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Ophelia: A Moist Page
Extensive picture gallery, audio and video clips, discography, lyrics, biographies, newsletters, press archive, interviews, message board. - Moist
A profile of the band, song clips and links to album reviews and CD ordering.
CelebrityCafe: Jeff Pearce
An interview by Dominick A. Miserandino covering the creation of Moist's music, the fans, and being a Canadian band in the US.
Deadly Clear Addiction
Photo galleries, lyrics, discography, tablatures, and links.
Deep Dark Abyss of Moist
Photographs and drum tablatures.
JAM: Moist Radio Special
Edge 102.1 FM's 48 minute special commemorating the release of Mercedes Five and Dime. [RealAudio required]
Official band-maintained site offers news, tour dates, and related links.
Moist On..
Unique focus on interview and audio clips, plus discography, lyrics, and tour dates.
Morphine Baby's Final Breath
A fan's scrapbook with photos and stories.
My Conditioning
UK Moist site with a discography, lyrics, biographies, tour/release dates, photographs, and links.
Hybrid Magazine: Mercedes Five and Dime
A review by David DeVoe of the album that 'gives us a fuller, more mature sound than ever before, with smoother songs and less angst.' (January, 2001)
ChartAttack: Living With Moist
A lengthy article, written by band member Kevin Young, about touring with the band. (March 9, 2000)
ChartAttack: "O.K. COMPUTER"
An interview about the band's website and fan email. (June 30, 1999)
JAM: Rockers Moist Mellow Out
A review by Jane Stevenson of Mercedes Five and Dime, which has a 'more thoughtful, mellow and softer approach.' (June 27, 1999)
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