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Morning Musume

Aya Matsuura
Hello Project's Aya Matsuura. Profile, galleries, audio samples and links available. [Popups]
Dreaming of Rika
Fan site dedicated to Rika. Profile info, news, wallpapers, photobook scans. [Popups]
Hitomi Yoshizawa
Fan site dedicated to Hitomi. Profile info, galleries, wallpapers and winamp skins. [Popups]
Le Nuage d'Hitomi
Yoshizawa Hitomi fan site. Videos, songs and galleries available.
Maki's Cafe
Fan site dedicated to Gotou Maki. Profile, news, icon and media downloads, Wallpapers and galleries. [Popups]
Megchan's Mo-musu Lyrics
Related lyrics in English, Kana and Romanized versions.
Mini Mari
Fan site dedicated to Mari Yaguchi. Galleries plus photobook scans, fan fics and games.
Mo-Musume Info Site
Profile info, discography and links.
Morning Musume Info media site
Profile info, lyrics and galleries.
Morning Musume's US Cosplay Troupe
Profile info, discography, links and cosplay galleries.
Musume Revolution 2001
Profile info, history, news, galleries and links.
Simply Yumi.
Fan site dedicated to Michishige Sayumi (Sixth generation Morning Musume.) Galleries and multimedia clips available.
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