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Natalie Merchant

News, links, picture gallery and lyrics.
Fan site with pictures, screen captures, lyrics, and quotes.
119 Natalie Merchant
Includes news, biography, gallery, sound clips, discography, and links.
Natalie Merchant: From Political to Personal Music
Fan site with news, pictures and biography.
Natalie Merchant Is My Goddess
Offers image galleries and links.
Natalie Merchant Online
Offers forums, news, articles, and image galleries. Natalie Merchant
Includes a biography, discography, photos, links and message board. Natalie Merchant
News, biography, musical influences, audio clips, and photos.
Yahoo Groups: FHChildren
Fan email list. No Shrinking Violet
Article about Natalie's life, meeting Liz Phair and her music, by Allison Stewart. (February 12, 1999)
Official site. Offers news, timeline, questions and answers, image gallery and a chat room. Web site
Offers pictures, lyrics, links and a FAQ. Natalie Merchant
Pictures, short biography, and links.
Message boards, chat room, photos and links.
Ectophiles' Guide: Natalie Merchant
Information and comments about Natalie and her albums.
Elektra Records: Natalie Merchant
Biography, discography, audio and video clips, news, and a mailing list.
For Her Children
Mailing list related to Natalie Merchant.
Frank's Natalie Merchant Site
Lyrics, sound clips, pictures, and links.
Gregg's Natalie Merchant page
Paintings and stories related to Natalie.
Photos, multimedia and lyrics explanation [This site is no longer updated].
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