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Beth Orton

Somebody's Pages
Fan site with biography, lyrics, reviews, and links.
Arista Records: Beth Orton
Biography, photographs, and audio samples.
Astralwerks Records: Beth Orton
Official site from her American record company. Offers news, videos and tour dates.
Beth Orton Lyrics
Song lyrics for Beth's albums and b-tracks.
News, discography, lyrics, articles, and concert reviews.
Fan site with news, discography, lyrics, and tablatures.
Dee's Beth Orton Tabs
Tablatures for many album songs and some b-sides.
Ectophiles' Guide - Beth Orton
Information and comments about Beth and her albums.
Galaxy of Emptiness
Images, audio downloads, and links. Beth Orton
News, biography, interviews and videos.
Precious Maybe
Offers news, lyrics, pictures, discography, and a biography. Beth Orton
Includes biography, recordings, pictures, articles, video file, and message board.
VH1: Beth Orton
Album reviews, news, audio downloads, links, and a bulletin board. Orton Spark
Article by Michele Romero where Beth Orton talks about her inspirations, her collaborators, and her household appliances. (August 13, 2002) Beth Orton - Daybreaker
Review by Gil Kaufman: 'The LP bears her signature mix of dusky folk arrangements imbued with everything from full string sections and bossa nova horns to electronic beatscapes'. (August 12, 2002)
ChartAttack: Beth Orton - How To Be Honest
Interview about Beth's Daybreaker album and her North American tour. (August 2, 2002)
Ottawa XPress: Making Music in The Minefield of Life
Article about Beth Orton's return after a two-year hiatus, by Ian Nathanson. (August 1, 2002) Beth Orton - Daybreaker
Review by Barry Walters: 'Orton delivers some gooey pop complete with sticky tunes and honey-dipped ear candy'. Rated 4 Stars. (July 2, 2002)
Backbeat: Beth Orton - Central Reservation
Martin Monkman's review: 'an album to listen to-ponder, sing along with, and groove to-and then return to again and again.' Rated 4.5 stars. (1999)
Curiouser Music Review: Beth Orton - Trailer Park
Alexander P. Slotkin's review: 'Trailer Park can best be characterized as a promising debut, but one plagued by inconsistencies.' Rated 2 out of 5. (1998)
Toronto Sun: Beth Orton - Trailer Park
Review by Jane Stevenson: '[Orton's] definitely got a similar somber groove going as that trip-hop chaunteuse'. (July 5, 1997)
Consumable Online: Beth Orton - Trailer Park
Patrick Carmosino's review: 'a fine debut effort to sink into as the long hot summer passes you by.' (June 3, 1997)
E! Online: Beth Orton - Trailer Park
Review by E! Online staff: 'overall, it's an audacious soufflé of Celtic haints, folk sensibility and trip-hop tropes with a master chef at its center'. Grade: A- (April 29, 1997)
Almost Cool: Beth Orton - Trailer Park
Aaron Coleman's review: '. It's all very mellow and nice, and it makes for a great morning listening album.' Rated 7.5. (1997)
Ink Blot Magazine: Beth Orton - Trailer Park
Review by Lori Latimer: 'Trailer Park is positively radiant, glittering with warm acoustic arrangements and heavenly, floating wisps of jazz and electronic music'. (1997)
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