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Allexperts: Korn
Volunteer experts answer your detailed one-on-one questions about the band free.
Artist Direct: Korn
Links to websites, MP3s, lyrics, pictures and video.
BassMasta: Korn
Bass tablature sorted by song title. Korn Tablature
Guitar and Bass tablature or chords files.
Korn News:
News about Korn continually updated from around the net.
Korn Tabs
List of tablature alphabetized by song. - Korn Kommunity
Lyrics, tablatures, audio, downloads, polls, KornWeb friends network, and discussion forums. Korn
Includes discography, videos and links.
Loudside: Korn
Contains a biography and links.
MTV: Korn
Features music video clips, album reviews, and news.
Official Korn site
Features audio, video, tour dates, images, news, fan forums, biography, merchandise and discography.
Play's Recent Reviews
A review of the Buffalo, N.Y. stop on the 'Sick and Twisted Tour' with pictures of the show. Also, a review of 'Issues', the band's new CD. Korn
Includes a biography, discography, photos, articles, video, links and message board.
VH1: Korn
Includes album reviews, music news, audio downloads, biography, discography, links, and a bulletin board.
Entertainment Ave: Korn
Review of a concert at The Allstate Arena in Rosemont, Illinois. (March 16, 2000)
Entertainment Ave: Korn
Review of a concert at the Q101 Jamboree 1996 in Tinley Park, Illinois. (May 26, 1996)
Pictures, tablatures, biography, discography, and chat.
All About KoRn
Includes chat transcript, poll, band equipment list, tattoos, photos, interview, biography, facts, and audio.
All Korn
Includes pictures, lyrics, MP3s, biography and videos.
Amys Korn Hole
Lyrics, tablatures, biographies, and information.
Another Kind Of Pain
This site is dedicated to Jonathan Davis of Korn as well as the rest of the band. Previously known as Korn's Pincushion. Includes pictures, biography, facts, quotes, and a message board.
Another Korn Page
[Flash 4] Discography, tablatures, lyrics, and biographies.
Bagpipe Hippie's Korn Pages
Includes sounds, pictures, and tablatures.
Ben's Korn Page
Has photos, discography, tour dates, and lyrics.
Buddy's Korn Realm
Includes biography, lyrics, tablatures, tour dates, and photos.
Chaos' Korn Site
Lyrics, tablatures, biographies and pictures of the band.
ChazyC's KoRn Website
MP3s, images and links of the band.
Children of the Korn
Fan directory to meet other fans.
Margaret's Korn Site
Pictures and lyrics of the band.
My Korn webpage thing
Includes news, pictures, logos and biography.
Nick's K@%! Kornpage
Includes a biography, discography, lyrics, song meanings, an image gallery, tablatures, and desktop wallpaper. Also contains links to interviews, audio clips, and other desktop downloads.
OrGy's Korn Site
MP3s, pictures, news and links.
Ozzkornicus Realm Of Korn
A shrine to the band.
The Pad: Korn
Photos, lyrics, and discography.
Pittman's Korny Korn Field
Pictures, biography, lyrics, and links.
Features rants, pictures, desktop wallpaper, and links.
A Really Odd Site for Kornucopiacks
Biographical material on the band.
Ryan'z Unofficial Korn Page
Audio, video, polls, links, pictures, and discography.
Scott's Korn Fan Site
Pictures, news, song meanings, lyrics, chat and links.
Contains links and pictures on the band.
Steve's Place
Korn pictures; also links and pictures for other bands.
Tania's Korn Page
Pictures and member profiles. Korn
Source for news, videography, discography, biographies, downloads, pictures, tour information, tablature, song meanings, lyrics, chat room transcripts, and links.
Thorn In My Spine
A site dedicated to Jonathan Davis with pictures, biography, lyrics, and quotes.
Twist - A KoRn Page
Lyrics, song meanings, pictures, downloads, tabs, interviews, and links.
Twisted Korn Page
Includes song meanings, lyrics, pictures, biography, and message board.
Biographies, links, lyrics, tablatures, multimedia, audio/video, equipment, and discography.
The Unofficial Korn Page
Biographies, pictures, lyrics, chat and message board.
Untouchable Korn
Includes biographies, lyrics, discography, pictures, and downloads.
Who Got Issues
Includes pictures, song meanings and band biographies.
Who Then Now Bitches
Has news, multimedia, photos, tablatures, band information, and chat.
Wicked Land - Korn
Features news, sounds, pictures, links, lyrics, tour dates, videos, biographies, t-shirts, and history.
Wired and Inspired
Features writing and art about the band.
Chris's Korn World
Includes pictures, audio and news.
Chuck's Korny Page
Includes a biography, image gallery, song lyrics and meaning, fonts, and audio clips.
Curt's Korn Site
Includes news, lyrics, song meanings, biographies, and discography.
The Darkness2000
Contains biography, discography, photos, desktop downloads, and lyrics.
Divine Davis
Fan site about Jonathon Davis. Includes news, tour dates, biography, photos, discography, videography, lyrics and song meanings, and links.
A Divine Maggot's Playhouse
Korn and Slipknot site includes MP3 files, tattoos, biographies, discography and lyrics, pictures, news, downloads, and facts.
Elena's Kozy Little Korn Kottage
Includes biography, lyrics and CD information.
Eric's Korn Page
Biographical information and discography on the band.
Everyone's got issues
Includes tour dates, lyrics, sound clips, videos and full songs.
Fab's Korn Field
Contains news, biographies, lyrics, discography, tour dates, pictures, and links.
Falling Away From Me
Includes articles and pictures.
Fieldy Fantiks
Information about the band member Fieldy. Includes pictures, tattoos, and links.
Fish Stick Warriors
Biography, quotes, pictures and information on Jonathan Davis.
Follow the Korn
Free 4MB Korn site with free space, downloads, band information, tablatures, lyrics, archived media, sounds, movies, MIDI files, and pictures.
Frosted Korn Flakes
Pictures, links, audio samples, banners.
Got Korn?
Well we do!
Got the Life?
Links to band MP3s.
Hard Kore Korn
Links, pictures, lyrics, discography, biographies, history, tablatures, concert and album reviews.
Lyrics, movies, tablatures, sound files, news, pictures, chat room, and a mailing list.
Includes news, biographies, discography, pictures, chat room, equipment list, downloads, lyrics and their meaning, tablatures, and links.
Italian Korn Site
Features a discography, lyrics, pictures, and individual profiles. [English/Italian]
Jason's Korn Site
Photos, biographies, and a page of logos.
Jin's Korn Site
News, discography, lyrics, and MIDIs.
Jn - Korn
Picture galleries, biography, lyrics and downloads
Jonathan Davis's Bible
Site for Jonathan Davis, with pictures, a biography, quotes, news, and fan stories.
Jonathan's Korn Page
Features news, biographies, photographs, tablatures, discography and lyrics.
Jons Asylum
A Jonathan Davis fan site with pictures, quotes, polls, and quiz.
Just Korn
Current tour information and lyrics. Free email accounts.
Kabbage's Korn Page
Lyrics, band information, message board, reviews, fan section, and fan art.
Kanned Korn
Contains a biography, image gallery, fan art, lyrics, fonts, polls, and links.
Kassie's Korn Korner
Chat, news, pictures and history.
Kat's Korn Page
Contains pictures, biography, lyrics, logos and song origins.
Kayaman's Korn Site
Includes lyrics, pictures, logos, biographies, and tour information.
Klown Issues
Contains pictures, logos, biography, discography, and reviews.
Biographies, pictures and links on the band.
Includes MP3s, WAVs, MIDIs, video, lyrics, news, coversations, picture galleries, biographies, fonts, art, tour dates, and links.
Korn 2000
Lyrics, biographies, and links to audio and video clips.
Korn - Are You Ready?
Pictures, guitar tablatures, lyrics, audio files, downloads, desktop themes and biographies.
Korn / Skateboarding
Audio, videos, pictures, news and complete biographies. Also a section on skateboarding.
Korn Adict
Wallpapers, biographies, lyrics, tour dates, videos, audio, equipment and links to videos.
Korn Arena
Includes tablatures, videos, pictures, downloads, news, and tour information.
Korn Art Headquarters, The
Korn fan. Includes individual galleries, a mixed gallery, and links to other fan art sites. New submissions welcome.
The KoRn Asylum
Includes biography, discography, lyrics, song meanings, tablatures, chat transcripts, image gallery, and links to related sites.
KoRn Band/Member Biography
Biographies of band members.
Korn Chord Archive
Tablatures, chords and lyrics.
Korn Faktory
Includes pictures and information about the band.
Korn Fan Fiction
Fan fiction stories about the band, mostly Jonathan Davis, and a few about other people surrounding the band.
Korn Fanfik
Contains fan fiction, photographs, and rants.
The Korn Field
Photos, song and video clips, and chat.
Korn Flakes - Another Unofficial Korn Site
General overview with discography, biographies, band history, wallpaper, and links.
Korn from
Includes news, audio and video, downloads, biography, discography, lyrics, an alphabetical song listing, and links.
The KoRn Haven
Features lyrics and song meanings, tour information, hundreds of pictures, biography, and downloads.
Korn is Peachy
Contains information on the band and its members, discography, bass tablatures, pictures, and links to related sites.
Korn 2k
Contains 39 videos, pictures, chat and downloads. [Requires Flash]
Korn Kabin
Contains sounds, lyrics, and pictures.
Korn Kastle
Contains lyrics off of various CDs.
The Korn Kastle
Includes biographies, pictures, fan dictionary, logos, lyrics, song meanings, equipment list, wallpaper, MIDIs, chat transcripts, and videography.
KoRn kids
Includes news, tour information, lyrics, biography videos, sounds, pictures, and games.
Korn Krazed
Contains a biography, lyrics, tablatures, audio clips, and an equipment list.
The KoRn Krop
Movies, sounds, biographies, and pictures.
Korn Music
Pictures, tour dates, lyrics, media, and tablatures.
Korn Net
Featuring band biographies, lyrics and tablatures, photos, sound and video clips and concert updates.
Korn News
Biography, news, photos, links, board, and polls.
The Korn Newsletter
Contains biographies, pictures, fan art, fan fiction, and links.
Korn on the Kob
Includes band and member biographies, discography, lyrics, videography, tablature, downloads, and links.
Korn Online
News headlines, downloads, links, pictures, polls, message board, and lyrics.
Korn Paradox
Discography, band description, information and concert reviews.
The KoRn Place
A tribute page, with tour dates, pictures and news.
The KoRn Playground
Lyrics, images and wallpapers.
Korn Rocks
Quiz and pictures on the band.
The Korn Room
Includes news, biography, tour dates, discography and lyrics, MIDI files, themes, wallpaper, fonts, skins, pictures, song meanings, and links.
Korn Rulz
Biography, MP3s, and pictures.
Korn Seed
Features news, pictures, tablatures, biographies, song meanings and gear.
Korn UK
Pictures, wallpaper, screensavers, games, forums, chat, and lyrics.
Korn Underground
Photos, history, song meanings and articles.
Korn Universe
Features a logo and image gallery, and chat transcripts.
Korn: Untouchables: MatrixIII007 System
Includes biography, discography, lyrics, pictures, tablature, and downloads. [Flash required]
KoRn Village
Lyrics, pictures, information, tour information, links.
KoRn WoRLd
Includes biographies, pictures, links, audio, web rings, and logos.
Korn World
Pictures, biography, real audio, downloads, links to video clips and related sites and interviews.
Includes pictures, lyrics, biography, audio, video, discography, tablatures, and links.
Includes news, pictures, tour dates, lyrics, discography, song meanings, audio, videos, wallpaper, and fan art.
The Korner
Includes news, tour dates, tablatures, lyrics, discography, and fonts for the band.
Korners of My Mind
Includes news, tour dates, biography, discography, lyrics, MIDI files, pictures, interactive section, and links.
The Kornfield
News and information about the band.
Contains biographies, lyrics, photos, equipment list, and facts.
Features a biography, lyrics, image gallery, and song meanings.
Includes biographies, chat, discography, equipment, humour, lyrics, news, pictures, tablatures, tour and downloads.
KornKimani Its On
News, picture, lyrics, polls.
News and tour information, forums, chats, lyrics, tablature and audio/video downloads. [Internet Explorer only.]
Contains news, biographies, discography, song lyrics and meanings plus pictures.
Opinions, tour information and band equipment list.
Kornoholik's Korner
Contains news, biographies, lyrics, pictures, and links.
Biography, discography, pictures, lyrics, and tour information.
Photos, downloads, biography, lyrics, tablatures, discography, MP3s, band equipment, side projects information, and forum.
Korn's Issues Shack
Pictures, lyrics, links, chat, and a message board.
Korns on Ya Feet
Show reviews, news and gossip, links, and over 4,000 pictures.
Korns Pincushion
Inspired by Jonathan Davis of Korn. Includes pictures, fiction, quizes, facts, art, and forum.
Kornstar's Muzik Page
Special effect photographs and album covers.
News, audio, video, pictures, lyrics, and merchandise.
Includes links, images, band information, and discography.
KoRny KaVe
A tribute site for the band.
Kyle's Korn Heaven
Lyrics, songs, movies, pictures, biographies, message board, news, tour news.
Life Is Peachy 2000
Albums for stream and download (full length), biographies, discography and videos. Korn
Featuring over 80 live and promotional photos for download.
The Korn Page
Fan site with cover scans and pictures of the band.
Korn Pics
Thumbnailed photos of the band.
Korn Lyrics
Sorted by album.
Contains lyrics and video treatments.
LyricsFreak: Korn
An alphebetic listing of song lyrics. Korn
Lyrics indexed by album and alphabetically.
Korn tribute band. Includes photos and song list.
Korn Elite Webring
A ring dedicated to the band.
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