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Meco Monardo Interview With Meco Monardo
Includes information about his recordings including Star Wars and his production work with Gloria Gaynor.
Echo Station: Meco Interview
Interview discussing recordings on the Star Wars fan site.
Jim's Dandy Jamboree - Meco
Fan site with details of disco recordings.
Meco Fan Page
Includes news, biography and discography, sound samples and links to other related internet content.
Meco Monardo Tribute
Information on recording and production work. Meco Interview
Interview discussing disco versions of Star Wars music.
Pitchfork Review: Meco - The Best of...:
Review by Ryan Schreiber, rated 7.9. 'This makes for a great listen when you're aching for some electro- kitsch.'
Pop-Culture-Corn: Meco - Dance Your Asteroids Off
Review by Matt Springer, 4 of 5 cheerios. 'There isn't a bad track on Dance Your Asteroids Off, but there isn't really a good track, either, and that's what makes it a priceless gem.'
Mos SkyJammer: Meco - Dance Your Asteroid's Off
In depth review of the Meco CD by Phil Zeman. ''s nice to have versions of songs that were up until now unavailable on CD...' (April 5, 2000)
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