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Midnight Syndicate

Interviews: Midnight Syndicate
Interview with the band in the Rhythm US record label.
Malafik Musick: Midnight Syndicate
Reviews of the albums 'Gates of Delirium' and 'Realm of Shadows'.
Midnight Syndicate
Official website of the Ohio-based band, with news, interviews, and MP3 samples.
Midnight Syndicate
Official band website on Entity Productions, including downloadable album tracks, reviews, interviews, updates and availability.
Midnight Syndicate page offers MP3 samples and CDs to purchase.
Yahoo! Groups : midnightsyndicate
Official message board for fans of the band.
Midnight Syndicate
Interview with Gavin Goszka from Mourning the Ancient e-zine. (20010919)
Dark Culture Magazine: Gates of Delirium
Review of the album 'Gates of Delirium.' (2001)
OhioOnline: Music: Midnight Syndicate
Brief interview with music critic Peanuts for an Ohio cultural magazine. (19981201)
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