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Jump Little Children

Jump, Little Children
Information, concert pictures, and January 2000 Tremont Music Hall setlist.
Jumping for Joy
Photos, review, and account of the band's September 28, 2000 performance at the Magnolia Street Pub and Grill.
Jumping Wittle Children
Fan site includes concert journal, photographs, quotes, humor, and Vertigo promotion.
Just the Breath of Dust Settling
Pictures, links, art, and graphics.
The Lakes of Fire
Collection of lyrics to songs written or covered by the band.
Lannigan's Ballroom
Lyrics, explanation of band name, FAQs, song parodies, photos, and area for members of band's official listserv.
The List
A fan's diary-entry list of acceptable and unacceptable behaviors for fans and concertgoers.
Little Bobby's Playroom
Fan site includes lyrics, song parodies, alphabetical listing of songs, Opium information, photos, and band member profiles.
Matchbox Whistler's Jump, Little Children Guitar Archive
Guitar tablatures and lyrics.
Operation: Jump, Little Children
Fan page includes lyrics, RealAudio, Opium information, tablatures, photos, and tapelist.
The Palmetto Haven
Concert photographs and links.
Jump, Little Children
Official site. Includes RealAudio/RealVideo, journal entries from band members, biographies, tour dates, news, merchandise, photographs, comics, animations, listserv, fan club, and links.
The Bubble's in Trouble
Thumbnailed photographs taken at assorted live performances.
Dressed Up Like A Rock-n-Roll Star
Fan site with biography, discography, lyrics, audio clips, pictures, tour dates, and press articles. [Requires Flash]
Dusty With Neglect
Includes a message board, photos, concert journal, clique for Vertigo supporters, radio stations to request, 'Jump dolls,' and fan art.
The Ethel Merman Institute for the Criminally Insane
Fan site with photos of the band, the story behind Little Bobby, lyrics, musings, mailing list, and links.
Fan site includes comics, radio station information, weblog, and photos for viewers to give captions.
I Can't Get Enough
Photographs, article archive, links, Tater Tomater information, and personal views.
The Innocent Kiss
Includes photos from a show in Nashville, a now-closed contest to identify fans and members by photos of their mouths, and lyrics.
Johnny Jump Up
Fan site with discography, lyrics, tablatures, tour dates, set lists, articles, and a discussion forum.
Jump and Me
Photos, Instant Messenger icons and concert log.
Jump, Little Children
Includes .wav files from Magazine and concert photographs.
Wide assortment includes photos from several concerts.
Seven Days
Fan site with biographies, a discography, FAQ, pictures, e-cards, webring, and links. Also includes personal information, quotes, message board, concert log, and stories submitted by fans.
Take a Taxi to the Moon
Biographies, lyrics, and RealAudio from a Jump, Little Children side project called Rosebud.
Yahoo Groups : JumpLittleFiends
Unofficial Jump, Little Children mailing list.
EnigmaOnline: Jump Little Children - Interview
Interview with Ward Williams, cellist and guitarist of Jump, Little Children. (January ??, 2002) - Getting a jump on Jump, Little Children
The name may sound humorous, but Jump, Little Children is a band of serious musicians. (December 12, 2001)
Children Entertain With Rollicking Folk
The Daily Tar Heel, student newspaper of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, gives three stars to the October 11, 2001 performance. (October 25, 2001)
Band Jumps In to Play at Georgia Theatre
Article by Lillia Callum-Penso from the Red and Black, the official University of Georgia student newspaper. (October 19, 2001)
Jump, Little Children Climb Toward the Heights With Vertigo
Ballard Lesemann of reviews Vertigo and discusses an upcoming appearance. (October 17, 2001)
Zach's Band Spotlight - Jump, Little Children Subculture
Zachary Jones of Southern Polytechnic's student newspaper, the Sting, discusses the unique subculture surrounding Jump, Little Children fans. (October 15, 2001)
Jump, Little Children gives 'Vertigo' to full house at Ziggy's
Wake Forest University's student newspaper, The Old Gold and Black, reviews the October 6, 2001 concert at Ziggy's in Winston-Salem. (October 11, 2001)
Jump for Joy
Review from Duke University's independent daily newspaper, The Chronicle. (October 5, 2001)
Little Children grow up with Vertigo
Review by Lena Basha of the Vanderbilt Hustler, Vanderbilt University's student newspaper. (October 2, 2001)
Jump Leaps High with 'Vertigo'
Michael Miller of The State reviews Vertigo on the day of its release. (September 25, 2001)
After Months of Dizzying Delays and Label-Wrangling
Beverly Morgan of the Myrtle Beach News reviews Vertigo. (September 21, 2001)
Drunk Little Children on Tour? Jump Little Children Hit the Paradise
Review of the June 21, 2001 show at the Paradise in Boston, MA and general discussion of the band's history. (August ??, 2001)
At Last, a New Jump Little Children CD
Christina Lee Knauss of The State, a Columbia, SC newspaper, discusses the release of Vertigo. (August 3, 2001)
From South Carolina to the Cathedrals of France
Jen Epting from the Muhlenberg Advocate interviews the band. Includes photos from a concert. (April ??, 2001)
Hip Online: Artists: Jump, Little Children
Vertigo receives a score of 9 out of 10. (September 27, 2000)
Train with Jump Little Children
4 black-and-white photos from an Indianapolis concert. (April 2, 1999)
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