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My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult

The Velvet Edge
News, tour dates, discography, pictures, sounds, biography, interviews and reviews.
Kooler Than Ascii - Resources
The TKK FAQ, discography, lyrics, samples listing and interview archives.
The Mindway
Tour dates, verified news, rumors, releases, and photos.
Rykodisc Records
Reissued 3 formerly-out-of-print albums in April, 1999; track lists and sound clips [RealAudio], news, tour information and a message board.
General band information, a few pictures, two sound clips and an answer to the question 'Why Isn't TKK Ever On MTV?'.
Thrill Kill Kids
Pictures of TKK fans.
Thrill Kill Kult
Mailing list.
Thrill Kill Kult Yahoo Club
Message board, mailing list, pictures, and links.
A picture of Jackie Black and Groovie Mann at a college radio station.
Yahoo Groups: The Shock of Point 6
Forum with news and rumors.
Queer in Your Ear
Short review of Sexplosion.
'The Thrill Kill Kult and Its Offspring', an article by Dave Forsythe about TKK and Death Ride 69.
Vox Album Reviews
Review of Hit & Run Holiday.
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