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Marilyn Manson Marilyn Manson Guitar Tablatures
Tablature for the guitar and bass for songs including Beautiful People, The Reflecting God, Portrait Album, I Put A Spell On You, Lucy In The Sky With Demons and others. Marilyn Manson
Includes a biography, discography, photos, album reviews, and message board. Marilyn Manson
Site includes Marilyn Manson album reviews, music news, audio downloads, biography, discography, links, and bulletin boards.
Marilyn Manson
Track the career of the band with news, a question-and-answer forum, a discography, and photographs. Watch music videos and browse watercolors by Manson himself.
ArtistDirect: Marilyn Manson
Contains links to sites categorized by content, such as audio/video, reviews, lyrics, and tablature. Marilyn Manson
Profile includes a biography, message board, audio, poll, links and reviews.
Marilyn Manson USA
Unofficial reference which includes news, profiles, discography, lyrics, interpretations, reviews, and multimedia.
MSN Groups: Reflecting Manson
News, links, chat, and a message board, and picture of the month.
MTV: Marilyn Manson
Features music video clips, album reviews, interviews, and MTV Online web exclusives.
NY Rock: Marilyn Manson on Love and War and the Price of Fame
Interview with Manson about politics and his relationship with fame and the press. (May, 2001)
Launch: Moral Minority
Marilyn Manson tells all about his success and hit album Antichrist Superstar. (September 1, 1999)
Abbey of Thelema
Pictures, video stills, and 'Sympathy for the Parents,' a collection of parents' opinions of Marilyn Manson.
Aint Nothin' but a Goth Thing
Mobile ringtones and logos, lyrics, pictures, and MIDIs.
Blackrainbow's Marilyn Manson Page
Pictures, lyrics, tablatures, discography, biography.
Brian Warner: Manson
The life of Marilyn Manson, past, present and future. Contains biography and photographs.
Glass Looking People.
Essays and opinions, quotations, discussion of various rumours about the band, and an essay forum for people to contribute their own essays.
The Manson Files
Artwork by Joachim Luetke inspired by Marilyn Manson.
Manson Universe
Artwork, stories and poetry.
Sinfull Skin
Marilyn Manson skins for Winamp.
Ex-Rocker Marilyn Manson Goes Christian Gospel Singer
On October 26 Marilyn Manson, Miss Manson, as she prefers to be called now, will take the stage as Gospel singer.
Gulf Coast American Fools Association
Parody of the Gulf Coast American Family Association's anti-Manson website.
I Have Seen Marilyn Manson's White Naked Ass
Club with pictures and a list of members.
Marilyn Manson Enterprises
Parody shopping site, offers various merchandise and services, including the opportunity to hire your own personal Marilyn Manson Impersonator.
Marilyn Manson is Dead
Marilyn Manson will be greatly missed by the American people.
Marilyn Manson Turns His Life Over To Jesus
Marilyn Manson turns his life over to Christ and records a Christian Rock CD.
Marilyn Manson Vs. Alice Cooper... There can be only one!
Alice and Marilyn are both booked to play at Bloodfest '97! Some nasty telephone conversations ensue over who is to be the headline act of the festival.
Marilyn's Makeup Removed
Marilyn Manson isn't Kevin from Mr. Belvedere, he's fitness guru Susan Powter.
The Arch Dandy
Collection of photograph galleries and fan information. - Marilyn Manson Gallery
A collection of live and promotional photographs.
Chantal's Marilyn Manson Page
A large collection of Marilyn Manson pictures sorted chronologically.
Dark Reverend's Crypt
Zip files containing over 100 Marilyn Manson pictures.
Marilyn Manson Photo Album
A gallery of over 50 photographs spanning Marilyn Manson's career.
Adrian's Album Reviews: Marilyn Manson
Marilyn Manson reviews, with track-listings and readers' comments.
NY Rock: Death, Destruction and Bouncing Butt Cheeks
'Clad in leather corset, garter belt, platform heels and fishnets, Marilyn Manson offered up an apocalyptic stew of bad-ass odes to death, destruction and teenage angst.' Review of a Show at the Hammersmith Ballroom. (November 27, 2000)
Dotmusic: Holy Wood
'This is a lean, visceral album that is as tripwire lithe as its maker.' Album review. (November, 2000)
All Music Guide: Holy Wood
All Music calls Holy Wood 'a vulgar concept album to seduce [Manson's] core audiences of alienated teens and cultural cops.' Album review, credits, and recommendations. (2000)
Beautiful People, The
Marilyn Manson tribute band; includes set list, photos, and show dates.
Cement Thoughts in a Glass Mind
Band information, news, video stills, pictures, and a forum.
Coyote's Spookhouse
Home of the Marilyn Manson FAQ, rumour kill, and magazine cover gallery. Also various essays, concert reviews, and transcripts.
Disposable Dreams
Band member biographies, discography, pictures, downloads, fonts, and lyrics.
Edens Shrine
Pictures of individual band members, band history, rumors, and lyrics.
Everlasting Cocksucker
A collection of band information and various media. Also includes poetry and artwork.
Flick's Page of Shit
Marilyn Manson pictures, links and biography, information on other bands and Rose Mcgowan, and a section of information about the author and friends.
Geoff's Marilyn Manson Site
Audio, links and pictures.
Gore Fiend's Marilyn Manson Antichrist Superstar Site
Over 300 live and rare pictures, and information on albums and singles.
How does it feel to be one of the Beautiful People?
Includes band information, pictures, links, discography, news and rumors.
The Hydra
Includes lyrics, tablatures, discography, news, pictures, screensavers, themes, wallpapers, movies, MIDIs, MP3s, biographies, rumors, quotes, interviews, tour dates, and artwork.
Lamb of God
Pictures, MP3s, and writings.
Look at Me Now
Video clips, pictures, and reflections on Marilyn Manson.
Manson Collector
Discography with lyrics.
Marilyn Manson
Lyrics, pictures, quotations and news.
Marilyn Manson Cult
Pictures, rumours, biographical information and a page of parents' opinions.
Marilyn Manson for President in 2004
Manson news, links, tour dates, and a suggestion for a new kind of government in 2004.
Marilyn Manson Museum
Devoted to the Marilyn Manson collection of a fan who, through a friendship with John5, has acquired a number of stage and video clothes and instruments from the band.
Marilyn Manson, Our Hero
Pictures, drawings, audio clips, and mini biography.
Marilyn Manson Place
Contains lyrics, tabs, discography, and artwork. In Portuguese and English.
Marilyn Manson UK
Includes discography, lyrics, tour dates, biography, photos, and news.
Marilyn Manson's Church of AntiChrist Superstar
Includes chat, message board, pictures, history, and information on the band's early days.
Mechanical Toy
Band information, along with brief biographies and pictures of current and past band members.
Misunderstandings About Marilyn Manson
Discusses common misunderstandings concerning Marilyn Manson.
The Mosque
Downloads, Winamp skins, desktop themes and wallpapers, lyrics, photographs, and a message board.
New Manson Palace
Band information, press, interpretations and quotes. In Portuguese and English.
Odd-Eyed Messiah
Includes lyrics and interpretation, picture archive, humor, anti-censorship materials, art, and poetry inspired by Manson's music.
Planet Marilyn Manson
Fan based site featuring biography, discography, articles, pictures, news, history of releases, and greeting cards.
Quotes from Marilyn Manson about Holy Wood
Quotes from Marilyn about his movie, novel, and next album.
Raine's Shrine
Photos, links, quotes and articles.
SugarSex SuperStar
A Manson fan's encounters with concerned Christians, a religion called 'Mansonism,' first Church of the Chocolate Cow, and a rant about Littleton.
The Temple of Marilyn Manson
Includes art, MIDIs, image gallery, links, videos, lyrics, downloads, and quotes.
Wonka Land
List of videos of the band's shows available for trade.
And So Spoke the Hierophant
Essays on Manson's art, music. Discusses Manson's references to drugs, numerology, literature, and American pop culture.
Angelynx Archive
Detailed essays, reviews, and interpretations of the symbolism involved in Manson's work, and 'Manson is Good,' a collection of good deeds for fans by members of the band.
The Antichrist Trilogy
A linear storyline assembled from the songs on Antichrist Superstar, Mechanical Animals, and Holy Wood.
The Ginger Fish Fan Club
Fan club devoted to Marilyn Manson's drummer, Ginger Fish.
The Ginger Fish Shrine
Biography, interviews, fan art gallery, tablature, and web games devoted to Ginger Fish and Marilyn Manson.
Includes news, biography, pictures, video and cards.
John5 Shrine
Fan site with pictures, news, experiences, fan art, and a forum.
Unofficial site includes discography, images, biography, equipment, bulletin board and links.
The Pogo Asylum
Fan site for Marilyn Manson's keyboardist, Madonna Wayne Gacy (Pogo). Includes pictures, interviews, biography, quotes, BBS, fan art and discography.
Ultimate Madonna Wayne Gacy Experience
Fan site for Manson's keyboardist. Site includes pictures, biography, and quotes.
Ultimate Twiggy Links
Here you'll find a long list of Twiggy Ramirez links, sorted by quality.
Yet Another Twiggy Page/The Finck Site
A website dedicated to mainly Twiggy Ramirez with Robin Finck information as well.
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