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Obscured By Clouds

Obscured By Clouds
Got ilk? Early Floyd meets early Crimson, maybe Nick Drake, and Syd Barrett may be lurking in there somewhere as well.
EPRR: Review of Obscured by Clouds
Review by European Progressive Rock Reviews.
OBC: Bleed
Track listing and review of the first cd by Obscured By Clouds, by Jurriaan Hage.
Obscured By Clouds CDs
CD review from New Horizons.
The Official Message Board for Obscured By Clouds
Relax, it's very laid back. If you want to debate don't come here, talk to your priest... Discussions center around music, goodwill, thought, deed, and anything else humanity can limitations here.
Review of the OBC CD 'Bleed' by John Bollenberg creator of
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