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Melvins A Melvins Fan-Site
Contains a biography, lyrics, pictures, sounds, MP3s, tablatures, discography, articles, interviews, reviews, and news.
Capt Pungent's Melvins Shack
Sound clips, concert reviews, tour dates, and pictures of the band.
King Yobachi's Unofficial Melvins
Photos of the band and individual members and a mailing list.
The Melvins
Contains articles, interviews, and biography.
The Melvins
Official website of the Melvins. A few rare live MP3s covers for download, and news.
Melvins Land
Contains a discography, lyrics, guitar tablature, and a frequently asked questions list.
PopMatters - Melvins
Review of The Crybaby.
Rick's Melvins Page
News, covers, discography, bootlegs, and lyrics.
R.O.C. Linkbase
Directory of Melvins links.
Yahoo! Groups melvinsarmy2000
A club for Melvins fans to join and interact with each other.
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