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Grunge Music Forum
Your one stop source for Grunge music chat
Grunge Forum
The best online hangout for fans of Grunge Rock Music. We also have a marketplace where you can buy & sell Grungre related products. Win a FREE T-shirt too!
ABC to Nirvana
Origins of the band and biographies of its members, album lyrics, and pictures.
All Nirvana Pictures
Photographs of the band, individual members, and band-related items.
A well designed Nirvana site with all the usual stuff as well as some more original sections, such as a Nirvana dictionary.
The Cobain Memorial: Cobain.Com
Includes lyrics, biography, links, pictures, and message board.
Complete Nirvana
Contains complete guitar tablature, bass and drum tablatures, lyrics, loads of rare Real Audio files, Real movies. This site also has the song meanings of Nirvana songs and rare pictures.
The Inside Source
Nirvana biography, multimedia, and articles.
The Internet Nirvana Fan Club
Includes news, images, audio and video files, interviews, articles, and a guide to incorrectly labeled bootlegs.
Into the Utero
Nirvana web ring.
Jack Feeny reviews: Nirvana
Detailed reviews of all of Nirvana's albums.
Kobain's Korner
Nirvana sound and image archive, Nirvana-related downloads like MP3 skins, and a Kurt Cobain memorial.
Massive Ground
Nirvana lyrics, tablatures, and pictures.
MTV: Nirvana
Features music video clips, exclusive online performances and interviews.
Nirvana - Live Tonight - Sold Out
Pictures, information, quotes, and lyrics.
Nirvana Bootlegs
Nirvana bootlegs for sale or trade.
Nirvana Desktop Wallpaper
Kurt Cobain wallpaper in different resolutions.
Nirvana History
At Sub Pop Records. Includes text of Nirvana's early one sheets, sent out with press kits.
Nirvana Links
Sites related to the band and its members. Submissions welcome.
Nirvana News:
News about Nirvana continually updated from around the net.
Nirvana Web
Nirvana site with sounds and pictures to download as well as Nirvana games.
Nirvana Web Archive
A compendium of sounds, lyrics, tablature, and pictures of the band.
Pictures, sound clips, articles, FAQs, tablatures, song/album information.
Nirvana pictures, sounds, tablature, and information.
Nirvana multimedia site with movies, music, and pictures of the band.
Official Unofficial Nirvana Site
MP3s and everything else about Nirvana. Nirvana
Includes biography, recordings, pictures, articles, and message board.
Smiley's Nirvana Home Page
The most comprehensive Nirvana site on the web, with hundreds of images, tabs, a chat room and many hard-to-find articles and interviews.
Something In the Way
Editorial on the impact Nirvana had on 1990's music.
Surrealistic Fantasy: A Nirvana Site
Rare songs, lyrics, song interpretations, pictures, information, Nirvana covers, quotes, Incesticide liner notes, and a tribute to Kurt.
Very Nirvana
Lyrics, biographies, and Kurt's suicide note.
VH1: Nirvana
News, full biography, musical influences, audio clips, photos, music videos, bulletin boards, and links.
Nirvana Fan Club Interview with Burnyce and Doug Channing
The Channings share their memories about Chad.
About Kurt
The museum of Nirvana and the memorial of Kurt Cobain. - Kurt Cobain
Article on Kurt Cobain and the rise and fall of grunge music.
I'm Sorry, Kurt
Essay about questioning where Kurt is now.
It's Kurt's World Now
A tribute to Cobain, easily one of the most important people of music history.
Kurt Cobain 1967-1994: Ritalin Harms 'Teen Spirit'
Argument that Cobain's suicide was caused by being a 'Ritalin child.'
Kurt Cobain - Zero or Hero?
A balanced look at the life and legacy of Kurt Cobain.
Kurt Cobain Lives On In Our Hearts
Tribute to the life and death of Kurt Cobain.
Kurt Cobain Obituary
An essay written as a tribute to Cobain.
Kurt Cobain Research Paper
A look back at Kurt's life.
Kurt Cobain: The Man Who Sold The World
Nirvana discography and Kurt biography as well as wallpapers and pictures.
Kurt Donald Cobain (R.I.P) 1967-1994
Suicide note with comments by Courtney Love.
Long Live Kurt Cobain
Lyrics, pictures, biography, and a chat room.
The Memorial Tablet for Kurt Cobain
Pictures, lyrics, Nirvana books, and Kurt's suicide note.
Includes info on Kurt's life, equipment, lyrics, behind the scenes in MTV's unplugged, web polls, and photographs of Kurt.
A Tribute To Kurt Cobain
Biography, pictures, and information on the theory that Kurt was murdered.
A Tribute to Kurt Cobain
Photographs and biography, as well as information on Nirvana.
The Void
A tribute to the poetic genius of Kurt Cobain.
Kurt Cobain and a Dream about Pop
A lengthy article on Cobain's life and times. [Salon] (September 24, 2001)
Total Nirvana - Jason Everman
Some facts about the early backup guitarist.
Who Is Jason Everman?
From the Soundgarden FAQ.
Dave Grohl
Profile of the drummer from his start with Scream to his current work with the Foo Fighters.
The Krist Novoselic Dedication Page
Bass and guitar tablatures, sounds, pictures, articles, interviews, chat transcripts, and information on Nirvana and Sweet 75.
Murky Slough
Krist Novoselic's personal website.
Unofficial Krist Novoselic Fan Page
Guide to the once Nirvana bassist and current leader of Sweet 75.
Nirvanalogy: Pat Smear
Brief profile of the guitarist and his work with the band.
Cherry-Flavored Antacids
Fan page slanted toward obscure information and bootlegs.
Che's Nirvana Revolution
Guitar tablature, lyrics, pictures, and the suicide note.
Chuck's Cobain Page
Pictures, lyrics, album information.
Cobain and Nirvana Fan Page
A Nirvana fan site with audio/video, tab, lyrics, pictures, and history.
Come As You Are - A Nirvana Home Page
Information on the band, several FAQ lists, lyrics, and downloadable sounds.
Dean's Nirvana Page
Nirvana guitar tabs, sounds, midi's, pictures, interviews, biography.
D.P.'s Nirvana Home Page
Contains plenty of rare interviews and information on Nirvana.
Drain You
Song list, articles and interviews, brief biographies, and sound files for Nirvana. Also includes a copy of Kurt Cobain's death certificate.
Entertain Us
Pictures, discography, sound file download, lyrics, quiz.
The Eternal Legacy
Nirvana tablatures, lyrics, lots of information and some original stuff like a VRML World.
Grunge Is Dead
Nirvana tribute with information on band members Kurt, Krist, and Dave.
The Grunge Is Dead Page
Nirvana page with photo, sound, and movie gallery, articles, lyrics, chat, and tablature.
Pat Smear at All Music Guide
Info about Pat as a solo artist as well as his work with Nirvana, the Germs, Foo Fighters, Belinda Carlisle, and others.
Pat Smear Equipment Page
Pictures of Pat and the various guitars he uses. Pat Smear
Interview with the guitarist on his favorite guitarist and solos.
The Complete Nirvana Chat Room
Java based Nirvana chat.
Nirvana Forum Frigate
Discussion forum and live chat pertaining to Nirvana and Kurt Cobain.
Nirvana Message Board
Web based forum where all Nirvana fans can discuss issues and anything related to the band.
Alcohol and Beans
Complete lyrics, tablatures, sounds, a large picture archive, movies, discography, FAQs, and album/import information & goods.
Althea's Riot Page
Information about Nirvana and Hole as well as their current, former and surviving members. Includes biographies, articles, lyrics, and pictures.
Big Long Now
Lyrics, pictures, guitar tablature, and interviews.
Bill's Nirvana Website
Includes biographies, pictures, and information on the band, and Kurt, Krist, and Dave.
Brad's Nirvana Heaven
Nirvana pictures, music, facts, and Kurt Cobain's suicide note.
Collection of resources to do with Kurt Cobain and Nirvana.
The Grunge Pit
Information on the band, lyrics, pictures, and interactive features such as polls and a large message board.
Fan site with history of the band, Kurt's suicide note, and lyrics.
The Hard-Core Nirvana Fan Page
This page is for hard-core Nirvana fans only, enter at your own risk. Features pictures, chat, and lyrics.
Help Me I'm Hungry
Discography, pictures, sounds, movies, and a Kurt memorial.
I Need An Easy Friend
Nirvana pictures, webring, song meanings, and the meaning of the symbols on the back of In Utero.
In His Hands: The Anatomy of Nirvana
FAQs, lyrics, tablature, and other general Nirvana information.
Jad's Nirvana Page
Lyrics, pictures, tablature, and bootlegs.
Joey's Nirvana Site
Profile of the band, pictures, lyrics, and Kurt's suicide note.
Jordan's Nirvana Page
A cool Nirvana and Kurt Cobain site with downloads, guitar tablature, and murder theories.
Lee Bishop's Nirvana and Foo Fighters Page
Offers accurate information on both bands.
Manolo's Nirvana Page
Lyrics, images, sounds, videos, and quotes. In English and Spanish.
Matt's Nirvana Page
Includes images, chat, forum, sound clips and guitar tablatures.
The Mexican Seafood Warehouse
Sounds, images, games, memories of Kurt, and lots of original content.
Naoise's Nirvana Page
Nirvana lyrics, photos, and Kurt's death certificate and suicide note.
Negative Creep: A Tribute To Nirvana
Sounds, timeline, pictures, webrings, Nirvana dictionary (actually more similar to a glossary), discography, and a Kurt Cobain tribute.
Nick's Nirvana Web Site
Provides information on the band Nirvana. Articles, interviews, and pictures.
Lyrics, MP3s, CD buying information.
Contains a profile of the band's members and a timeline of events from Kurt's birth to his death.
Nirvana - Safer than Heaven
News, lyrics, pictures, and guitar tabs.
Nirvana - The Dee Z. Nuts Way
Nirvana bootlegs, pictures, videos, sounds, and links.
Nirvana: A Grunge Legend
Lyrics, pictures, biographies, tablatures, videos, MP3 files, song meanings, and a transcription and scan of Kurt's suicide note.
Nirvana Alive - Kurt Cobain Unforgotten
Real Audio and MP3 sound downloads, as well as a mailing list and a Nirvana interview.
Nirvana Dedication Page
Includes news. biography, discography, message board, pictures, MIDI files, and related links.
Nirvana 4eva
Band biography, information, and a transcription of Kurt's suicide note.
Nirvana Fan Site
Guitar tabs, discography, and a discussion on murder vs. suicide.
Nirvana Freaks
Contains pictures, lyrics, links, information, sounds, and movies.
Nirvana Lives On
Lyrics, short history of the band, and pictures.
Nirvana Origins
Timeline of Nirvana's beginning as a short-lived band called Fecal Matter through the success of Nevermind.
Nirvana Still Alive
Biography, discography, photo gallery, lyrics, and Kurt's suicide letter.
Nirvana Tribute
Lyrics, pictures, and biographies of the band members.
Nirvana Tribute Site
Discography, pictures of the band and members, tablature, and Kurt's suicide note in English and Italian.
One Baby To Another Said: A Nirvana Page
Sounds, movies, pictures, tablatures, lyrics, and band information.
Nirvana fan page with information on the band and where they are now.
News, pictures, books, and map of Aberdeen with Nirvana-related landmarks.
The Rebellion
Nirvana tablatures and pictures.
Robert's Nirvana Page
Nirvana history, album information, FAQ, lyrics, and tablatures.
Fan site with photos, news, police reports, and discography.
Smells Like Nirvana
Nirvana tablature and lyrics organized by album.
Teenage Angst Nirvana Page
Dedicated to punk rock icon Kurt Cobain and his legendary band. Contains photos, lyrics, and downloads.
Zzub Evol's Plateau
Nirvana encyclopedia and bootleg information.
The Laundry Room
The Laundry Room is a sporadically mailed digest mailing list focusing on the living memory of Nirvana, with, according to some, an added focus on bootlegs.
Jack Endino's Nirvana FAQ
The producer of Nirvana's debut album Bleach describes the band's early recording sessions.
Digital Nirvana
Resources, including a Nirvana video guide, discography, and bootleg guide.
Live Nirvana
Information on all Nirvana concerts and recording sessions. Pages in 12 languages.
Newsgroup FAQ
Documents the newsgroup 'AMN', which was popular in the mid 1990s.
Nirvana Live Guide
A guide to Nirvana's live performances and recordings.
The Nirvana Video Guide
Layla Archer's text-based descriptions of Nirvana live video footage.
The Nirvana Vinyl Guide
Layla Archer's overview of officially sanctioned Nirvana vinyl releases.
Trader's Guide to Nirvana
A tape trading reference site.
Bradford, England based tribute band. Contains news, photos, and audio files.
Saint Louis, Missouri based tribute band. Biography, show dates, photos, and audio files.
UK based tribute act. Contains member profiles, photos, and forum.
UK based Nirvana tribute band; includes tour dates, biographies, photos, message board, and video clips.
Antagonizing The Murder Theory
Detailed explanations for why Tom Grant should not be believed. Includes Courtney Love's opinions on the matter. It suggests a lack of proof in favour of Tom Grant and his investigation. Also provides proof in favour that Kurt Cobain was not mudered.
Breakdown of Nirvana
Existing theories concerning the Kurt Cobain's death, visitor feedback and voting poll.
The Cobain Conspiracy
Official site of the Kurt Cobain murder investigation. Contains Tom Grant's report, news on the investigation, and Nirvana sounds/videos.Anti Courtney Love site and in favour that Kurt Cobain was murdered and Courtney Love was involved in it.
Nirvana Lyric Archive
By Mike Amburn. Features lyrics of many Nirvana songs.
Nirvana Lyrics
Lyrics to Nirvana songs sorted by album.
Nirvana Lyrics
By Darkpandora. Lyrics organized by album.
Raja's Web Den: Nirvana Lyrics Main
By Debjyoti Das. Nirvana lyrics arranged by album.
Come As You Are
By Tim Patton. Nirvana guitar, bass and drum tablatures and links.
Drums, guitar and bass. All tablatures submitted by readers.
Nirvana Tabs
Nirvana Tabs compiled by Chris Lawrence, with links to further reading.
Nirvana Tabs and Chords
Chords and tablature for guitar and bass.
Online Guitar Archive
An index of OLGA guitar tablatures for Nirvana.
Cobain Murder Investigation
Investigation into the events surrounding the death of musician Kurt Cobain.
The Death of Kurt Cobain
Contains information surrounding the case and calls for a proper investigation.
In Defence of Kurt Cobain
Puts into context some of the events leading up to Cobain's death. Discusses his wife's media manipulation, the Rome Incident, and Michael DeWitt's possible role in the murder.
Information On Kurt Cobain's Suicide
An opinion on Kurt's death and Tom Grant.Documents related to Kurt's death. Analysis of facts in Kurt Cobain's murder and other data pertaining to Kurt Cobain.
Justice for Kurt
Includes information on the investigation, editorials, and media coverage.
Kurt Cobain Was Murdered
A forum for constructive debate regarding the Cobain case with debate on getting the Kurt's death case reopened.
The Murder of Curt Cobain
Independent criminal profiler John Philpin's views on the case.
Who Killed Kurt Cobain?
Murder or suicide? What role does Courtney play in this case? Questions to mysterious death of the rock legend, Kurt Cobain.
E! Online News - Who Killed Kurt Cobain?
A look at the episode of 'Unsolved Mysteries' dealing with the singer's death. (February 7, 1997)
And I Swear That I Don't Have A Gun
An interview with Richard Lee for the Arizona summer Wildcat. (June 19, 1996)
Digital Nirvana: Song Guide
Contains transcriptions of all known Nirvana songs, with a data-driven search engine.
Nirvana Lyrics
Lyrics to songs by Nirvana.
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