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Loop Guru

Jamuud of Loop Guru
Information about Jamuud's and the band's interest in and use of generative music.
Launch: Loop Guru
With discography and two on-demand videos.
Loop Guru at
Contains a discography with album artwork, a biography, and a listing of related artists and influences.
Loop Guru at
A band feature website, including a band biography, album information, and a bulletin board.
Loop Guru at Nation Records
Srtist page with discography of releases on this label and press.
Salamander Guru Interview
Interview with Salamander Guru from Last Sigh Magazine. (October 12, 1997)
Michael Brook and Loop Guru mess with Eno
Article from Eye Weekly in Toronto on how Michael Brook and Loop Guru were influenced by the music of Brian Eno. (July 25, 1996)
Loop Guru Home and Away
Official band website, featuring news, biographies, discography, sound samples and featured rare song download.
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