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Rickie Lee Jones

Always on the Run: Rickie Lee Jones
Lyrics to songs on all her CDs, poems.
Ectophiles' Guide: Rickie Lee Jones
Includes detailed discography with comments.
Rickie Lee Jones
Official site with news, reviews, and biography.
Rolling Stone: Rickie Lee Jones
Biography, discography, photographs, message board, and article archive.
MIX: In the Studio: Rickie Lee Jones
Maureen Droney's article about the background of The Evening of My Best Day released in 2003. (August 1, 2003)
Salon: Interview
A conversation with Rickie Lee Jones by Mark Miller. (October 16, 2000)
Wilson & Alroy's Record Reviews: Rickie Lee Jones
Reviews of all her CDs.
JAM: Rickie Lee's All Right
A review by Mike Ross of a concert in Edmonton. (June 25, 2000)
London Student: What Were the Skies Like When You Were Young?
A concert review by Clive Johnson with comments on her previous CDs. (October 29, 1997)
WestNet: Ghostyhead
A review by Joe Silva of the album that 'makes for adventurous, if only occasionally less than engaging, listening.' (September 1, 1997)
Salon: Ghostyhead
A review by Natasha Stovall, with audio clip, of the album that 'isn't as good as it could've been, but it's not anywhere near as bad as possible, either.' (June 27, 1997)
JAM: It's Like This
A positive review by Jane Stevenson. (October 15, 2000)
MetroActive Arts: Bedroom of a Saint
A review by Ami Chen Mills of the album of which the 'songs, so bare, are poignant, melodic and inventive.' (October 26, 1995)
The Curiouser: Naked Songs
A review by Alex Slotkin of the album that 'proves that even after 16 years of recording, Rickie Lee Jones still has much to offer.' (October 12, 1995)
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