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Pan American

Epitonic: Pan-American
Information about the band and links to MP3 tracks to download.
Mute: Pan American
Mute Records press release and information on the band.
Piero Scaruffi Interview with Pan American
Mark Nelson discusses the reasons for forming as a side arm of Labradford and plans for the band.
ArtistDirect: Pan American
Biography, message board and links to related sites.
Pan American: Pan American: Pitchfork Review
Review by: Ryan Schreiber, 8.2 of 10. 'The record jumps from one idea to the next, maintaining its incredible listenability while allowing the listener the option of indulging completely or merely letting it play as a relaxing backdrop to everyday life.'
Rolling Stone Review: Pan American - Pan American
Short favourable review of the self titled CD by Matthew Hilburn.
Lost at Sea: Pan American - 360 Business 360 Bypass
Review by Kait Strembicki. 'Overall, the music is of a repetitive nature, but there is enough division in the sets of repetition and slight changes in instrumentation that it stays interesting.'
Meddle: Pan American - 360 Business 360 Bypass
Short review with links to audio samples. 'This might just be the first masterpiece of the year 2000.'
Pitchfork Review: Pan American - 360 Business/360 Bypass
Review by Dan Gardopee, 7.8 of 10. '...yet for all the surface iciness, there's a beckoning textural warmth that keeps it from sounding distant.'
Seven Five O: Pan American - 360 Business 360 Bypass
Reviewed by J Donato. '...kind of trancy and ambient and since I'm not a big fan of either I'll just take the easy way out and say it makes good background music. And it does!'
Supersphere: Pan American - 360 Business 360 Bypass
Review by Forestter Cobalt. ' album both soothing and restless at the same time...'
Last Sigh: Pan American - 360 Business/360 Bypass
Reviewed by Matt Simpson. 'This release is a solid work that encompasses a wide range of ambience levels, ranging from jazz undertones to dub tracks, even venturing into an ambient techno...' (June 19, 2000)
Splendid E-zine reviews: Pan*American - 360 business 360 Bypass
A review by Heidi Anne-Noel. 'Overall, it's a superb release that's perfect for any sort of mood.' (February 14, 2000)
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