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Pan Sonic

FinnDiscog: Pan Sonic
The site contains the band history, the discography, the latest Pan Sonic news and many articles.
Adventures In Sound: Pan Sonic
Interview with Pan Sonic, the Finnish minimal techno outfit, by Adventures In Sound / Stylus Magazine in 1999.
Metacritic: Aaltopiiri
Links to several reviews of the Pan Sonic album.
Pan sonic (Blast First)
Pan Sonic at the record label Blast First (Mute).
Pan Sonic interview at Texasmonkey
An interview conducted by Ryan Junell in San Francisco in May of 1998.
Paradiso 1997 interview at
A brief introduction to Pan Sonic and an interview in 1997 in Amsterdam. - Pan Sonic
Offers a basic profile for the minimalist duo Pan Sonic with a brief biography and a discography.
FinnDiscog - Corporate 09
The site contains a brief introduction to Corporate 09, a discography and additional information.
FinnDiscog - /Mika Vainio
Pan Sonic's Mika Vainio's solo identity and the basic information: the discography, history.
Touch: Mika Vainio
Mika Vainio's music reviewed and discussed in the press.
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