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Kirsty MacColl

All Music Guide: Kirsty MacColl
Biography and discography.
Freeworld, the Kirsty MacColl Website
Fan site with lyrics, discography and in-depth information.
Gusworld: Kirsty MacColl Galore
Includes biography, albums, and opinions about the artist.
Kirsty MacColl: 15 Minutes at Least
A fan's tribute and recollections.
Kirsty MacColl Remembered
A fan's tribute. Kirsty MacColl
Contains news and feature articles. Kirsty MacColl
Includes a biography, discography, photos, articles, links and message board.
Triple J: Kirsty MacColl J-File
Australian radio station's tribute to her life and career.
Yahoo Groups: Kirsty MacColl
Yahoo Group for fans.
BBC News: MacColls' Fury at Speedboat Fine
The mother of the late singer protests the small fine handed out to the driver of the speedboat that killed her daughter. (March 12, 2003)
NPR Weekend Edition Saturday: Kirsty MacColl
American radio network's recollection of her career and life. (September 4, 2001) Elegy for a One-Woman Girl Group
Review of the singer's career. (March 9, 2001)
Billy Bragg, Holly Johnson Honor Kirsty MacColl at Memorial
News article from MTV. (January 22, 2001)
Kirsty MacColl: A Life In Song
Article about her career by Liz Smith, from the World Socialist Web Site. (January 11, 2001)
Boater Who Accidentally Killed Kirsty MacColl Released on Bail
News article from MTV. (December 22, 2000)
BBC News: Kirsty MacColl's life of music
BBC tribute to her life. (December 19, 2000)
Kirsty MacColl Killed In Boating Accident
News article from VH1. (December 19, 2000)
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