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Avril Lavigne

Avril Lavigne
Official site containing a journal, biography, press coverage, photos, audio and video downloads, tour dates, and mailing list.
All Music Guide: Avril Lavigne
Includes biography, profile, and discography. Avril Lavigne
Includes pictures, biography, and commentary. Avril Lavigne
Collection of live and promotional photographs.
Avril Crazed
Forum about the pop artist.
Avril Lavigne
Fan site includes biography, pictures, and discography.
Avril Lavigne Bandaids
Yahoo message board includes pictures. Avril Lavigne
Official site from her Canadian label. Includes exclusive video and audio downloads, audio interview, photos, biography, wallpapers, and e-cards.
LAUNCH: Avril Lavigne
Includes videos, discography, and news. Avril Lavigne
Includes biography, articles, interviews, audio and video, discography, pictures, tour and appearance dates, and news. Avril Lavigne
Includes biography, news, discography, and audio and video.
Nettwerk Management: Avril Lavigne
Official site from her managers. Includes release dates, discography, news, tour dates, and a list of media appearances. Avril Lavigne
Includes discography, articles and interviews, original video, photos, trivia, and concert files. Avril Lavigne Tabs
Includes chords and guitar and bass tablature for many of her songs. Avril Lavigne
Includes news, biography, interview, discography, and message board.
Anne Carlini - Exclusive Magazine: The UnComplicated Life of Avril L.
Sunny Martinez's interview in which Avril discusses her treatment in high school, comparisons to other artists, skating, and wedgies. Avril Lavigne: Doing It Her Way
UPI Correspondent Sonia Kolesnikov interview about the artist's upcoming tour. (January 24, 2003) Avril Lavigne, Unvarnished
David Segal talks with artist about her rise to fame. (January 14, 2003)
Chicago Sun-Times: Avril Lavigne: the anti-Britney?
Jae-Ha Kim's article relates the differences between Avril and Britney Spears. (September 6, 2002)
DotMusic: Avril Lavigne Interview
Chris Heath's interview in which Avril discusses her trip to London, her career choice, starting out in the music business, and comparisons to Alanis Morissette. Includes video interview. (September 3, 2002)
Britney Backlash? New Crop of Teen Pop Queens Reject Sex-Symbol Status
Nekesa Mumbi Moody's article reviews the differences between Britney Spears and newer pop stars Avril Lavigne, Michelle Branch, and Vanessa Carlton. (July 26, 2002) Avril Lavigne skates straight to the top
Elysa Gardner's article examines what may be the secret of Avril Lavigne's success. (July 10, 2002)
CANOE: New Singer Avril Lavigne Stays Real
Angela Pacienza's article: 'while Lavigne had no plans to typecast herself a 'skater chick,' she'd rather that than don a crop-top and mini-skirt to sell records' (June 3, 2002)
ChartAttack: Avril Lavigne Hates Britney Spears
Interview and article by Brian Pascual. Discusses Avril's past and recording of her debut CD. (April 19, 2002)
All Access Avril
Includes pictures, lyrics, look alikes, artist and band member profiles, icons, and FAQ.
All For Avril Lavigne
Includes biography, pictures, fan art, commentary, multimedia, wallpaper, and links.
Avril and Band
Includes biography, lyrics, band member profiles, and pictures.
Avril Attitude
Includes lyrics, news, tour dates, biography, forum, and band member profiles and photos.
Avril Eyes
Forum dedicated to the artist and her band.
Avril Fan Group
MSN Fan Group includes biography, news, media, lyrics, tour dates, and pictures.
Avril Fans
News, biography, pictures, media, lyrics, music downloads, and chat.
Avril Fans Down Under
Australian site includes biography, news, discography, tour dates, gallery, and message board.
Avril Junkie
UK fan site includes news, biography, pictures, discography and lyrics, wallpaper, video, tour dates, message board, and links.
Avril Lavigne
Includes news, biography, videos, tours and appearances, lyrics, pictures, wallpapers, skins, and links.
Avril Lavigne
Biography and tour information.
Avril Lavigne
Includes biography, lyrics, news, pictures, wallpapers, tour dates and links.
Avril Lavigne
Includes biography, articles and interviews, picture gallery, lyrics, audio and video, band information, news, wallpaper, skins, a chat room, and links.
Avril Lavigne
Includes pictures, multimedia, guitar tablatures, lyrics, and a forum.
Avril Lavigne
Includes biography, news, wallpaper, lyrics, photos, and forum.
Avril Lavigne 101
Contains news, biography, articles, lyrics, pictures, message board, audio, video screen captures, tour dates, and links.
Avril Lavigne - Anything but Ordinary
Lyrics, pictures, biography, interviews, articles, guitar tablature, videos, audio files, news, updates, pictures, biography, tabs, links, and tour information.
Avril Lavigne Fan Site
Includes biography, pictures, multimedia, and links.
Avril Lavigne Fanlisting
List of fans. Contains join information, rules, code buttons, and the list.
Avril Lavigne Fans
Includes news, biography, discography, lyrics, tour dates, photos, audio, mailing list, and links.
Avril Lavigne Gallery
A small picture gallery of Avril Lavigne.
Avril Lavigne Hardcore
Contains biography, fan mail addresses, news, discography, band member information, tour dates and appearances, picture galleries, media files, a fan section, and links.
Avril Lavigne International
Fan site includes worldwide news, downloads, photographs, lyrics, audio, video captures, and discography.
Avril Lavigne Lyrics and Pictures
Includes biography, pictures, and lyrics.
Avril Lavigne Universe
Includes news, lyrics, pictures, biography, guitar tablature, ring tones, discography, and tour dates.
Avril Lavigne Vision
Includes biography, image galleries, message boards, fan clubs, lyrics and downloads.
Avril Lavigne Web
Features biography, discography, lyrics, band member profiles, pictures, sounds, wallpapers, quotes, and links to articles and interviews.
Avril Lavigne's Unofficial Site
Includes pictures, biography, articles, and lyrics.
Avril Magazine
Contains news, biography, quotes, list of achievements, pictures, forum, interviews, and band member information.
Avril Music
Includes photos, news, wallpapers, AIM icons, audio and video, lyrics, ringtones, skins, interactive sections, and forum.
Avril Palace
Includes biography, band profile, pictures, tour dates, wallpaper, quotes, quiz, news, and lyrics.
Avril Rocks UK
Includes news and guitar tablature from her albums, singles, and several live tracks.
Avril Rockstar
Includes news, biography, discography, audio, video, lyrics, and links. [Dutch and English]
Avril Rules The Web
Includes biography, pictures, news, articles, tour dates and appearances, audio and video, lyrics, and information on the band.
Avril Rulez
Includes pictures, lyrics, ringtones, downloads, biography, band profile, news, and forum.
Avril UK
UK site includes news, images, lyrics, audio and video files, and a forum.
Avril Universe
Site includes biography, news, pictures, wallpaper, ringtones, icons, tour dates, lyrics, and fan art.
Avril Universe
Includes biography and band member profiles, photos, chat room, forum, news, tour dates, lyrics, discography, downloads, and fan interaction section.
Avril World
Includes news, biography, trivia, picture gallery, audio and video, lyrics, wallpapers, skins, buddy icons, bookmarks, school dividers, forum, and interactive section.
Avril Zone
Contains biography, list of awards, discography, lyrics, pictures, wallpaper, forum, and links.
Contains information and links.
Awesome Avril Lavigne
Includes profile and several photo galleries.
Complications of a Sk8er Gurl
Dedication site includes pictures, track listings and lyrics, and links.
The Generic Avril Fansite
Features a biography, news, picture galleries, lyrics, and links.
Itz All About Avril
Includes biography, pictures, fan art, lyrics, tour dates and appearances, and links.
Nobody's Fool
Includes pictures, biography, lyrics, discography, wallpapers, AIM icons, and links.
Nobody's Fool
Includes biography, trivia, quotes, discography, images, wallpaper, avatars, and fan art.
Punk Princess
Includes news, image gallery, animations, AIM icons, stationery, wallpapers, skins, ringtones, audio and video, discography, downloads, biographical information, lyrics, and interactive section.
Stella's Avril Pictures
Includes photos from various events. - Avril Lavigne
Includes band member profiles, news, quotes, categorized image galleries, audio samples, wallpaper, avatars, icons, lyrics, and fan art.
Any Song Lyrics: Avril Lavigne
Categorized by album.
Avril Lavigne Lyrics Collection
Accepts user-submitted lyrics and reviews.
Avril Lavigne Song Lyrics
Sorted by album.
AZ Lyrics: Avril Lavigne Lyrics
Contains lyrics for the songs on her 'Let Go' album.
Lyrics On Demand: Avril Lavigne
Categorized by album.
andPOP: Avril Lavigne - My World
Adam Gonshor reviews the DVD: 'This is what all concert DVDs should be like.' (November 23, 2003)
CANOE: "Sk8er Girl Gr8"
Mike Bell's review of her concert at the Saddledome in Calgary. (April 23, 2003)
CANOE: "Avril, Like Rocks!"
Rob Williams' review of the concert at Winnipeg Arena. (April 21, 2003)
CANOE: "Avril Rox"
James Reaney reviews the concert at John Labatt Centre in London. (April 13, 2003)
CANOE: "Sk8er Gal's Gr8 Night"
Ann Marie McQueen reviews the concert at Corel Centre in Ottawa. (April 10, 2003)
CANOE: "Avrilanche!"
Jane Stevenson reviews the concert at Air Canada Centre in Toronto. (April 9, 2003)
CANOE: "Lavigne's Fans Let Go"
Ann Marie McQueen's review of a concert at the Ottawa Civic Centre. (August 21, 2002)
XtraMSN: Avril Lavigne - Let Go
Review: 'This album covers all the bases: Teen angst, heartbreak, hope, confusion, all mixed in with a lot of 'sure of myself' attitude.' (September 1, 2002)
Generation Woman: Avril Lavigne - Let Go
Amy Robson's review: 'Avril isn't rock, isn't alternative, isn't pop, but an equal, harmonious mixture of the three.' (July 3, 2002)
Boston Globe: Avril Lavigne - Let Go
Joan Anderman's review: 'There's nothing particularly original about the music but Lavigne's clear-eyed alto rings spunky and true.' (June 21, 2002) Avril Lavigne - Let Go
Bill Werde's review: 'song after song leaves you nodding your head to a newly entrenched hook and chorus.' (June 15, 2002) Avril Lavigne - Let Go's review: 'With a malleable alto that slips effortlessly from hushed whisper to angst-ridden roar, she shows an impressive range.' (June 6, 2002)
CANOE: Avril Lavigne - Let Go
Jane Stevenson's review: 'While teen girls will probably eat this right up, everyone else will probably want to give it a miss.' (June 2, 2002) Avril Lavigne - Let Go
Bill Aicher's review: 'The honesty and reality of her songs will undoubtedly win her a steady fanbase.' (May 28, 2002) Avril Lavigne - Let Go
Paul Thompson's review: 'Avril sports a unique sound featuring strong vocals complemented by clear driving guitar licks and drum melodies.'
Plugged In: Avril Lavigne - Let Go
Bob Waliszewski's review: 'this 17-year-old refuses to compromise her sense of self or play the victim.' Avril Lavigne - Let Go
Ashley D.'s review: 'She has a realness to her music that many singers lack. She's a girl with a voice and a guitar, and she isn't afraid to use either.'
LycosAsia: Avril Lavigne - Let Go
Danny Wong's review: 'a combination of good songwriting, strong vocals, and music that is both catchy and entertaining' (October 11, 2002) Avril Lavigne - Let Go
Shawn McKenzie's review: 'Not every track on Let Go rocks, or is even catchy, but there are many standouts that make you amazed that they are coming out a teenage girl.' (September 3, 2002)
Avril Lavigne Unofficial Fan Resource
Everything Avril Lavigne from her bio, to wallpaper and buddy icons. Be sure to check out the Avril forum.
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