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John McEuen

Gr8Music Listening Booth: John Mc Euen
Information on the Acoustic Traveller CD with music samples in AIFF and WAV formats, biographical background, television and film scoring facts, special album points of interest, and contact information.
IMDb: John McEuen
Filmography with composer, actor, producer, and stunt credits.
John McEuen
Official site. Tour schedule, solo and Dirt Band discography, biography, photographs, sale items, stories and memories of the road, film scoring, mailing list, his sons' sites, fan letters, and links.
Uzine: John McEuen on The Road
David Gans article about meeting the artist in Oakland, California in 1986. Details the grind of touring including separation from family. (1999)
MetroActive Music: John McEuen
Focus on his solo career and desire to continue writing, playing, and recording instrumentals. Includes photograph. (July, 1996)
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