, and letters from Pat Fish himself.
The Jazz Butcher Conspiracy - Rotten Soul
Information about the band's new studio album.
The Jazz Butcher Conspiracy Variations Page
Incomplete discography from a fan, with details about variations in the versions of songs on different releases.
The Jazz Butcher on TweeNet
Max Eider
Official site of the long-time member of The Jazz Butcher Conspiracy with lyrics, news, and sound clips from his solo work.
Release the Jazz Butcher
An online petition (already submitted) to urge Velvel Records to release the four early Jazz Butcher albums they've licensed from Fire Records. Jazz Butcher
Reviews of the band's albums.
Ink Nineteen: The Jazz Butcher Conspiracy
Review of 'Glorious and Idiotic.' (April, 2000)
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