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The Notwist

Luna Kafe: The Notwist
Interview with band member Markus Acher, focusing on the differences between The Notwist and his side project Tied and Tickled, and giving background information on the group.
The Notwist
Official site, provides details of releases and live dates, shop, forum and newsletter.
UBL: The Notwist
Provides discography, biography and related links.
Cityslang: Notwist
Record label's page dediated to the band, including tour dates, discography on the label, timeline of their history, photos, mp3 and video downloads.
KindaMuzik: The Notwist
Interview with the band about making the album Shrink, the music they have been listening to and the importance of experimentation.
Clickmusic: Reviews
Positive review of the album Neon Golden, looking at how it is a departure from the band's earlier work.
Dotmusic: Album Review
Review of Neon Golden by Ben Osborne, that looks at their move into electronica and makes comparison with Joy Division.
Lazyeye: The Notwist
Review of their album Shrink by Tim McMahan.
Leonard's Lair: Neon Golden
Review making comparisions with Lowgold and Tarwater. Also includes tracklisting.
NME: Notwist - 12
Positive review of the album, that finds it transcends musical eras.
NME: Notwist - Shrink
Review of the album, making comparisons with Kraftwerk, Tortoise and the Tindersticks.
Pitchfork: Notwist: Neon Golden:
Review of the album by Luke Buckman, that provides a synopsis of the band's development as well as analysis of this record.
Weeklywire: The Notwist
Review of the album 12 by Joe S Harrington that describes the band as leading exponent of prog rock.
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