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The Monkees Home Page
The original site. Includes downloads, biographies, TV show information, and pictures. Monkees, The
Volunteer experts answer detailed one-on-one questions about band.
Behind the Monkees
Join the online campaign to get the Monkees portrayed on VH1's Behind the Music and/or Legends series.
Monkees 101
Comprehensive guide to the Monkees. Includes Monkees FAQs, The Monkees Mailing List, and more.
The Monkees Film and TV Vault
Companion to the Monkees' work on TV and in film. Includes extensive data on their TV show, movie, and specials as well as transcripts and WAVs of their original commercials.
Monkees Lyrics
An alphebetical listing of Monkees lyrics.
The Monkees Music Vault
Complete Monkees discography with information on foreign releases too
The Monkees Need Your Help
Petition to help get the Monkees back on TV.
Monkeesrule43 Online
An official site with news, biographies, tour dates, history, articles, discography, free email accounts, email list, rare MP3s, video files, quiz, quotes, lyrics, and pictures. The Monkees
Includes a biography, discography, articles, links and message board. Talking About the Monkees and the 2001 Tour
Interview with Davy Jones by Davy Schwensen
Official Davy Jones Website
Official site. Includes merchandise, news, family, photos, and fan club.
The David Jones Worship Site
Includes news, fan reviews, stories of lives that David has touched, and pictures.
Davy Devotees
Online Davy Jones club for those who 'crave the Dave'
Davy Jones
Filmography for Davy Jones from the IMDB
Davy Jones Fan Club
Discussion forum.
Davy Jones Forever Club
Yahoo! Group devoted to Davy Jones.
Manchester Boy
News, pictures, events, and fan club.
The Monkee Connection: Davy Jones
Profile, photographs, news, and links.
Official Davy Jones Forever
Fan page that contains news, interviews, biography, pictures, chat room and message board.
Shades of Davy Jones
Includes profile, news, and links.
Fan page including news, photographs, articles, tour dates, lyrics and information about the fan club.
The Official Michael Nesmith Fan Club
News, fan club information, solo photos, photos from the Monkees, message board, and biography.
Official site. Includes background information, FAQs, photos, video clips, news, and product details.
Kitty's Baby Face Mike Nesmith Page
Includes pictures, biography and Monkees information.
Linda's NEZ OBSESSION page
Fan site dedicated to the Monkees' Mike Nesmith
Listen to the Fans
A discussion board for Nesmith's solo efforts.
Michael Nesmith
Filmography for Michael Nesmith from the IMDB
Michael Nesmith Homepage
Includes news, discography, quotes, photos, a link to Videoranch.
The Monkees Connection: Mike Nesmith
Profile, news, pictures, and links.
nezaholic 's rambles
Site dedicated to the theory that Mike Nesmith is a genius
Official site for this musician, actor, and former member of the Monkees who is currently with Shoe Suede Blues. Includes information about appearances and memorabilia.
Belgravia, Land of Peter Tork
Includes pictures, groovy polls, and sound clips.
For Pete's Sake
Includes pictures and quotes.
Milkshake - A Peter Tork Fansite
Includes pictures, interviews, quizzes, captions, desktops, icons, and more humourous things to help pass your time.
The Monkees Connection: Peter Tork
Pictures, profile, news, and links.
Peter Tork
Filmography for Peter Tork from the IMDB
PTsgirl Purple Haze
Web site by a Peter Tork and Monkees fan.
Monkee Talk
A Monkees discussion community featuring quizzes, live chats, and message board.
An online community featuring the latest news and information, as well as links to related sites.
Monkees Online Fan Festival
Information about Monkees fan conventions.
Yahoo Groups: Becca and Amanda's Green Submarine
A discussion forum for fans of the Monkees and the Beatles.
Yahoo Groups: The Monkees
Directory of clubs dedicated to the band.
The Monkees Connection
Good site full of resources for the beginner and expert.
Band 6 - The Monkees Official UK Fan Club
Official Fan Club site with news, rare photos on all the Monkee happenings in the UK and abroad.
Monkee Business Fanzine
Popular Monkees fanzine with information, news, and exclusive photos.
Monkee Maniacs Down Under Fan Club
Online club for Australian and New Zealand Monkee fans
Ally's Monkees Magic
Profiles of members, photographs, and details of the author's collection.
Barrelful of Monkees Web Site
Contains chat, pictures, quizzes, stories, lyrics, and record information.
BB's Monkees Art
Monkees art, comics, quotes, & links.
Blue Vinyl Presents
Includes fan fiction, audio samples, trivia, and some pictures you won't find anywhere else.
Can You Dig It?
Information on the Monkees only movie, 'Head'.
The Card-Carrying Red Shoes
Features a monthly quiz, photos, and a collection of fan fiction and dreams.
Christen's Psychedelic Monkee Page
Pictures, biographies, quiz and love compatibility tests with each of the Monkees.
Daisy's Little Bit Me, Little Bit You, Page o' Monkees
Features pictures, biographies, quotes, polls, look-a-likes and links.
Dictator Shannon and Flower's Traveling Monkees Show
Includes fan fiction, pictures, articles and audio clips.
EHMI - Emily and Heather's Monkees Incorporated
Contains fan fiction, pictures, episode guide, fan art, movie review, poll and links.
Estrella's Monkee TeleVision
Includes various pages of direct Monkee relation on television. Ranging from profiles of lead characters to an essay on whereabouts of the Monkees' bathroom.
GIYD's Monkee Shrine
Features quotes, biographies, and links.
'Tours' of their careers along with pictures, rare music, and information on their families.
Hippie Chick's Peace, Love and The Monkees Page
Pictures, dreams, fan-fiction, links, Adopt-A-Monkee.
In My Head
Monkees fan site devoted primarily to the film 'Head', with essays, feedback, guides, pictures, TV episodes.
Laura's Groovin Page
My Monkees Fan Page including many pictures, obsessions, & more!
Long Haired Weirdos Page
Fan site comparing the Monkees to the site owner's other long-haired weirdo friends.
Love Is Only Sleeping
Information, parodies, guitar parts, stories, poetry, and alternative song lyrics.
Loving The Monkees Daily Nightly
Monkees pictures, information, news, discography, fan club, & links.
Luna's Time Warp
Monkees pictures and postcards.
Magnolia's Pad
Includes biographies, photos both old and recent, discography, and fan fiction.
Monkee Central
Fan site with pictures, conspiracies, clone fan fiction.
Monkee Junkee
Fan fiction, pictures, sounds, puzzles, and links.
Monkee Mania
Tribute includes MP3s, screensavers, photos, forum, and parodies.
Monkee Men to the Rescue
Pictures, games, songs, and fan clubs.
A Monkee on Your Back
Contains comics, links, and quotes.
News, pictures, tour dates, midis, & link directory.
Monkees - Thirty Three and A Third
Monkees Fan Site with windows wallpapers, e-cards, pictures and links.
The Monkees at the Hatch Shell in Boston 7/14/01
Photographs from their 2001 Boston concert. Includes links to other Monkees sites.
The Monkees Center
MIDIs, lyrics, and track listings.
Monkees Central
Fan page with concert and memorabilia information, photos and links.
The Monkees Fan Page
Monkees news, concert information, fan stories, sounds and pictures.
The Monkees Melting Pot
Monkees tribute site with new fan fiction, photos, links and a special Micky Dolenz page.
The Monkees Page
Provides a biography on the musical group plus related links, audio files and pictures.
The Monkees Then and Now
Photos, biographies, poll, and links.
MonkeeSoft Network
Includes screen savers, photographs/covers, MIDI jukebox, and discussion board.
MonkeesOnLine - Take 2
Articles, biographies, message board, news, and links.
Ms. Arcadian's Monkees Page
Fan page containing pictures and original drawings of the Monkees and related links.
Nezaroony's MoNkEeS Managerie
Site which contains Monkees links, quotes, and pictures.
Nezgirl's Monkees Shrine of Grooviness
Fan site featuring pictures, fan fiction and links to related sites
Nine Times Blue
Features fan fiction, concert photos, reviews and picture of the band then and today.
Randy and Git's Monkees Page
Fan site with skits, links, and strange Monkees episode formula.
Sleek's Ditty Diego Domain
Includes WAVs, pictures, trivia, games, biographies, and concert reviews.
Sleepy Jean's Groovy Monkee Site
A site dedicated to The Monkees. Features quotes from the show, fan-fiction and episode guide.
Sleepy Jean's Land of Security!
Fan site with alternative lyrics, poems and general information.
Smil3e's Monkees Mania
Among other features this site has games for visitors to play, Monkees downloads, and Monkees parodies.
Support the Monkees
A site built in 1998 in support of the Monkees. It includes ways for fans to show their support such as banners, a message board, and mailing list.
Ajax's Monkeepalooza
Contains fan fiction and links.
The Al & BT Chronicles
A serial fan fiction.
GleebGirl's Monkees Fanfic
A Monkees original story in progress
Monkees Fan Fiction Page
A variety of Monkees stories, including crossovers with Quantum Leap and Scooby-Doo!
Monkees/Beatles Fan Fiction Webring
Ring for sites featuring either Monkees or Beatles fan fiction.
The Power of Four
Short story involving a plane crash.
The Realm
Collection of original Monkees related fan fiction.
Tiff's Monkee Fanfics
Tiff's collection of Monkees fan fiction.
TippTee's Fanfic Library
Monkees fan fiction. The Time Machine and the Beat Goes On series.
Washburn's Fanfic Page
Collection of works centering on The Monkees and The Beatles, written by various authors.
The Zone of Weirdness
Fan fiction as well as original works.
Al and Er's Monkees Extravaganza
Includes a woolhat adoption agency, poll, pictures, and information on each Monkee.
This is a Monkee Fan's Groovy Lil' Dream
Fans can post experiences they had with, dreams they had of, or fan fiction they wrote about the Monkees.
Three Psychos' Home Page
Site includes Monkees fan fiction, storybook, pictures, MIDIs, comics, and games.
The Timemachine
Site about the Monkees and Beatles. Includes pictures, stories, and MIDIs.
Tippy's Share of the Sidewalk
Links, favorite songs, Monkees and Muppets comparison, and fan fiction.
Torky the Kid
A site devoted to the Monkees with pictures and information.
The Unofficial Monkees Fansite
A fansite dedicated to The Monkees, including pictures, fan fiction, tour information, and a growing selection of sounds.
Washburn's Groovy Lil Pad
A Monkees fan site with many activities for visitors to participate in, including a webring, postcards, and over 200 links about the Monkees.
Woolhat's Monkees page
Monkees chat, song lyrics, and pictures
The Monkees Collector's Home Page
Informative page of Monkees collectibles, trading, values and shop.
The Monkees Global Discography
Complete discography with pictures and values for Monkees records.
Monkees Memorabilia Corner
This site showcases Monkees memorabilia and photos of the group.
Mr. Zero's Monkees Page
Monkees records price guides, band information, rare stuff and interviews.
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