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George Michael

George Michael
Official site includes news, audio and video files, discography, lyrics, history, pictures, and articles. George Michael
Contains a biography, tour schedule, related links and a message board.
Dotmusic: George Michael
Headlines and reviews from the UK music web site.
MTV Online: George Michael
News, audio clips, album details, and a biography. George Michael
Includes a biography, discography, photos, articles, links and message board.
Sony Music UK: George Michael
Biography, discography, and sound files. Here you can also watch three GM videos in RealVideo. George Michael
Features music news, album reviews, audio downloads, biography, discography, links, and bulletin boards.
JAM! Showbiz: George Michael
Archive of articles from the Associated Press and Toronto Sun, by a Canadian entertainment news website.
George Michael Fans ICQ Group
Join a group of GM fans and chat on ICQ.
George Michael Kingdom Discussion
Message board.
George Michael Yahoo! Groups
Fan communities and message boards for George Michael fans.
Happy Vegemites
An informal GM fan club with members around the world; join the mailing list to participate.
Planet George
Private, international George Michael fan club. Club has local chapter listing, mailing list, and newsletter. Site also includes song lyrics. Available in many languages.
George Michael message boards, categorized by subject.
Homepage of the first and longest-serving George Michael mailing list. Online archive of the mailing list since its creation in 1996.
The Alternative George Michael
Descriptions and track listings for George Michael bootlegs, mostly live recordings from around the world.
George Michael Midi Files
A few Wham! and George Michael midi songs.
Listen Without Prejudice
A tribute to George Michael remixes and non-album tracks. Listen online or download clips in RealAudio format. Also includes a message board and links.
Maziar's George Michael Page
Videos, rare songs, and interviews, in RealPlayer format.
Waterfalls: George Michael Fan Site
Japanese fan site, in English and Japanese. Biography, discography, poll, links, message board, and latest news.
Italian site, with discography, biography, links, forum and Yahoo club, a page to create and send a George Michael email card, plus wallpapers, screensavers and browser skins.
Yours Only George
A very large collection of George Michael website links, as well as news, message board, chatroom, classified ad board to buy and sell GM items, and feature articles.
Allexperts George Michael Q&A
Volunteer experts are waiting to answer all your questions about George Michael.
The George Michael FAQ
Answers to many interesting questions about George. Somewhat outdated but still a good reference.
The George Michael Archive
Many pictures of George, organized by time period. Also has a links page.
Lady Bright's George Michael Pages
A large collection of photos from throughout George's life.
Tom Wanless' George Michael Pages
Two pages of pictures.
Harmony Central: George Michael Guitar Tabs
Chords and guitar tabs for a few songs.
Dan Gore As George Michael
George Michael lookalike and impersonator of ten years.
George Michael Web Ring
List of sites in the ring.
BBC: George Michael Buys Lennon's Piano
George Michael pays 1.45 million for the piano on which John Lennon wrote Imagine and vows to keep it in the UK. (October 18, 2000)
BBC: Michael and Pavarotti Double Act
George Michael teams up with Luciano Pavarotti to perform a duet at the star tenor's annual charity concert. (June 2, 2000)
CNN: Judge Throws Out Slander Suit Against Michael
An attorney for the police officer who slapped the cuffs on GM in a park bathroom says his client is down but hardly out, and will refile a $10 million lawsuit. (February 17, 2000)
BBC: Michael Brands Cliff Campaign 'Vile'
George Michael has attacked the campaign to make Sir Cliff Richard's Millennium Prayer the Christmas number one as 'vile.' (December 10, 1999)
BBC: Radio DJ Debut for George Michael
George Michael makes his debut as a radio DJ by co-hosting a show on London's Capital FM. [Scroll down for story] (December 9, 1999)
The Advocate: G. Michael Married... With Kids?
George Michael's boyfriend, Kenny Goss, made sure the ring on his wedding finger was there for all to see as the couple left London's Albert Hall in a car. (December 2, 1999)
BBC: George Michael's Red Light Video
George Michael goes into Amsterdam's red light district in his latest video, 'Roxanne,' which shows real-life prostitutes at work in Amsterdam. (November 25, 1999)
BBC: George's NetAid Set Gets BBC Screening
The BBC is allowed to air part of GM's NetAid performance. (October 12, 1999)
BBC: George Michael Blocks BBC NetAid Show
The BBC says it is 'disappointed' after George Michael refused to let the corporation show his performance at the weekend's NetAid charity show. (October 11, 1999)
CNN: Whose Sex Does George Michael Want?
Summary of a British tabloid interview. (September 20, 1999)
BCC: George Michael Faces Second Lawsuit
George Michael says he is now facing two lawsuits totalling $20 million from the LA police officer who arrested him for lewd behaviour. (September 18, 1999)
BBC: George Michael Offers Tabloid Deal
GM offers to speak openly to the UK's tabloid newspapers in return for compassionate coverage of a charity concert. (September 16, 1999)
BBC: George Michael Faces $10 Million Lawsuit
A Beverly Hills police officer involved in the arrest of George Michael for lewd behaviour is suing the singer for alleged slander. (September 14, 1999)
CNN: Cop Sues George Michael for Slander
The Beverly Hills police officer who arrested George Michael in a public restroom has filed a $10 million slander suit against the singer. (September 14, 1999)
The Advocate: All the Way Out: George Michael
In his first-ever exclusive interview with the gay press, one of pop music's most elusive artists tells all at last. (January 19, 1999) George Michael Denied Bid to Choose Sentence
George Michael requests to fulfill his sentence by delivering meals to AIDS patients but is denied. (November 24, 1998)
David Letterman Interview
Complete transcript of George Michael's appearance on Letterman, with RealAudio recording of the interview. (November 9, 1998) George Michael Spoofs Lewd Conduct Incident
Brief report on the 'Outside' video. (November 2, 1998) George Michael Cancels Plans for World Tour
George Michael cancels tour plans due to personal traumas. (September 4, 1998) George Michael Acknowledges Homosexuality
Article about George Michael's CNN interview, with sound clips. (April 11, 1998)
CNN Interview Transcript
Transcript of a CNN interview. (April 10, 1998)
It's Just A Matter Of Time: A George Michael Chronology
A detailed and witty chronology of George's career, supplemented by magazine article transcripts and rare photos.
The Box of Fame
Slovak fan page with English and German sections. A wealth of press transcripts, TV and radio interviews, transcripts of two entire Wham! And GM books, excerpts from 'Bare' and unofficial biography 'Older', merchandise lists, and collection of midi songs
Capital FM Online: George Michael
Brief biography at the website of Capital FM London, said to be the radio station most supportive of GM.
Celebrity Astrology: George Michael
Read what George's astrological chart says about his personality.
The George and Kenny Files
Pictures of George Michael and boyfriend Kenny Goss, and links to articles about them.
George Michael's Santa Barbara Home
Pictures and plans of the house he owned from 1989 to 1996. Site by Hickman Designs, who built the house.
All for One and One for All (All for Love)
Large image collection, message board, chatroom, poetry, astrological information and links.
Box of Fame: George Michael
Slovakian fan page with English and German sections. Includes lyrics, discography, and articles.
Calling You
Detailed biography, discography at a glance, photo collection, and unique link list with contents of various sites. English and Dutch versions.
Chez Knobby
Essays on George's family life, his first band The Executive, history of Wham!, Wham! discography and pictures, the recording of the Band Aid single, synopsis of The Final, photos from George's duets with other artists, Rock in Rio and Modena pictures and
Colabear's House
Song of the Week feature from G NOTES (now Planet George), lyrics, information on IRC group #georgecafe, favorite songs in RealAudio format, and US and UK discographies and chart positions.
The Edge of Heaven - George Michael
One page site with lyrics and a collection of midi music.
Eugenia's George Michael Page
Extensive lyrics, GM discography, galleries of favorite pictures, and links.
Ewa's George Michael Site
News, song lyrics, b-sides and rarities in RealAudio, links to video clips, and a large photo collection.
Faith In The Sound
Song chronology, lyrics, songs in RealAudio format, and links.
Freedom 98
Biography, discography with lyrics, music downloads, trivia and links in Italian.
G NOTES - Virginia / West Virginia Chapter
Chapter of G NOTES (now Planet George) for people in Virginia and West Virginia, USA.
The George Michael Brazilian Page
English, Portuguese and Spanish versions. Brief biographies for Wham! and GM, discography and lyrics, large photo gallery, guitar chords for some songs, midi collection, GM postcards to send, a quiz to take, classifieds page, message board, chatroom, 'Cyb
George Michael Bumper to Bumper with the Spice Girls
George Michael / Spice Girls combo site. GM section has discography with single covers, news page, a few photos, and pictures from a '97 YogFest.
George Michael Collector
Fan collection of CDs, records, videos, tourbooks and other memorabilia.
George Michael Collectors Corner
An archive of George Michael and Wham collectible memorabilia, including books, magazines, music and calendars.
George Michael Fantasia
Brief biography, discography, songs for download in midi format, vote for your favorite songs, and image gallery.
George Michael Info Page
Listing of GM books, excerpts from Bare, chart listings, news articles, fan feedback, and links.
George Michael Information Site (G.I.S)
Regularly updated news, discography, lyrics, rare MP3s for download. In English and Korean.
The George Michael Page
Norwegian fan page in English. Biography with year-by-year chronology, image gallery, brief discography, lyrics of favorite songs, and links.
George Michael Universe
News page, FAQ, discography with RealAudio clips, videos in RealVideo, mp3 player skin, and links.
George Michael Website
Concert pictures, animated gifs, and links.
Song lyrics, image gallery, a few songs in RealAudio and mp3 format, RealAudio and RealVideo interviews, mailing list, news archive, pen pal ad board, GM postcards, classifieds, chatroom, and links.
Here, There and Everywhere
A group of fans comes together for the tribute concert for Linda McCartney in April 1999... and creates a website to remember the experience.
I'm Your Man
Large collection of pictures, and neatly organized pages of quotes from GM.
J's George Michael Page
Lots of George Michael trivia (submit your own bit of trivia), detailed shopping lists of George Michael merchandise (and rare items), essays about George, and links to other fan pages.
Keeping the Faith
Fan tribute to George Michael with discography, lyrics, news, message board, trivia, items for sale/trade and links to other sites.
Lady Bright's Home
Includes pictures and information about a biography written in Russian.
Lee Arthur's George Michael Page
Song lyrics, image galleries, a transcript of the April '98 CNN interview, and links.
London George
British fan site. Up-to-date news page; reviews, pictures and RealAudio clips from concerts; music news and awards show reports; image galleries; members area and newsletter.
Malin's George Michael Page
GM and Wham! lyrics; a few pictures; transcript of the MSN chat, CNN interview, and Q interview; the author's collection of music and bootlegs; and links.
Midnight's Wham! Page
Wham discography and photo gallery
A Moment With You
A collection of picture galleries spanning George's career from Wham to present.
This Greek fan page includes information and activities of the Greek chapter of Planet George, and archive of articles from the Greek press.
Pavarotti and Friends 2000
Fans relate experiences from going to the Modena concert.
Planet Matt (Enjoy What You See!)
GM section contains lyrics for each album, top chart positions, a few pictures, chords for several songs, and a small midi collection. Wham! section includes lyrics for each album, member profiles with pictures, top chart positions, a few pictures, Wham!
Praying For Time
Image galleries, desktop wallpapers, interview and music clips in RealPlayer format, excerpts from GM books, quotes about GM from other people, midi collection, GM postcards to send, and links.
Something to Save
Uniquely dedicated to fans' sightings of and encounters with George. Fans' stories of their meetings and sightings. Also includes an image gallery and links.
Spark's GM Site
Image gallery and songs in midi format.
Star People 98'
Site is in Italian, with biography, photo gallery and discography.
The Strangest Thing
Norwegian fan page. A few lyrics and links to GM sites.
Thro's George Michael Shrine
Midi files for download, lyrics, and guitar tabs.
Travis Allen's George Michael Fanpage
Image collection, brief discography, online stores to buy merchandise, and a list of the author's Wham! and GM merchandise collection.
Trevor's Rare GM Tracks
A listing of hard-to-find GM tracks. Contact the page owner to inquire.
A Tribute to George Michael
Icelandic fan page. News, polls, message board, and links.
Unsocial Mix
News, archive of articles and reviews, image gallery, homepage of #gm IRC group, quizzes, message board, and links.
BBC: Songs From the Last Century
Review by Nigel Packer. (December 5, 1999) Man in a Minor Key
Review of 'Older.' (May 20, 1996)
Round Here
George Michael forum.Chat with fans from around the world!
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