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John Lennon

John Lennon News:
News about John Lennon continually updated from around the net.
John Lennon Portfolio
Small biography, quotes, and two audio clips (Real Audio Player required).
The John Lennon Society
Dedicated to keeping Lennon's killer in jail. Includes an online petition, Music, lyrics, Beatle news, and related subjects.
John Lennon Songs
Database of songs written by John between 1963 and 1980 and released. Browse by album or song title.
John Lennon Songwriting Contest
Information on entry and requirements of this annual contest.
News, tributes, stories and related Beatles' links. Site is part of the Love Earth network.
John Lennon's Birthchart
Detailed horoscope and the astrologer's comments with instructions to understand interpretation.
The Legend of John Lennon
Documentary, poems, books, downloads and music files, lyrics, FAQs, tribute, video, sheet music, pictures, and related links. English and Spanish.
(4147) Lennon
Document about one minor planet, which has been named in memory of the English composer and musician John Lennon.
The Lennon Project
Official web site with detailed information on the new musical based on the songs of John Lennon, to be produced on Broadway in the 2004-2005 season.
Lennon World
Interactive site includes news, biography, discography, downloads, images, and tributes.
Literally Connected to John Lennon
Writings, poems, paintings, and participatory events that continue Lennon's mission for world peace. Sponsored by The LennonTask of Toronto, Canada.
The Liverpool Lennons
Official site with information on John, his first wife, Cynthia, and son Julian. Time line, music, FAQs, and family reflections; as well as music history and memorabilia.
Mathew Street Gallery
Displaying the art work of John Lennon in Liverpool, England. Site includes sample prints and information.
Absolute Elsewhere: The Spirit of John Lennon
Original articles, interviews, archives, photograph albums, special features, current news, a discussion group, and other related resources.
The Art Work of John Lennon
Yoko Ono and Legacy Productions present an exhibit of the artwork of former Beatle.
Astrocartography: John Lennon
Essay on how the planetary metaphors of Sun, Venus and Uranus were reflected in John's life and work.
Interactive site for John Lennon fans to come together and learn, educate, and have fun. Chat, boards, library, discography, art, poetry, quiz, and a store.
Imagine: An Unofficial Tribute to John Lennon
Contains articles, interviews, quotes by and about John, pictures, lyrics, chat, and a message board.
John and the Number 9
A look at the purported relationship between John Lennon and the number nine. Related Beatles' links.
John Lennon Artificial Intelligence Project
Chat with cyber-Beatle John Lennon.
John Lennon Dreamsite
Photographs, lyrics, discography, forum, qoutes, and related information. Run by the photo-journalist Fiorella Dorotea Gentile. Italian and English.
The John Lennon FBI Files
Information about John, his FBI files, and the book 'Gimme Some Truth: The John Lennon FBI Files' by Jon Wiener.
John Lennon in New York
Details the solo career of John Lennon, his life in New York, and his murder.
The John Lennon Memorial Society Of Oregon, Inc.
News and information on this organization and their annual memorial concert in Portland, OR.
John Lennon Museum
News, hours of operation, museum and exhibit guide. Located in Saitama, Japan. English and Japanese translation.
Pacific Edge Galleries
Working directly with the John Lennon Estate since 1988 to present exhibitions of his art work throughout the U.S. and Canada.
Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
Lennon's inductee biography.
RockNet: John Lennon Tribute
Information on 'The John Lennon Tribute Album: Working Class Hero' with song renditions by Red Hot Chili Peppers, Mad Season, Candlebox, Blues Travelers, and other musical artists.
The Smoking Gun: John Lennon
Collection of FBI documents dating back to 1971.
Working Class Hero
A tribute to John Lennon. Contains biography, photo album, music news, audio downloads, discography, and several links.
An Appreciation of John Lennon
A personal essay by a recently converted fan.
CBC News: John Lennon 1940 - 1980
Contains news coverage from the days following his death and an article on the documentary made by John and Yoko during the 'Year of Peace' in 1969.
Court TV Wills of Famous People: John Lennon
Text of his official last will and testament.
Instant Karma
Archival material from 60 issues, plus current news about John, Yoko, Sean Ono Lennon, and Julian Lennon. Also includes photographs, interviews, and related links.
John Lennon 20 Years Gone
Essays on the life and trials of John Lennon using interviews, multimedia, press clippings, and pictures.
John Lennon Interview: Look Magazine
European editor Leonard Gross and photographer Douglas Kirkland visited Lennon during the filming of 'How I Won The War'. Published December 1966.
A John Lennon Memoir
Patricia A. Farrell writes in April 1996 about her meeting with Lennon in 1969.
The John Lennon Online Library
Lists related news stories, interviews, reviews, books, and other articles with brief descriptions and links for finding them on the Internet.
You are the Plastic Ono Band
Collection of magazine articles, interviews, quotes, and television shows from 1968 to 1971; all are either of or about John Lennon. Discography and filmography.
BBC News: Haunting Lennon Image for Sale
A photo of John Lennon's blood-covered glasses, taken by his widow Yoko Ono after the star was shot, is to be auctioned. (April 15, 2002) News: Liverpool Honors Lennon
Hometown airport takes John Lennon's name. (July 2, 2001)
John Lennon: 1940 - 1980
Remembrances of his life and times. Article by Roger Ebert first appeared in the Chicago Sun-Times the week of Lennon's death, and now republished. (December 8, 2000)
E! Online News: Lennon's Killer Denied Parole
News report of Chapman's first parole hearing. Links to text and Yoko's letter. (October 3, 2000)
Christianity Today: The Ballad of John and Jesus
Magazine article about two books which suggest that Lennon was a born-again Christian during a period in the 1970s. (June 14, 2000)
E! Online News: FBI Releases John Lennon File
Details of the file and it's contents. (September 25, 1997)
Just Imagine
News article from the Toronto Sun remembering Lennon's art work and talent. Related links. (June 15, 1997)
John Lennon: We Will Remember
Message board to reminisce with other fans.
Discussion group with open membership and a message board.
The Bagism Friends Webring
Features list of John Lennon sites and sign up form.
Instant Karma
John Lennon and Beatles' related Web Ring.
Artist Desktop Themes: John Lennon
Desktop themes and related sites.
Barry's John Lennon Web Page
Discography, lyrics by album, trivia, interviews, personal tape trading list, and other information.
The Beatles, John Lennon, and I
Personal thoughts and opinions about John Lennon and The Beatles, and how he has affected the author's life.
Dr. Winston O'Boogie
Quotes, interviews, discography, as well as lyrics to most of John Lennon's songs.
John Lennon Lyrics Archive
Lyrics, comprehensive discography, and related links.
Lennon Lads Lyrics Archive
Lyrics to solo as well as some compilation albums. Listings by song title or album. High definition cover scans.
Lennon World: Lyrics
Clear and printable lyrics listed in alphabetical order. Also many of John's poems and quotes.
Music Song Lyrics: John Lennon
Lyrics sorted by albums, with links to purchase.
Oldie Lyrics: John Lennon
Complete lyrics to solo material, organized by albums and songs. Links to related lyrics.
Rock Lyrics: John Lennon
Song lyrics indexed by album and alphabetically.
The Beatles Studio: John Lennon
News, biography, lyrics, and discography, as well as information on John Lennon's history and solo career.
Capitol Records: John Lennon
Current news, discography, music, and a message board.
Internet Movie Database: John Lennon
Filmography of Lennon as an actor, composer, writer, producer, and director. Detailed biography and notable TV appearances. John Lennon
Includes biography, discography, album reviews, audio/video, trivia, and message boards. John Lennon
Articles, biography, discography, games, lyrics, news, pictures, reviews, and wallpapers.
John Lennon
Short profile including some pictures.
John Lennon: A Tribute
Fan shares a poem and related links.
John Lennon In Memoriam
Biography, discography, songs, chords, photographs, art, FBI documents, and other related subjects.
John Lennon's Mind Games
Includes biography, discography, lyrics, MIDIs, demos and outtakes, guitar tablatures, trivia, pictures, art, and Paul's speech at John's induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.
(Just Like) Starting Over
An analysis that attempts to show the words of this song were an invitation by Lennon to the other Beatles to join him.
Keno's John Lennon Web Site
Containing pictures, lyrics, polls, favorite songs, discography, and related links.
Lennon's Temple Of Love
An account of a Russian fan's quest to establish a shrine to John in St. Petersburg.
Picture Yourself
Listing of all songs written by John Lennon, as well as a solo discography, photographs, message board, and a weekly quiz.
The Prose and Poetry of John Lennon
Excerpts from texts and quotes.
Stacey's John Lennon Page
Featuring lyrics, albums, biography, quotes, pictures, MIDIs, artwork, awards, and webrings.
Tribute to John Lennon
Memoriam with personal tributes includes music, lyrics, graphics, links, and webrings.
The White Room
Pictures, quizzes, and tablatures.
Working Class Hero: John Lennon: 1940-1980
Pictures, MIDIs, MP3s, RealAudio, RealVideo, quotes, and interviews.
You Are Here: The Life and Times of John Lennon
Information on the FBI files and 'the lost weekend,' reviews of books about John and The Beatles, photographs spanning several eras, and related subjects.
Bed In For Peace
Original photographs taken of John Lennon and Yoko Ono.
Bob Gruen: Rock and Roll Photographer
Large collection of John Lennon and Yoko Ono photographs.
Pictures of The Walrus
A timeline of the life of John Lennon, illustrated through pictures, stories, and commentary.
Remember Love
The last 6 months of John Lennon's life detailed in pictures, with facts of his death.
Alan Swoffer
Photographs, publicity shots, and contact information of this John Lennon lookalike DJ from England.
John and Yoko's Wacky Multimedia Peace Page
A couple creates multimedia parodies of John and Yoko's antics; includes pictures and sound clips. Interview clips with the real Lennon and Ono.
The John Lennon Experience
Presenting Gary Gibson, a well known John Lennon impersonator in look, style, and song. Biography, video clips, pictures, as well as show and contact information.
Richard Sherman: John Lennon Look-a-Like
Photograph gallery, appearances, and contact information.
VH1: John Lennon
Features album reviews, music news, audio downloads, biography, discography, links, and bulletin boards.
John Lennon Book Reviews
Reviews and commentary on four books about John Lennon. Recordings: John Lennon
Rating and track list for The John Lennon Collection. John Lennon
Links to various music reviews.
Wilson and Alroy's Record Reviews
Reviews of the albums titled: Live Peace In Toronto '69, Plastic Ono Band, Imagine, Mind Games, Walls And Bridges, Rock 'N' Roll, Double Fantasy, and Milk And Honey.
Harmony Central: OLGA Index: John Lennon
Archives of user-contributed guitar tablatures.
John Lennon Guitar Chords Archive
Contains Lennon's guitar chords, as well as lyrics. Songs are in alphabetical order.
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