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Arista Records: LFO
Brief history; photos; audio clips of 'Summer Girls' and 'Girl on TV'.
Features music video clips and the band's latest news.
Yahoo Groups: LFO Clubs
Clubs for and against LFO.
Kathy's LFO Page
Short biography of the group and a small discography.
Lindzi's Page of Insanity - LFO
Interview with Brad Fischetti.
Stace and Ruth's LFO Page
Short biographies; scans from photos and magazines.
Amy's LFO Webring
Here is a list of some of the top LFO sites on the web.
The LFO Link Collection
Large collection of links to fan sites and web rings.
LFOnline Netring
How to join and list of sites.
Top LFO Sites Webring
List of members and how to join.
Crunk 4 LFO
Lyrics, biographies, and pictures.
Escape from LFO
Commentary on the pervasiveness of LFO's music.
Guys on TV - LFO
Lyrics, biographies, and pictures.
Invincible LFO
News, pictures, lyrics and downloads.
LFO - Then and Now
Includes profiles, calendar, and pictures.
LFO America
Multimedia, photos, profiles, discography, news and links.
LFO Dreamhouse
Lyrics and pictures.
LFO Fan Station
A large collection of LFO photos.
LFO Forever
News, biographies, sounds, lyrics, pictures, and a chat transcript.
LFO: No Gravity
News, biograpghy, lyices, pictures, interviews and discography
A fan site with photos, profiles and lyrics.
LFO Studio
Includes news, tour dates, television appearances, biography, pictures, fan commentaries, fan list, and links.
LFO Summer Fun
News, video clips, biography, pictures, articles, lyrics, and survey.
LFO's Lyte Funkie Site
Pictures, lyrics, interviews, biographies, tour dates, polls, chat, and a game.
Lyte Funkie Ones
LFO fan site with photos and lyrics.
Lyte Funkie Ones
Biographies, pictures, news, lyrics, and voting booths.
Lyte Funkie Ones, Fans and Domain
Biographies, pictures, lyrics, discography, chat room, interviews, chat transcripts, and sound clips.
Nadine and Devon's LFO Fan Page
Biographies, photos, news, and lyrics.
Brad Online
Fan site with news, tour dates, profile, quotes, press interviews, image gallery, and AIM icons.
Devoted To Brad Fischetti
Features news and information straight from the source. Ask the musician questions, read his journal entries and see some of his personal pictures.
Respect 4 LFOs Devin
Fan site with photos, biographies, tour dates and news.
Poetry in Motion
Includes photos, news, lyrics and downloads.
Sitting Under Weeping Willows
Contains news, tour dates, profiles, pictures, RealAudio files, lyrics, and fan fiction. [Requires JavaScript]
Unofficial LFO Online
UK-based site with photographs, lyrics, and quizzes.
Unofficial L.F.O. Page
Features news, biographies, pictures, and fan profiles.
What the Dilly? Situation Be Silly!
Features humorous articles and rants about the band. - LFO Gallery
Picture gallery of the band.
Z100 On-Location
Pictures of LFO live at the Broadway Mall.
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