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Philip Lynott

Grave of Phil Lynott
Pictures of the grave site.
Journey to Sutton
Directions to visit Phil Lynott's grave.
Lizzy Days - Philip Lynott
A painting by Jim Fitzpatrick, the artist responsible for most of Thin Lizzy's album covers.
Nidus Productions
Information on the upcoming movie, My Boy, video clips from The Rocker and the 1996 memorial show in LA, and videos for sale.
Phil Lynott Tribute
Biography and discography.
Roisin Dubh Trust
Includes information on the Trust and its activities, detailed history of Lynott and Thin Lizzy, list of official recordings, news, and articles.
ThnLizzy's Tribute
Personal tribute to Phil Lynott. Discography and pictures.
VH1: Phil Lynott
Discography and sound files.
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