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Aimee Mann

Aimee Mann
Official website with biography, discography, news, tour dates, images, videos and message board. [Requires Flash 6.]
Aimee Mann and 'Til Tuesday: Whatever
Discography, album covers and photographs.
All Music Guide: Aimee Mann
Includes biography, reviews and detailed discography.
Annette Funicello or Aimee Mann?
Humorous quiz on the two artists' lyrics.
BBC 6 Music: Aimee Mann
Profile, articles and live performance audio.
Driving Sideways
Includes news, pictures, concert reviews, lyrics and fan art.
Discography, news and music videos.
Instructions and guidelines for the e-mail discussion list.
Mann's Mission
Interview about the Oscars, 'Bachelor No. 2' and the music business. (October 12, 2000)
The Boston Phoenix: The Fate of Mann
Commentary on the singer's career and the music industry. (June 5, 2000)
New York Times Magazine: What's a Record Exec to Do with Aimee Mann?
Feature on the production of 'Bachelor No. 2' and Mann's difficulties in getting the album released. (July 11, 1999)
Aimee Mann/'Til Tuesday Chords
Lyrics and guitar chords sorted by album.
Aimee Mann in Print
Newspaper and magazine articles from 1983 to the present.
Aimee Mann
Essay by Steve Ludlum analyzing Mann's career.
Aimee Mann: In Bloom
MTV feature about 'Bachelor No. 2' and Mann's work on 'Magnolia.'
Aimee Mann Lyrics and Gendered Language Patterns
Research paper by a George Washington University student analyzing the use of conversational content in Mann's songs.
ICE Magazine: "Mann in Space"
Article on the production of 'Lost in Space' and plans for an Acoustic Vaudeville live album.
Paste Magazine: The Evolution of Mann
Article on 'Lost in Space' and the United Musicians collective. (December 3, 2002) "How Many Copies Will I Sell in Wal-Mart?"
Interview in which Mann discusses the making of 'Lost in Space,' her interest in psychology and moving to Los Angeles. (September 10, 2002)
The Onion's A.V. Club
Mann discusses killing time between releases, her role in 'The Big Lebowski' and Phil Collins. (November, 2000) - Bachelor No. 2
LarryG's review: '... more tasteful, adult pop but it's hardly ground-breaking.' Rated 2 out of 4 stars.
Ink Blot Magazine: Bachelor No. 2
Beth Bachtold's review: '...a beautifully melodic foray into human nature and all its inherent scenarios - good, bad, ugly.'
Metacritic: Bachelor No. 2
Multiple critic and user reviews; album earns a metascore of 87.
Nude as the News
Troy Carpenter's review: 'Bachelor's tunes are Mann's most mature yet.' Rated 8 out of 10.
Colm Ward's review: 'Like a quick hit of Sambuca, it goes in sweet but leaves a trail of fire as it sinks down.' Aimee Mann - Bachelor No 2
John Murphy's review: '...mostly quality stuff from an inspired songwriter.' (April, 2001)
Ink Blot Magazine - Aimee Mann: I'm With Stupid
Beth Bachtold's review: '...brims beautiful with therapeutic cues and brutal lessons.' Links to related albums and artists.
Stephanie Zacharek's review: 'All edges and elbows, always easy to listen to, but not necessarily easy to come to terms with.'
The Onion A.V. Club: Lost and Found
Nathan Rabin's review: '...A marvel of tasteful bombast, adding touches of mournful slide guitar and occasional strings, but always keeping the focus on Mann's voice and evocative lyrics.'
Knot Magazine: Aimee Mann Proves Me Wrong
Tim Grierson's favorable review: '... has the late-night vibe of sleepless hours riddled with anxiety, asking questions but getting only silence in response. It's emotional and direct in a way she's rarely attempted before.' (November 10, 2002)
Pitchfork Media
Chris Dahlen's review, rating of 7.6: ''s hard to fault Mann for repeating a formula that works this well, or for making a record this focused.' (August 26, 2002)
Washington Post: Aimee Mann Scores With Bleak 'Space'
Joshua Klein's review: 'It's no pick-me-up, but an effort like 'Lost in Space' is precisely the type of project that creative liberty affords.' (August 14, 2002)
Ink Blot Magazine - Aimee Mann: Whatever
Paul Barras' review: '...the songs are beautiful and heartfelt chapters of one artist's weary journey through life.' Links to related artists and albums.
Kara Manning's review: ''Whatever' is hardly a series of weepy regrets: Mann's aggravated angst is more like an emotional boot camp. She prefers verbal combat to self-pity.' 3 stars.
Armchair DJ - Whatever
Brian Handler's review: 'The breakup songs and pop stylings may suck you in initially, but it's the depth and breadth of the songwriting that will keep your attention focused.' (April 28, 2000)
CMJ New Music Report
Steve Ciabattoni's review: 'Mann's first full-length outing hasn't any hollow musical or emotional moments, its rousing pop singles smartly balancing ballads of strong resolve, both revealing much about the woman behind the voice.' (February 19, 1996)
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