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Moody Blues

The Moody Blues Online
Official site, includes a group history, photographs, member biographies, upcoming tour and show dates, audio, and discography.
Bob Ribokas' Moody Blues Page
Photos, album covers, lyrics, and discography are featured at Bob Ribokas' site.
Forever Moody Blues
Features 'This Week in Moody Blues History' and link of the week. Site updated weekly.
Higher & Higher Magazine
Features the groups tour schedule as well as Justin Hayward and Mike Pinder appearances and shows.
Kenster's Moody Blues Links
Features information on web sites, pictures, lyrics, concerts and tickets, FAQs, and FTP download sites.
Moody Blues FAQ
Della Darby's Web Version of the Moody Blues FAQ, V 2.10
Moody Blues Memorabilia
Features group memorabilia from a fans private collection. Provides singles and album covers, song list, release dates, show programs, video packaging, rock cards and related links.
Moody Blues on The Simpsons
Video captures.
The Moody Blues Webmuseum (Home Page)
Dedicated to the eternally groovy classic 7.
Official John Lodge Site
Includes a message board, biography, and online store.
The Official Justin Hayward Site
Includes news, an online store, vintage photos, audio files, and a mailing list.
Moody Blues concert photographs, RealAudio interviews, song clips, slideshows, and backstage stories.
Beth's Moody Blues Page
Includes pictures and links.
Blue Guitar
Includes pictures, lyrics, fan stories, and sound files.
Pictures, links, and a review of Strange Times.
Doctor Who's Home Page
Bill 'The Doctor' Rudloff's page features Moody Midis.
Ellen Weitz's (Wings) Moody Blues Page
Reviews and links to other group related sites.
Graeme Edge Site
A fan site dedicated to the groups drummer. Provides links to related sites and schedule of upcoming shows.
Justin Hayward - Vintage Wine
Photo tribute, biography, discography and links to more information about 'The Voice' of the group.
Lisa Lounder's Moody Blues Page
Includes pictures and record collection.
Mike Bartley's Moody Blues Page
Features vintage photos, set lists, and articles.
Moody Blues Song Paintings
The music of the group is transformed into visual images in the form of original paintings.
One Lonely Room Homepage
The groups Italian Web Site.
Tony Brown's Moody Blues Gallery
Tribute site devoted to the group and its members. Includes a history, tour programs, show contracts, discography and label photos, personal record collection of the host and links.
Voices in the sky
Contains pictures, icons, midi files, and lyrics.
Wizard's Moody Blues Page, The
Fan site dedicated to the group. Includes photographs, tour events and links.
Jenjen's Moody Page
Photos and concert reviews.
Mary's Music
Mary's Music with information and photos.
Bluejays Lyrics
Words for several songs.
The Land Of Moody Blues
Provides moodies lyrics, exclusive MIDI files, interesting links and the history of the group translated into Russian.
The Lyrics of the Moody Blues
Devoted to the music, art and lyrics of the group. Provides album art, full lyrics and information about mellotrons used by the group.
Mel's Moody Blues Songwriters
Dedicated to the music of the group members. Includes photos of the band members, list of individual and co-written songs, and the album that included each song.
Moody Blues - The Kings of Classic Rock
Featuring lyrics to all studio albums and solos and lists many compilations and miscellaneous works.
Moody Blues Lyrics at
Song lyrics indexed by album and alphabetically
Electronic Katladyland
Tribute to the band by the electronic katlady.
Music Web Express: John Lodge Interview
An interview with John Lodge regarding the future activities of the group and himself as a solo artist.
Music Web Express: Justin Hayward Interview
A question and answer session with guitarist Justin Hayward.
Outre Interview
An in depth Justin Hayward interview by Vincent Barajas.
The Simpsons Archive
Information on the Simpsons episode that featured the group.
Words You Say
Quotes on group by the group.
The Land of Make-Believe Forum
Goal is to provide a flame-free haven for Moody Blues fans to discuss the band, the music, alternative beliefs and friendships.
Yahoo! Justin Hayward and Moody Blues
A Yahoo! group to chat and post messages to other Justin Hayward and Moody Blues fans.
Yahoo! Strange Times The Moodys Hangout
A place for friends to chat about the Moody Blues.
Beth's Justin Hayward Doll
Featuring the doll fashioned after the lead singer/songwriter of the group and featured in the groups fan magazine. Includes concert photographs and memorabilia.
Time Traveller
Moody Blues tribute band based in northern Ohio.
Best Way To Travel
A webring dedicated to the legendary rock band.
The Moody Blues
A webring for the group and their related websites.
Keith Davis' Moody Blues Index page
Keith Davis' Moody Blues Index Page with album reviews.
Prindle Record Reviews - The Moody Blues
Moody Blues album reviews.
Lost Chords-Moody Blues FAQ 2.x
Subscribe to the Moody Blues mailing list Lost Chords.
New Horizons
A list devoted to discussion of the spirituality in Moody Blues lyrics.
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