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All Music Guide: Luna
Biography, and discography with review.
Arena Rock Recording Co.: Luna
A tidy section from the company that released 'Luna Live'
ArtistDirect: Luna
Includes biography, links, and message board.
Beggars Banquet - Luna
Beggars Banquet pages, mostly promoting 'Luna Live'.
Britta Phillips
Luna's bassist has a site with a stack of pictures, also news and tour information.
Dean Wareham and Britta Phillips
Site dedicated to Luna members side project
Elektra Entertainment: Luna
Site by Luna's former label Elektra Records
Luna section at Epinions
EvilPics Luna photo album
A collection of photos of Luna from a show in March 2002
The official Luna website run by the band members
a head full of wishes
A comprehensive website with a full discography and regularly updated news - also home to the Galaxie 500/Luna/Damon and Naomi mailing list.
jenyk - band photography by jasper coolidge
Luna photographs
Luna / Galaxie 500 Message Board
Forum for fans of both groups.
Luna on the MTV News Gallery
A collection of news items with accompanying audio and video snippets.
Luna Tabs
A nice collection of guitar tabs - mostly from Luna's most recent albums.
Pablo Chang Photography
Luna photographs Luna
Includes a biography, discography, photos, articles, videos, links and message board.
Splendid: Dean Wareham interview
Splendid interviews Dean Wareham about Romantica. (March, 2002)
Earlash: Britta Phillips
Interview with bassist discussing Luna's album Romantica. (December 30, 2001)
On The Moon
Interview/review with Hybrid Magazine. (September, 2001)
Rock is Not Dead
Dean Wareham interview with Modular Magazine. (September, 2001)
20 questions with Dean Wareham. (April 30, 2001)
Envy 13
Dean Wareham interview. (March, 2001)
Big Apple Tour
Dean Wareham's diary of the bands New York City tour in January 2001. (February, 2001)
Dark Side of the Moon
Dean Wareham interview from Willamette Week. (March 29, 2000)
Luna's Dean Wareham Forgives Me For Loving Guns N' Roses
Interview by Joanna Lux of Ink Blot magazine. (February, 2000)
Luna's split from Elektra
Dean Wareham discusses Luna's split from Elektra Records with Time Out NY. (June, 1999)
Dean Wareham interview for Grip Monthly. (December, 1997)
Sunny Side Up
Dean Wareham interview from Wilamette Week. (September 24, 1997)
Luna Brings 'Pup', Rousing Show to Chicago
Article from The Michigan Daily. (September 23, 1997)
Bella Luna
Dean Wareham and Justin Harwood discuss Pup Tent, from Time Out NY. (July, 1997)
Luna's Dean Wareham Says He's Not Really an 'Aristorocker'
Article from (May 6, 1996)
Fresh Flowers and Candy
Live review of show at Tramps, NYC (18th November 1994)
Live review at
Review of Luna's 29th June 2002 performance at The Bowery Ballroom in NYC
Luna + Sonic Boom - PopMatters Concert Review
Luna + Sonic Boom review by Christine Di Bella.
Luna at The Empty Bottle, Chicago
19th September 2002
Screw You, Elektra: Brooklyn Still Loves Luna
Review of a concert at Prospect Park. From (July 26, 1999)
Wilamette Week Online
Review of concert review by Luna, 16 Deluxe, and Swoon 23 at La Luna, Portland, Oregon. (September 27, 1997)
B- for Effort
Review of a concert at the Starfish Room, Vancouver, Canada. From Drop-D Magazine. (September 25, 1997)
Luna Play a Mean Tune-a
Review of a concert at the Opera House, Toronto, Canada. (September 16, 1997) The Days of Our Nights
Review by MarkR. Rated 3 stars out of 4.
Flak Magazine: The Days of Our Nights
Review by Eric Wittmershaus.
AMG All Music Guide
All Music Guide review of Romantica (4.5 stars)
Britta Phillips
A bunch of print and online reviews reproduced on band member Britta Phillips' site
review by Roy Dolber
Earlham Word
Luna's latest follows successful tradition - by Josh Penn
Fast 'n' Bulbous Review
by A.S. Van Dorston (9/10)
Fort Worth Weekly Online
By Christy Goldfinch
Print reviews reproduced on Luna's official website
In Music We Trust - Luna: Romantica
by Alex Steininger (A+)
Junkmedia - Romantica
by Tyler Wilcox
Luna: Romantica: Pitchfork Review
[Jetset; 2002] Rating: 7.8 - Review by: Rob Mitchum
Popmatters review
by Jason Damas.
Pitchfork: The Days of Our Nights
Review by Neil Lieberman. Rated 6.8.
Luna's Latest Album Got the Band Dumped By Elektra; For Once, A Major Label Made the Right Call
Review by Seth Mnookin from (November 12, 1999)
Ink 19: Luna - Live
Review by James Mann.
Luna: Live - PopMatters Music Review
Luna, Live (Arena Rock Recording Co.), review by Dave Heaton.
Metacritic: Luna - Live
Multiple critic and user reviews. Luna - Live
Review and track listing. (February, 2001)
Hotwired: Penthouse
Review by Tom Lanham with audio files.
Pitchfork: Pup Tent
Review by Ryan Schreiber. Rated 8.3.
Boston Phoenix: Pup Tent
Review by Franklin Soults. (September 11, 1997)
Almost cool review
'Luna's Romantica raises the bar for masterful pop'
Splendid E-zine
A review by George Zahora
St@tic Music
BY August Forte
Lovely & Loony By Shannon Zimmerman
The Yale Herald
Review by Jim Laakso
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