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New Kids on the Block

Andrea's NKOTB
Andrea's encounters with her favorite New Kids. Also includes links, polls and a mailing list.
Are You Down
Contains group information, pictures, lyrics, guestbook, meeting stories.
Backstreet Block
A page dedicated to the 10 hardest working men in show business, NKOTB and The Backstreet Boys.
5 Bad Brother's
Profiles and other information on the NKOTB.
Beantown Boys
Sounds, photo galleries, and member biographies.
Bffer's NKOTB Page
A page for NKOTB fans to connect and have fun.
Canadian information oriented site featuring pictures, games and information about the late NKOTB and the solo efforts of Joey and Jordan.
Call It What You Want
NK Ten Commandments, photo gallery, tribute, and an advice column.
The Church Of The NKOTB
A lighthearted page based on the religion of the New Kids On The Block.
Confessions of a Recovering NKOTB Addict
Photos, writing, links, archive.
A Different Kinda Party
A fan club for those who still support members of the former group NKOTB.
Eternal NKOTB in Seoul
The first NKOTB fan site in Korea. Includes pictures, sounds, and message board.
Eternally NKOTB
Stories, biographies on each guy, poetry corner, remember that, buy/sell/trade.
Five Bad Brothers From the Beantown Land
Pages on each member, photo gallery, links.
FTM Fan Club Online
The official web site of Face the Music fan club (founded in 1994). Fan owned and operated site. Find news and information on the former members of New Kids On The Block and Mark Wahlberg.
Funky Funky Website
Trading list, You Might Be A NK Fan If, links, and a support group.
Heather and Sarah's NKOTB Site
News, articles, photo albums, reviews of concerts.
I Remember When
News, music, the guys, interactive features.
ItsMeSweet NKOTB Page
Information on each guy, book excerpt, album notes, links.
Jackie and Sarah's NKOTB Page
Joe and Donnie pages.
Let's Play House
The creative NKOTB e-zine.
Let's Play House
Pictures, quotes, fan fiction, links, jokes.
My American Idols
A page keeping updated information on the group, and the four guys who have chosen to remain in the public eye.
My Favorite Girl ,Oops, Boys - NKOTB
English and Japanese site for fans all over the world.
New Kids Going Strong
A review on my favorite NK album with lyrics.
New Kids On The Block Links
Offers links to other NKOTB sites, and fan fiction.
New Kids On The Block Then and Now...
The index to 'New Kids On The Block then and now...' article.
New Kids On The Net
Quizzes, things for sale, pages on each guy, links, update archive, and a screensaver.
NK Texas Gals
A page for NKOTB fans in Texas. Interviews, band information, news, and member profiles.
Brief information on each band member.
Pictures, audio and video list, story of going to Boston.
NKOTB 4 Life
Pictures, pages on each guy, articles, quotes, chat, news.
NKOTB Always
Step inside to enjoy a message board, poetry corner and recent Joe pictures.
NKOTB Central
Site of the Week, fan corner.
NKOTB Fan Network
News on each guy, chat transcripts, lyrics, encounters, photo gallery, and poems.
Join this club run by two AOL members.
NKOTB Fanzine - Never Let 'em go
A zine of NK memories, as well as clips from the 'Never Let You Go' video.
NKOTB Forever
Links, personal pictures.
NKOTB Never Let Them Go Fan Club
Application for membership, forum, club information.
NKOTB Scandinavia
New Kids On The Block hit the country and the record industry by storm back in the late 80s. But, whatever happened to the New Kids On The Block? NKOTB Scandinavia has the answer.
NKOTB Star Committee
A fan-based group to help NKOTB get their Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.
News, pictures, history, news, profiles on each former member. In Spanish and English.
Website for UK fans of New Kids On The Block.
NKOTB via Anne
Read Anne's album reviews.
Recent pictures of the five guys from concerts, in-store appearances, movie premieres, award shows.
Rachel's NKOTB Page
Fan fiction, updates, webring and group information.
Still Hangin' Tough NKOTB
Contains pictures, love test, voting booth, chat room, video clips, updates and links.
Music information, biographies, message board, guestbook.
The Write Stuff
Submit your NKOTB stories, poetry and articles.
Jon: Hold On
A British dedication to Jon Knight. Part of the NKOTB UK website.
Jon Knight Internet Fan Club (JKIFC2)
Find out where he is and where the rest of the NKOTB are today.
Donnie Wahlberg: You Got The Flavor
A British dedication to Donnie Wahlberg. Features news, favourite pictures and quotes, reviews of his films, relevant links and articles on the film star.
Donnie's Den
Come hang around in Donnie Wahlberg's Den. (An Unofficial Site)
A site dedicated to the career of Donnie Wahlberg from singing to acting. Up-to-date news, photos, articles, appearances, about Donnie and the fellow former New Kids. Donnie Wahlberg
Donnie's page of TV and movie appearances from the Internet Movie Database.
The Lovable Leo
This is the Donnie Wahlberg Internet Fan Club.
Simply Donnie
Biography, filmography, Boomtown episode guide, photo gallery and message board.
Those Wahlberg Men
A fun ride into the world of Donnie and Mark Wahlberg. Pictures, biographies, facts, profiles, filmographies, quotes, links.
Wahlberg World
The place for all Wahlberg fans - Donnie, Mark, Robert.
Wahlberg's Flavor
Information, photos, news, message board and biographies on Donnie, Mark Wahlberg and Robert Wahlberg.
Addicted To Danny
Chat, message boards, news and other Danny information.
A tribute to Danny's mom Betty, who passed away from cancer on September 20 1999.
Face the Music
Chat in the chat room or on the message board, and meet other NK fans. [103 members]
Face The Music Legacy Message Board
Mainly European oriented. The goal is to keep NKOTB fans up-to-date with both solo careers as well as the golden NKOTB era.
Global NK Club
A list for fans from all over the world to join to talk about NKOTB.
A list for anyone who is a true fan of NKOTB.
Keep Keepin On With NKOTB
Over 55 members with profiles. Chat room, message board, links.
For those fans that admit they've gone too far in pursuit of NKOTB.
This is a list strictly for fans of New Kids on the Block (NKOTB), no non-believers. This is for fans all around the world that like to meet other fans and discuss what's happening with the guys now.
Never Let Them Go Forum
A forum for NK fans to share news, stories, pictures, and encounters.
New Kid Chronicles
The original Gutterboard. Forums for discussing the group and any rumours.
New Kids On The Block
An unmoderated list from Topica, devoted to NKOTB.
New Kids on the Block
A forum where you can post any and all messages about NKOTB.
New Kids On The Block Fan Club
Over 50 members share the message board, chat room and photo album.
NK Canada
A list for Canadian fans of NKOTB to chat. Talk about NK, buy/sell/trade without worrying about converting your money to American.
NK Chicago Posse
If you live in Chicago or the Illinois area, and you're a NKOTB fan, join this list.
NK SoCali Fans Unite
For any NK fans that live in Southern California.
For the fan with no time to check every site for news, but enough love to keep up with the guys.
NKOTB Always
Join and reminisce about the old days or talk gossip about the latest news.
NKOTB Flavor
For NK fans to meet, share experiences and talk about anything related to the guys.
For any gay, lesbian or bisexual NKOTB fans to chat in a supportive setting. Visuals are welcome.
NKOTB Still Rule
Over 50 members who still love New Kids. Chat room, message board.
4 NKOTB Trade
For people who are looking to buy, sell, or trade NKOTB related items.
NKOTB Trade/Sell
Buy/sell or trade with other fans and collectors.
Mailing list for fans of New Kids On The Block with over 150 members.
A list for black fans (and anyone who wants to join) who support the New Kids. Discuss the guys with no talk of other boybands or girlbands.
Old Kids On The Block
For fans who got older, but never grew up. Share memories on the message board or in the chat room with one of the over 100 members.
Still Luv NKOTB
Do you still love NKOTB? Do you sing 'Hangin' Tough' in the shower? Then you are a perfect person to join this list.
We Ain't Goin' Out Like That
A list for all NK fans to share gossip, chat about the guys.
New Kids Block Party Ring
A webring for any site with NKOTB content.
Still Hangin' Tough NKOTB.
This is a webring dedicated to the boyband that started it all, NKOTB.
A Touch of NKOTB Webring
Web ring for NKOTB sites.
NKOTB - Celebrity Mania
Collections of downloadable NKOTB items.
NKOTB - Wallpaper, Saver, Skin and Theme
Free NKOTB desktop themes, screen savers, and desktop wallpapers.
NKOTB Downloads from NKOTB UK
New Kids on the Block downloads for your PC include wallpapers and Hot Bar skins.
NKOTB Lyrics
All lyrics, sorted by album for easy searching.
Artist Desktop Themes: NKOTB
Desktop themes, screensavers, wallpapers, and skins.
Artist Direct: New Kids On The Block
Includes biography, message board and links. NKOTB
Links to websites, lyrics, pictures, chat, tour dates, and other merchandise on the web. New Kids on the Block
Includes biography, recordings, and message board. New Kids on the Block
Pictures, MP3 files, lyrics, photos, biography, tablatures, wallpaper, discography, movies, videos.
VH1: New Kids On The Block
New Kids on the Block music news, album reviews, audio downloads, biography, discography, links, and bulletin boards.
Jonathan Knight Internet Fan Club
The one and only Jon Knight internet fan club.
Site about former New Kid Jonathan Knight, including basic information, fan hang out, message board, chat room.
Msjonathan's Place
Contains a picture gallery, articles and waves.
Niki's Jonathan Knight
A site dedicated to Jonathan. Features a fiction story about Jonathan, news and pictures of Jonathan and some pictures of the rest of the New Kids On The Block.
Jordan Knight Official Website
Chat room, latest news, merchandise, tour information, and pictures.
The Official Jordan Knight Brasil
Official site for singer Jordan Knight in Brazil. Versions in Portuguese, English, Spanish, French and German.
The Official Jordan Knight Netherlands
An official site for Jordan geared towards fans in the Netherlands.
The Official Jordan Knight UK/Ireland
Official site for Jordan Knight, geared towards fans in the United Kingdom and Ireland.
Those Knight Brothers
A fan site dedicated to Jordan and Jonathan Knight. Fan fiction, message boards, links.
Da Man: Donnie Wahlberg
Biography, news, Hollywood, message board, encounters, photos, links, quotes.
Donnie Wahlberg Soldiers
This site is about Donnie. What he has done in the past, what he is doing currently and what he will do in the future. The site features a mailing list, greeting cards and coloring pages.
Danny: Let's Play House
A British dedication to Danny Wood. Features favourite quotes and pictures. Part of the NKOTB UK website.
Danny Wood's Gallery
Pictures, stories, links, quotes.
Danny Wood's Unofficial Brazilian Home Page
A fan site, to promote Danny and his music. Lots of pictures, and news. In Portuguese and English.
Danny's Angels
Be a Keeper of something about Danny.
Danny's Gymnasium
Message board, chat room, pictures, and links.
Shrine to Jordan Knight and Donnie Wahlberg, the site is open-minded and anything goes in the way of fan fiction.
Are You Down?
This list is a place to talk about NKOTB. Talk about their careers, past and present lovers. Visuals welcome.
This mailing list is for all fans of Jordan Knight, Joe McIntyre, Donnie Wahlberg, Danny Wood and Jonathan Knight. This list is meant to keep all fans updated on events in their careers and as a way of keeping fans in touch.
Day Dreaming of NKOTB
Join and share the latest news and gossip about NKOTB.
A Decade of Dreaming of NKOTB
A place for all fans of old and new to talk about the group. Share links, photos and stories about your favorite member.
Euro NKOTB Fans
This mailing list is solely for the fans of the rock band New Kids On The Block. A citizenship of any European country is an advantage but not absolute requirement to join.
NKOTB Movie Clips
Clips from various videos and movies.
Beantown Boys
Pictures of all the NKOTB members, as well as group photos.
Joe and Jordan Picture Page
A collection of photos of Joe McIntyre and Jordan Knight.
The New Kids Pages
SmileyJay's NK pages with 4 photo galleries of pictures.
NKOTB - Gabbie Gee
Personal pictures and stories.
NKOTB Galore
Pictures of Danny, Donnie, Joe, Jon and Jordan from their various performances and appearances. Kids On The Block Lyrics
All NKOTB songs listed by album.
Lyrics Collection: New Kids On The Block
Lyrics sorted by albums, including cover pictures and release dates.
Misheard Lyrics, New Kids On The Block
Some funny misheard lyrics from NKOTB songs.
New Kids On The Block
Lyrics to the 1999 Greatest Hits album.
A mailing list for NKOTB in general and Jonathan Knight in particular.
Jonathan Knight Club
A fan club for Jon. Chat with other members in the chat room or on the message board.
Jonathan - Bulletin Board
Well organized message board about Jonathan Knight.
Jonathan R Knight
A list for discussing Jonathan Knight (former member of NKOTB) and to state how much he is missed in the public eye.
Jon's CoffeeGirl's Place
Over 80 members. Message board, chat room, photo gallery.
Niki's Jonathan Knight Spot
Over 90 members. Chat room, message board, photo gallery and member profile.
Only Jonathan
It's all about Jonathan, pictures, stories, poems or fan meetings.
Sexiest Knight Alive
Just over 30 members, sharing news, chat, message board and photos.
Around the World With Jordan Knight
A message board to discuss Jordan, but also the other ex members of NKOTB. There is a special forum to discuss the dancers on Jordan's tour.
A list for Jordan fans. Talk about his music, meeting him, and concert stories.
Jordan and NKOTB
A board devoted to Jordan Knight.
Jordan Knight
Over 200 subscribers.
Jordan Knight Lovers
A list that is celebrating the career of Jordan Knight.
Jordan Knight Lovers
Over 35 members, message board, chat room, photos, links.
Jordan Knight Lovers
A message board for Jordan fans to share gossip and talk with each other.
Jordan Knight Message Board
Message boards, including the general JK board, question of the month, and the buy, sell and trade NKOTB stuff board.
Jordan Knight News Mailing List
A Jordan Knight newsletter with all the up-to-date information about Jordan.
Just For Jordan
Come and make friends and talk about Jordan's career and life.
Knight of My Life
Over 40 members with profiles discuss Jordan and his career on the message board and in the chat room.
A list designed for Jordan Knight fans.
Arielle's Jordan Knight Website
Fact page, photo gallery, message board, chat room.
Around the World - the Jordan Knight Fanlisting
A site dedicated to the talented singer Jordan Knight. Contains info on the singer and his music, as well as images and wallpapers.
Around The World With Jordan Knight
A site not only to promote Jordan, but for meeting other fans. Contains photos, articles, message board, appearances, and links.
Donnie Wahlberg 2
This list is for all NK fans as well as Donnie fans. Discussion can include anyone related in anyway to NKOTB. A place to share stories of your experiences throughout your journey with the guys.
Donnie Wahlberg UK
Mailing lists for British fans of Donnie Wahlberg.
Donnie's Precious Angels
Over 20 members of this club share stories about Donnie on the message board and in the chat room.
Official Donnie Wahlberg Club
Over 150 members interact with photos, links, chat room and message board.
The Danny Wood Issue
A Yahoo club with a message board, chat room and photos.
Puff McCloud
A list to chat about Danny. Visuals are welcome.
Around the World With Jordan Knight
News, pictures, message board, links, articles and downloads.
Behind the Man: Jordan Knight
Links, encounters, and WAVs.
Dedicated to Jordan Knight
Pictures, information on Jordan's career as a solo artist and with New Kids on the Block, discography, filmography, lyrics.
International Support Group for the Jordanly Insane
Audio, photos, trading, mailing list.
JK Promo
Promoting Jordan across the globe.
JK World
Fan information, pictures, links, pen pals, Jordan encounters.
Jordan Knight
A site dedicated to Mr. Jordan Knight. Provides news on his solo-career.
Jordan Knight - Since You Walked Into My Life
Jordan Knight page with up-to-date information, articles and transcripts, pictures, a message board, and a trading board.
Jordan Knight: An Older Kid
Dedicated to Jordan Knight, former member of the old boy group New Kids On The Block.
The Jordan Knight Funky Site
Quizzes, photos, news, articles, appearance schedule, lyrics, links, chat and message boards.
Jordan Knight: Give It To You
News, calendar, vitals, sightings, pictures, bulletin board, visuals.
Jordan Knight: If You Go Away
A British dedication to Jordan Knight. Features news, reviews, favourite quotes and pictures.
Jordan Knight Keep On Smilin
Biography, songs, links.
Jordan Knight Sites
Links to Jordan Knight sites.
Jordan Knight Soldiers
News, music, articles, encounters, puzzle, tour information, and appearances.
Jordan Knight: the American CD
News, facts, articles, lyrics, links, pictures.
Keep On Smilin
Biography, pictures, songs, guestbook.
Knight, Jordan
Unofficial Brazilian site with biography, pictures, and news. [English/Spanish/Portuguese]
Knight of My Life
Unofficial home of Jordan Knight and the former NKOTB. Message board, chat room, articles, and fan fiction.
Ladies Knight: Dedicated to Jordan
Current news, photos, personal information, links, mailing list.
Mandy's Jordan Knight Cyber Palace
News, fan fiction, quotes, and links.
Memory Lane - A Jordan Knight Tribute
Stats, message board, pictures.
My Jordan Knight
A page dedicated to Jordan Knight containing media, archives, news, auctions, mailing list.
Only Jordan
All about Jordan and his solo career.
Popeye's Jordan Knight / NKOTB web site
Includes animations, pictures, audios, videos, information on Jordan's Official chatroom, and photos of chatters.
Quest For Jordan
Original WAVs, fan fiction, pictures, reviews, articles, quotes, links.
SeaHorse21's Jordan Knight Page
Photos, book information, news, lyrics, links. Jordan Knight
Includes biography, recordings, pictures, articles, and message board.
Donald E
Donnie fans unite to share stories, pictures and other information.
Donnie Wahlberg
This mailing list is for all Donnie fans and NKOTB fans. It will be used to send messages to each other and keep you informed on what Donnie is doing these days.
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