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The Kinks

The Big Black Smoke
Follow the Kinks through the dark alleyways and passages of London. Choose an area by clicking on the map of the London Underground, which leads to a map of a small portion of London and directions to Kinks-related places.
Climb Your Wall: A Kinks Fan Page
Reviews, pictures, and commentary relating to The Kinks and other music of interest to Kinks fans
Dave Emlen's Unofficial Kinks Web Site
News, lyrics and chords, books, videos, posters, and albums.
Golden Age of the Kinks
Covers the period from 1966 to 1972.
The Great North London Kinks Tour
This is a recommended route to take in all the Kinks locations in Muswell Hill and surrounding area, as described on the Jim Smart / Geoff Lewis Big Black Smoke site.
Helge's Kinks Seite
German fan site with news, tour dates, discography, fonts, photographs, and FAQ.
June's Waterloo Konnection
Links to sites for The Kinks, Ray Davies, and Dave Davies.
Kinda Like Those Kinks
A place to pay tribute to legenedary British-Invasion rock act, The Kinks.
The Kinks - The Official Biography
The full story behind some of the most timeless pop songs ever written and the group that created them. First published 1984.
Kinks Album Reviews
George Starostin's reviews the Kinks albums released during the period from 1964 to 1996.
The Kinks News:
News about The Kinks continually updated from around the net.
The Kinks Preservation Society
Join us in celebrating four decades of the most intelligent, most creative, and most consistent rock and roll on the planet. We're the Kinks Preservation Society, the Internet home of Kinks fans.
The Kinks Project
Tomas Carlsson's page includes 'Kinklore' and links.
Oscar's Kinks Page
Oscar's personal Kinks page.
An archive of Kinks reviews
Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
Inductee biography.
Rock and Roll's Cain and Abel: The Kinks' Davies Brothers
Article / interview with Dave and Ray Davies. The Kinks
Includes a biography, discography, photos, articles, audio files, links and message board.
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