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Toby Lightman

Toby Lightman
Official site for the singer includes biography, tour information, news, photography, diary, forum, links, multi-media and street team.
All Music Guide: Toby Lightman
Includes biography, discography, and reviews. Toby Lightman
Artist page has biography, photography flipbook, audio and video samples and music downloads.
Unofficial fan community includes setlists, news, tour photographs, fan profiles, guitar tablature, interviews, music and video samples, visitor comments and links.
USA Today: Good vibe is no little thing
Elysa Gardner asks the singer about her inspiration, her vision, her most magcal moment and her wish list. (April 5, 2004)
Philadelphia Daily News: Toby's Turn
Jonathan Takiff speaks with the Cherry Hill, New Jersey native, her parents and record label execs about the breaking young star. (March 29, 2004) For Different Reasons - Toby Lightman Interview
Lisa Lombardo talks with Lightman about getting into the music game. (March 12, 2004)
Windy City Times: "Little Things" from a Big Voice
Gregg Shapiro talks with Lightman about being a singer-songwriter in the current music scene. (March 10, 2004)
Fresh Tracks Music: An Evening with Toby Lightman
Zach Davis talks to the singer about the start of her career. (March 9, 2004) One-on-One with Toby Lightman
Tiffiny Kaye Whitney interviews the singer about her high school days, influences and the creation of her debut album 'Little Things.' (March 8, 2004) Toby Lightman - Devils and an Angel
The soulful singer talks with Jay S. Jacobs of about her debut album 'Little Things.' (March 6, 2004) Toby Lightman - Keeping the “Little Things” Real
Lynn Barker chats with Toby about growing up into a singer. (February 27, 2004)
IGN Insider: Toby Lightman's 11 Questions
Spence D. asks Lightman quirky questions like who her favorite super-hero is and what is her favorite late night snack. (February 24, 2004) Toby Lightman Speaks...
Adam Gonshor asks Toby if she thinks she's the luckiest singer in the world. (February 23, 2004)
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