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All Music Guide: Labradford
Labradford information including discography, reviews of recordings and related band links
ARTISTdirect Network: Labradford
Includes photographs, audio clips, biography, album information, and bulletin board.
Brainwashed: Labradford
Includes biography, links and a discography with MP3 samples.
Yahoo! Groups: Labradford
On line fan group.
Cracked Machine: Labradford
An interview with Labradford guitarist Mark Nelson, just before their Manchester gig in 1997. 'With each record we try in our own minds at least to have a different angle.'
London Student
Discussion and information about Labradford including album releases and the London concert. 'If there are times when you want to switch off but not stop thinking, then you should already possess a Labradford record. Or four.'
Space Age Bachelor Magazine: Labradford Interview
Interview discussing Labradford, Pan American and related bands.
Spoil: Labradford
Interview from the online version of the music and musician magazine. 'I think we just go out there and do our thing regardless of the situation...'
Fake Jazz: Labradford / Surfers of Romantica - ENE Remixes (Eerie Materials)
Review of this 12' remix by Jim Steed. 9 out of 12. 'The usually reserved Labradford seems quite dramatic here, the quick changes in volume and pattern making the psychedelic washes of guitar seem almost hard-hitting.' (October 2, 2000)
Labradford Atlanta Concert Review
Review of the 'Labradford' and 'Godspeed! You Black Emperor' at the Echo Lounge, Sept. 30, 1999, Atlanta, Georgia. 'This show did not disappoint. The soft and beautiful tones of Labradford translated wonderfully into a live set, and being introduced to Go
Ink Nineteen: Labradford - E Luxo So
Review by Matthew Moyer. '...the kind of record that people should obsess over.'
Milk Magazine: Labradford - E Luxo So
Reviewed by Jeff Norman. '...the best music can be described only by itself.'
Motion Reviews: Labradford - E Luxo So
Reviewed by David Thorpe. 'Each unnamed track is slow and purposeful, solid and often quite beautiful.'
Pitchfork Review: Labradford - E Luxo So:
Rating 5.3, review by Mark Richard-San. '...there are other people making music in this vein, and doing a better job of it.'
PopMatters Music: Labradford: E Luxo So
Review by Joel Hanson. 'Each of the six songs on E luxo so feature a different instrument to evoke divergent and sometimes conflicting moods...'
St. Louis Riverfront Times: Labradford - E Luxo So
Review by Matthew Hilburn. '...a cool, cleansing shower in the ephemerally tranquil sounds of Labradford. ' (July 14, 1999)
Last Sigh: Labradford -- E Luxo So
Review by Matt Simpson. 'The beauty of this band absolutely transcends description.' (June 29, 1999)
Splendid E-zine: Labradford - E Luxo So
Fanzine review by Goerge Zahora. '...air of subverted lucidity remains constant throughout...' (June 21, 1999)
All Music Guide: Labradford - Fixed::Context
Review by Andy Kellman, 4 of 5 stars. '...solemn and deceptively melodic.'
EvilSponge: Labradford - Fixed::Context
Reviewed by Postlibyan, 4 out of 10. '...the thing that i hate about Labradford: they torture droids.'
Pitchfork Review: Labradford - Fixed::Context:
Rating: 8.0 - Review by: Mark Richard-San. 'Each track is cut from the same plain cloth, but identifying details become clear over time, and they're worth the wait.'
Supersphere: Labradford - Fixed::Context
Review by Forestter Cobalt. '...doesn't so much alter their path as much as add mirages.'
Fake Jazz: Labradford - Fixed::Context
Review by Dave Christensen, 11 out of 12. 'This is the first time I have heard music this minimal that made me just sit and listen, lost in its purity and perfection.' (March 2, 2001)
Play Louder: Labradford - Fixed::Context
Review by Gal Détourn. 'This CD is highly likely to induce a deeply chilled state, and therefore should not be used on long haul night-time motorway treks.' (February 23, 2001)
Guardian: Labradford - Fixed::Context
UK newspaper review, 3 of 5 stars. 'Far removed from the mainstream, Labradford nevertheless do contrive 'pop' moments for the patient...' (February 16, 2001) Labradford - Fixed :: Context
Reviewed by Michael Hubbard. 'A refreshing alternative to the mind-numbing 4/4 beats of most modern indie music.' (February, 2001)
All Music Guide: Labradford - Labradford
Review by Ned Raggett, 4 of 5 stars. 'Just when you think you have the band pegged, they tweak the recipe in new and surprising ways...'.
All Music Guide: Labradford - Mi Media Naranja
Review by Ned Raggett, 4.5 of 5 stars. 'Quietly fascinating and endlessly listenable...'.
All Music Guide: Labradford - E Luxo So
Review by Ned Raggett, 4 of 5 stars. '...generally this is a more spacious sounding effort from the band...'.
Flak Magazine: Labradford - E Luxo So
Review by Pearson Greer. 'At any rate, it is really hard not to be at least slightly disappointed with this record...'
Splendid E-zine: Labradford - Mi Media Naranja
Fanzine review by George Zahora. '...clever but unassuming, full of hidden depth and quiet intelligence...' (February 2, 1998)
All Music Guide: Labradford - Prazision
Review by Ned Raggett, 4 of 5 stars. 'At once amusing and quite cool to listen to, it's a nicely unexpected touch on a solid first record.'
Almost Cool: Labradford - Prazision
Review, 7 of 10. 'It's definitely a subtle recording, and somewhat testing...'
All Music Guide: Labradford - A Stable Reference
Review by Ned Raggett, 4 of 5 stars. '...already points to the increasingly more challenging albums in Labradford's near future.'
Almost Cool: Labradford - A Stable Reference
CD review, 6.5 of 10. '...definitely more for those who can handle droning, slow-paced music.'
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