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Official site features news, tour dates, fan club, forum, chat, timeline, FAQ, pictures and merchandise.
Elektra Records: Metallica
Includes song lyrics, audio clips, biography, discography, photos, tour dates, and news.
Jack Feeny Reviews: Metallica
Reviews of Metallica albums.
Annual Metallica fan convention.
Metallica News:
News about Metallica continually updated from around the net.
News, forum, tour dates, videoes, pictures, wallpapers, and tablature. [Flash plug-in required.]
Official tour information site.
The Metallica Club
The official Metallica fanclub website.
Damaged Switzerland
Regional fanclub site.
The Frayed Ends of Sydney
Official Australian Chapter #136 of the Metallica Club. Chapter competitions, CDs, t-shirts, bootlegs and tour parties.
Inter Sandman
Official Chapter of the Metallica Club.
Encyclopedia Metallica
Large Metallica site with tabulatures, updated news, free newsletter, quiz, photos, illustrated discography.
All Metallica
Includes news, lyrics, biographies, pictures, discography, and videography.
Am I Evil?
News, tour information, lyrics, tablatures, guitar pro, history, biographies, pictures, videos, albums, singles, chat transcripts.
And Metallica For All
Features pictures, MIDIs, lyrics, and guitar tabs.
Battery's Metallica Page
Fan page with information, discography, lyrics and a photo gallery.
The Ultimate Metallica Site
Pictures, news, tourdates and downloads.
The Unforgiven
Tribute with history, biographies, lyrics, pictures.
The Unforgiven Metallica
All the lyrics and the tablatures, images gallery, links.
Vik's Metallica Page
Searchable lyrics, tablatures, images, sounds, information, and polls.
Vizman's Metallica Page
History, discography, polls, and interesting information about the debates surrounding Metallica.
Where The Wild Things Are
News, lyrics, pictures, audio clips, and history.
Chris and Crystal's Metallica Page
Contains pictures and links.
Pictures of band members, logos, and album covers.
Metallica Pics and Info
Pictures of band members.
Image gallery.
Unforgiven II
Contains Metallica pictures.
Bayside Thrashers
Contains lyrics, history, chat, and pictures of the band.
The Beth Page
Features pictures, videos and message board. - Metallica Tribute
Image gallery, lyrics, discography, and biography.
Brian's Metallica Site
Discography, information, pictures, links, and history.
Carl's Metallica Page
Band biographies, pictures, lyrics, and fonts.
Chatallica Metallica
Tribute to Metallica with 400 pages of original Metallica cartoons and graphics. Information resources for lyrics and news.
Cliff Burton - The God of Bass
History, pictures, quotes, interviews, RealAudio, and Winamp skins about the band's former bassist, who was killed in a 1986 bus accident.
Damage, Inc.
Includes information on members including Cliff, discography, photos, plus original art, and pushead.
Dave and Dave's Metallica Web Page
Includes tabs, sounds, pictures, and links.
Dave's Metallica Lyrics Site
Lyrics from all Metallica albums, with CD covers included too.
EC Metallica
Contains lyrics and MP3s.
Enter SandMan
Metallica information, music reviews and pictures.
For Whom The Bell Tolls
Chilean Metallica with rare/live mp3s, metallica themes, old band pictures, chat, and discography.
Freakboy's Metallica Site
Contains images, sound files, downloads, lyrics, discography, tabs, band history, and biographies.
Harold's Metallica Page
Fan site with guitar tablatures, Winamp skins, discography and lyrics.
The 4 Horsemen
News, pictures, discography, message board and tour information.
Insanity Palace of Metallica
Features news, lyrics, lyric theories, reviews, message boards, links, complete tour archive, quotes, virtual reality, faq, and pictures.
James Hetfield
Biography, news, pictures, lyric theories, quotes, projects, equipment, message board.
Jantzen's Metallica Page
Full biographies, news, lyrics, and mp3s.
Jaymz' Un-Official Metallica Page
Contains lyrics, pictures, discography and interviews.
John's Metallica Page
Features downloads, pictures, themes, wallpapers, skins, and Metallica news and tour dates. [Flash plug-in required.]
Jonathan's Metallica site
Information on the band, band history, band member biographies, links, poll, gallery, animated gifs and album information.
Fan site with wallpapers, biography, discography, lyrics and tablatures.
Leendert's Metallica page
Includes pictures, bootlegs, and downloads.
Mandatory Metallica
Features pictures, fonts, desktop themes, icons, cursors, discography, and links.
Mark's Metallica Homepage
News, tabs, pictures and links.
Mark's Metallica Page
News, pictures, lyrics, tabs, video, biography, equipment and links.
Master of Fuel
Contains tour information, Metallicast radio, free email address, guitar lessons, and Metallica page designer.
Fan site includes discography, history, biography, lyrics and pictures.
Contains lyrics, albums, biography, links, and pictures.
Features history, tablatures and pictures.
Pictures and logs, history of the band, poll, and message boards.
Contains lyrics, midi, real audio, and links. Graphics Intensive.
Video, lyrics, biographies, history, tour dates, metallica fonts, and links.
Metallica pictures, polls, MIDIs, and tablatures.
Metallica - Metal Militia
Lyrics and pictures.
Metallica Archive
Has lyrics, RealAudio, biographies, tablatures, history, quotes, interpretations, videoclips.
The Metallica Archive
News, biography of the band members, lyrics, real audio, tablatures, history, and video clips.
The Metallica Directory
A directory offering of links to Metallica sites.
Metallica fan art
Metallica fan art.
Metallica For All
Includes MP3, lyrics, and links to tabs.
Metallica, Inc.
News, pictures, lyrics, tabs and links.
Metallica Mayhem
Lyrics, biographies, history, store, and links.
Metallica Net
Features MP3s, MIDIs, videos, chat, RealAudio, links, x-changes, information, top 20 and awards.
Metallica Page
Includes information, lyrics, discography and links.
Metallica Page
Lyrics, guitar tablatures, and photos.
Metallica PhotoArchive
A archive of unofficial and fan photos.
Metallica Sanitarium
Fan site with news, biography, discography, lyrics.
Metallica: Seize the Day
With band information, albums, downloads, and discussion board.
Metallica Source
Includes news, lyrics, pictures, sounds, discography, videography, biographies, forums, midi, tour dates, FAQ, e-cards, and links.
Metallica, the Bad, the Ugly
Pictures, logos, animations, MIDIs, downloads, lyrics, tablature.
Metallica vs. Napster
Information about Metallica's conflict with Napster.
Metallica XXX Page
News, tour dates, set lists, biography, discography, lyrics, and pictures.
The Metallichick
Information and pictures of the band in concert.
Dedicated to Metallica and Creed. Offers downloads such as fonts, amps, screen savers, videos, and midi. [Requires Flash.]
Metrulez: Only Metallica
Includes lyrics, tablature, pictures, MP3s, MIDIs, news, discography, videography, FAQ, WinAmp skins, fonts, tour dates, and downloads.
Metsolo's Metallica Mainstage
News, reviews, tour galleries, pictures, lyrics, audio clips, downloads, and gear and equipment information.
Mettalica - Jpmaster77
Includes MP3s and multimedia (Real audio and video), song tablatures and lyrics, biographies, news, links, winamp skins, fonts, pictures, tour dates, and interviews.
Mohn's Metallica Page
Metallica lyrics for all the albums.
No Life 'Til Leather
News, pics, free email accounts, a message board, a poll and contests.
No Life Til Leather
Featuring Metallica's demo, live, and rare recordings.
Nothing Else Matters
Band member profiles, Disocography, lyrics, and pictures.
Rolly's New Metallica Web
Features MP3s, RealAudio, lyrics, pictures, and MIDI.
Ryckis3 - The Ultimate Metallica Site
Metallica MP3, midi, lyrics, pictures, biography, and links.
Sandro's Metallica Page
Fan page with sounds, tabs, and lyrics.
Band history, photographs, lyrics, biographies, and fonts.
Sepu's Metallica Page
Biography, song cover information, pictures, tablature, and lyrics. [In Italian and English]
The Site that Jarge Built
Pictures, lyrics, tablature, information, and history.
Skunk's Metallica Page
Lyrics, guitar tablatures, pictures, logos, WinAmp skins and wallpapers, MIDI files, links.
UK based site with news, pictures, and lyrics.
Steve's Garage
Fan site with owner's profile and a detailed discography of Metallica collection with over 85 official recordings.
Temple of the Unforgiven
Metallica tabs, lyrics, pictures, and biographies.
This is Metallica
Logos, links, Mp3s, MIDIs, history, and pictures.
Thru the Never
Site with music, photos, art, biography, discography, chatroom, message boards, media room, and news.
MetallicA Lyrics
Lyrics arranged by song title alphabetically.
Metallica Lyrics
All Metallica lyrics.
Metallica Lyrics
An alphebetical listing of Metallica Lyrics.
Metallica Lyrics - All Albums
Lyrics for every Metallica CD available.
Metallica Lyrics Site
Lyrics sorted by album.
Metallica Master Of Lyrics
Metallica lyrics for all the albums and songs. Also include a detailed song meanings section and opinion column.
Metallica Song Lyrics Source
A collection of all Metallica song lyrics including new songs like I Disappear and No Leaf Clover.
Mettalica Lyrics
Raja's Web Den
Metallica lyrics. Metallica Lyrics
Metallica song lyrics indexed by album and alphabetically.
The Unforgiven Lyric Project
Lyrics sorted by song title.
Allexperts: Metallica
Volunteer experts answer your detailed one-on-one questions for free.
Metallica's Tabs House
Tablatures and lyrics.
Battery: Disaster Area
The band Disaster Area plays as a Metallica tribute band under the name Battery. Come and read about the many connections over the years between Battery and Metallica.
Creeping Death
Performs a tribute to early Metallica. Includes news, show dates and MP3s.
Metallica tribute band, band profiles, gig list, merchandise and photos.
Canadian Metallica tribute band that has toured worldwide. Gig dates, pictures, sound and video files.
No Life 'Til Leather
Four piece Metallica tribute band from Ireland. Includes member profiles, forum, chat, photos, and MP3 file.
Brutal California-based tribute to early Metallica. Contains biography, tour dates, and pictures.
ArtistDirect: Metallica
Links to websites, mp3, lyrics, pictures, video and band news.
MTV: Metallica
MTV's Metallica site features music video clips, album reviews, and exclusive news features.
Music Olympus: Metallica
Gallery of pictures, song lyrics, music, video, biography, merchandise, tablatures, posters, wallpaper, and books. Metallica
Profile, photograph, and links.
Rockdetector: Metallica
Biography, discography and links.
RockRage: Metallica
Discographies, mp3, fansites, album reviews, music videos, concert photos. Metallica
Includes a biography, discography, photos, articles, links and message board.
VH1 Fan Club: Metallica
News, full biography, musical influences, audio clips, photos, music videos, bulletin boards, links.
Irby's Realm
Comprehensive Metallica tablatures and links.
Metallica Guitar Tabs
Guitar and bass tablatures, and chords.
Metallica Tabs
An alphebetical listing of Metallica tablature.
Metallica Lyrics
Lyrics to songs by Metallica.
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