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Official site includes up-to-date schedule and information, merchandise, photos, biography, FAQ, poetry, and lyrics.
Absolute Divas: Jewel
Contains song lyrics, pictures, discography, and biography.
All Music Guide: Jewel
Includes biography, discography, profile, and related artists.
Volunteer experts answer all your questions about Jewel. Jewel Kilcher
Collection of Jewel Kilcher pictures, biography, links and information.
Atlantic Records
Includes sound files, lyrics, discography, biography, and news for Jewel.
BabeSites: Jewel Kilcher
Directory of related websites with a checklist of content within each site.
Everyday Angel Haven
A webring for fans of the singer.
Jewel News:
News about Jewel continually updated from around the net.
MiRea's - Jewel's Realm of Mega Links
List containing 200+ working links. Jewel
Biography, photo gallery, audio/video, webcasts, discography/album reviews, news, and message boards. Jewel
Includes news, biography, musical influences, audio clips, pictures, music videos, bulletin boards, links.
Pop Jewel-Portrait of a Young Artist
Jewel discusses her career and her art with Jay S. Jacobs of (June, 1996)
Angel Needs A Ride
Featuring over 60 RealAudio files, hundreds of songs lyrics, and over 60 magazine covers.
The Australian Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Jewel
Fans who attempt to counter the negative publicity regarding Jewel Kilcher. Includes articles, image gallery, and guestbook.
Cafe Jewel
Contains lyrics, tour dates, DAT tape listing, articles, promo disc information, and video stills from TV appearances.
David's Jewel Site
News, biography, discography, lyrics, poetry, pictures, games, weekly polls, and links.
Dee's Jewel House
Wallpapers/backgrounds, music, lyrics, poetry, and pictures.
Dutch Tribute To Jewel
Includes news, discography, biography, photos, lyrics, poetry, concert stories, FAQ, and links.
EveryDay Angels
A netiquette and new member guide for the official Jewel (Kilcher) mailing list.
Everything Breaks: A Jewel Tribute Page
Pictures, sound files, poetry, and FAQ.
Foolish Games
Features a biography, lyrics, audio and video files, and pictures.
Gerrit's Jewel Page
Includes news, guitar tablatures, lyrics, e-cards, mailing lists, chat, merchandise, Everyday Angels yearbook, poems, fan pictures, ICQ list, and links.
Guitige's Jewel Kilcher Page
Includes news, calendar, biography, pictures, FAQ, articles, lyrics, and poetry.
Jewel - Pieces of UK
The Alaskan singer/songwriter as seen from the UK. Includes TV/Radio/Magazine appearances, available CDs, and latest news.
Jewel and Sarah McLachlan
Wallpapers, photos, and guestbook.
Jewel Fans
A Yahoo! forum for fans of the artist.
Jewel Foolish Games
Includes lyrics, pictures, midi, poems, and FAQ.
Jewel Kilcher
A small selection of published poems by the popular singer/songwriter.
Jewel Kilcher Fansite
Fan site includes discography, lyrics, wallpaper, and image gallery.
Jewel Kilcher's Home in Sweden
Includes sound files, lyrics, poems, and pictures. In Swedish and English.
A Jewel of a Site
Irish fan site with an image gallery, biography, poetry, videos, and links.
Jewel Philippines
Contains news, biography, discography, lyrics, photos, magazine covers, reviews, interviews, and tour dates.
Jewel This Way
Downloads, music and lyrics, pictures and updated concert news.
Jewel's Biography
Story of her childhood, with its ups and downs, and how she persevered to make it in the music industry.
Life Uncommon
Includes articles, pictures, lyrics, poetry, and chat transcript.
Michael's Jewel
Contains news, schedule, biography, discography, image gallery, lyrics, and poetry.
Spirit of Jewel Kilcher
Includes biography, news, pictures, poems, lyrics, and multimedia. In English and Korean.
Jewel Gallery
Picture gallery categorized by type.
mxdpi: Jewel
Thumbnailed galleries.
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: Jewel Has The Talent But Needs Maturity
John Young's review of a concert at Coca-Cola Star Lake Amphitheatre in Burgettstown, Pennsylvania. (August 4, 1999)
Entertainment Ave: Jewel with Duncan Sheik
Review of a concert at The Metro in Chicago, Illinois. (May 11, 1996)
Jewel Kilcher Concert Review
Joel Siegfried's review of a concert at San Diego State University's Montezuma Hall. (November 17, 1995)
Plugged In: Jewel - Pieces Of You
Bob Waliszewski's review: 'Despite some sparkling sentiments, this Jewel suffers from a few glaring flaws.' Jewel - Pieces of You
Nick Bendel's review: 'should really appeal to people who think less is more, but others will just find Jewel's threadbare sound and her searching voice annoying.' (January 5, 1999)
CANOE: Jewel - Spirit
Jane Stevenson's review: 'expands upon her traditional folk-pop sound with a variety of instrumentation' Jewel - Spirit
Mark Feldman's review: 'Jewel has matured considerably, and the lack of overproduction is a pleasant surprise.'
Plugged In: Jewel - Spirit
Bob Waliszewski's review: 'The appeal of this project lies in Jewel's tender vocals and thoughtful insights into human nature. And she has a lot of positive things to say.'
BUZZonline: Jewel - This Way
Mary Tallon's review: 'This Way is laden with infectious down-home ditties.'
Daily Nexus Online: Jewel - This Way
Eric Lister's review: 'there are some really great tracks hidden in This Way'
Plugged In: Jewel - This Way
Bob Waliszewski's review: 'Jewel Kilcher has a history of filtering Christian imagery through her own cryptic, increasingly suspect theology. Fans get more spiritual confusion here.'
PopMatters: Jewel - This Way
Stephanie Dickison's review: 'enough variety to please every member of the family'
LycosAsia: Jewel - This Way
Lui Yu Ming's review: 'Strongly recommended for those drizzly days in bed alone.' (January 28, 2002)
CANOE: Jewel - 0304
Darryl Sterdan's review: 'the bulk of 0304 isn't going to save her soul -- or anyone else's.'
Plugged In: Jewel - 0304
Bob Waliszewski's review: 'Despite a desire to fight for love and see society return to a measure of sanity, this freshly cut Jewel is flawed.' (July, 2003) Jewel - 0304
Clint Poole's review: 'a solid, fun pop-album in line with the best works of Britney, Shakira, and the modern Madonna.' (June 23, 2003)
Jason's Reviews: Jewel - 0304
Jason Johnson's review: 'The entire album is a decent effort and a nice venture from the ordinary' (June 12, 2003) Jewel - 0304
Alex Diamond's review: 'listen to the album with fresh ears, instead of comparing it to her past, and you'll most likely enjoy it.' (June, 2003)
PopMatters: Jewel - Joy: A Holiday Collection
Brad Engler's review: 'if you get a kick out of slightly more acoustic guitar-based arrangements of Christmas tunes, you might want to give this a listen.'
The Austin Chronicle: Jewel - Joy: A Holiday Collection
Kate X. Messer's review: 'She's not as good a singer as apparently a whole lot of people think.' (December 24, 1999)
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