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Radio Free Momus
Personal site of the Scottish oddball pop star with audio samples, biography, Flash videos, news, pictures and discography.
I Heart New York: X icons
You can download a set of Momus icons for macintosh here.
Momus at LFL Gallery
Momus: Folktronia (songs and myths about the electronic age). Sound/video/performance/installation art at LFL Gallery.
Momus Discography
Fan created discography, including recordings by Currie's first band The Happy Family. Momus
Discography and lyrics.
The Onion AV Club: Momus
Interview with the arch Scottish ironist about Stars Forever and rock journalism. (September 9, 1999)
Momus Pays Back His Patrons With Stars Forever
Double album features 30 songs about fans, stores, labels and others that paid for them. From SonicNet Music News of the World. (September 4, 1999)
Currie Spices up Art vs. Commerce Debate
From the University of Western Ontario Gazette. (February 18, 1999)
For $1,000, Momus Will Write A Song About You
Upcoming Stars Forever album intended to help pay legal bills of experimental singer/songwriter's U.S. label. From SonicNet Music News of the World. (January 7, 1999)
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