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Nine Inch Nails

Digital Noise
Unofficial Nothing Records news, articles, reviews, and forum.
Lyrics Freak: Nine Inch Nails
Lyrics sorted alphabetically or by album. Nine Inch Nails
Features music video clips, album reviews, live performances, and interviews.
News, store, forum, FAQs, graphics, and audio and video downloads.
Nothing is Next
NIN and Nothing Records news, FAQ, and forum. Nine Inch Nails
Includes biography, recordings, pictures, articles, video files, and message board.
Things Falling Apart
Official site for the album.
VH1: Nine Inch Nails
News, biography, musical influences, audio clips, pictures, and music videos.
The #amnin Rogues Gallery
Directory of the inhabitants of the EFNet IRC channel, #amnin.
The official page for the newsgroup and channel #amnin on NewNet IRC.
Nine Inch Nails
Discussion board.
The Nine Inch Nails Collectors Forum
Forums for fans to buy, sell, and trade NIN merchandise.
The NIN Hotline
NIN news provided by a staff of over 15 reporters, updated frequently with international release information.
Painful Convictions
Articles, message board, fan art, fonts, MIDIs, and pictures.
Beneath The Stains Of Time
Over 100 articles on the band, along with original remixes, lyrics, reviews, and a Java game.
DrakCat's Nine Inch Nails Fan Art
Goofy Trent Reznor drawings and cartoons. [Contains potentially offensive language.]
We're in This Together
Large gallery of fan art.
An unofficial Danny Lohner site. News, biography, and pictures.
Devils Speak of Bloody Angels
Trent Reznor fetish site. Find out if all NIN fans want to sleep with Trent, explore Trent fantasies and fan fiction, and a lot of other strange (and sexy) stuff.
Nine Inch Nails: Into the Void
Biography, stats, lyrics, and downloads.
Shrine of Trent-ology
An insite into the bassist from a fan's perspective, includes photographs.
The Temple of Trent Reznor
Tribute includes biography, trivia, fan art, and trivia.
Trent Reznor: The Public Person
Biographical information.
Breaking the Spiral
Lyrics, links, discography, downloads, VR tour of Nothing Records Studios, and pictures.
Burning Souls
Discography, lyrics, videos, news, downloads, and a forum.
Brief history, image archive, rare audio, interviews, halos, and links.
Denial, Guilt, and Fear
A site with a more humourous approach. Contains pictures, audio files, Trent quotes, and a humor section.
Includes history, lyrics, pictures, and discography.
Endless Dreams
News, lyrics, pictures, videos, and downloads. [Flash plug-in required.]
Pictures, lyrics, and discography - find out what all those halos mean.
The Fragile
Pictures and lyrics.
Fragility 2000
Australian site commemorating the 2000 Fragility tour. Includes pictures, audio and video.
The Hate Machine
Includes GIFs, MIDIs, a 'Halo' listing, and pictures.
Heresy's Empire Of Dirt
Lyrics, discography, images, and album reviews.
I'd Rather Die...
Pictures, articles, and lyrics.
Layer of Frost: Nine Inch Nails
Discography, lyrics, pictures, tablature for the guitar and piano, fan art, and profiles of band members.
The Meathead Perspective
Dedicated to ridiculing and belittling Trent Reznor and NIN, but not in a bad way. Mockery, 'news,' and a handy glossary.
Nine Inch Nails Picture Site
Story of the band through images. Over 1300 pictures.
Large selection of guitar, bass, drum, and piano tablature, articles, song parodies, lyrics, and videos.
Perfect Little Dream: Nine Inch Nails
Discography, lyrics, photographs, articles, polls, Winamp skins, games, and forum.
A Perfect Place
Includes pictures, biography, and MP3s.
Pretty Hate Machine
Thumbnailed pictures, fonts, MIDI's, and lyrics.
Ring Of Scars
Image gallery, discography, articles archive, guestbook, and links.
Systematic Decline
Discography, lyrics, reviews, artworks, and downloads.
Underneath It All
Pictures, discography, and lyrics.
Unofficial NIN Home Page
Song parodies, trivia, discography, FAQs, tablature and chords, lyrics, and articles.
Above It All
Fan art, photographs, and art by the webmaster.
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