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Jimmy Eat World

Jimmy Eat World Official Web Space
Tour dates, photography, news, merchandise, FAQ, history of the band, lyrics, discography, and chat room.
ArtistDirect: Jimmy Eat World
Includes photos, audio clips, biography, album information, and bulletin board.
Jimmy Eat World
UK based fan site with news, discography, lyrics, multimedia, and mobile ringtone tabs.
Jimmy Eat World
Short biography, picture, and sound clip.
Jimmy Eat World Galaxy
A fan site with biography, discography, pictures and lyrics.
Jimmy Eat World Mania
A fansite with history, lyrics, band info, news, tour dates, fanlisting and a photo gallery.
Jimmy Eat World's Robot Factory
Fan site with news, tour dates, discography, and lyrics.
A fan site with pictures, lyrics, news, and media links. Jimmy Eat World
News, links, music videos, audio samples, and a biography.
Jimmy Eat World/Jets to Brazil
Review by Nathan Cross of a show at The Metro in Chicago, Illinois. (October 1, 2000)
Jimmy Eat World Band Chat
Transcript of an IRC chat with two members of the band. (November 8, 1999)
The Yellow Jacket
From The West Virginia State College newspaper, by Joseph Elam. History and summary of the band. (November 2, 1999)
Jimmy Eat World takes the World by Storm
From Link Music AZ. Article and photos by Kelly Wilson. Information on the band's live show and CDs. (April, 1999)
Ink Nineteen: Jimmy Eat World
Review and pictures from a show at Echo Lounge in Atlanta, Georgia. By Roi Tamkin. (March 11, 1999)
Jimmy Eat World Message Board
Topics include the band, their music, live shows, and tape trading.
Jimmy Eat World Official Message Board
The official message board for the band.
Dallas Music Guide
An interview with Jimmy Eat World.
Jimmy Eat World Articles Page
Scans of many articles about the band dated within the last two years.
Jimmy Eat World on
Interview by Omar Perez with vocalist/guitarist Jim Adkins. (January, 2002)
Crud Magazine: Jimmy Eat World Interview
Band interview with an article and review of the album 'Bleed Amercica'. (November 19, 2001)
Jimmy Eat World Tour
By Vincent Abbate. Tells the story of the band during a tour. (November, 2000)
Lazyeye Interview: Jimmy Eat World
Photographs, history, and interview with Jim Adkins by Tim McMahan. (October 5, 2000)
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