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Michael Penn

All Music Guide: Michael Penn
Biography, related artists and discography.
Bunker Hill
Fan site with news, lyrics, tablatures and pictures.
High Road Touring: Michael Penn
Biography, tour dates and news clips.
Michael Penn
Official site with news, tour dates, mailing list and discography.
Michael Penn
Epic Records site includes sound files and pictures.
Archives and information for the e-mail list. Try
Information on and pictures from the music video.
Excerpt from an interview about Penn's 'Resigned.'
Philadelphia City Paper: Michael Penn
Interview about the album 'Resigned.' - "It's No Myth: Michael Penn is Still Songwriting"
Feature about Penn's label difficulties and plans. (May 3, 2001)
CNN Showbiz - "No. 4 and counting"
Interview with clips from 'MP4.' (April 25, 2000)
Launch: "The Flair of a Penn"
Interview about Penn's film scores and 'MP4.' (February 15, 2000)
Consumable: Michael Penn, Live at Southern Tracks Atlanta
Review of a recording session for a radio broadcast. (August 7, 1997)
Face Magazine: Michael Penn - Free-for-All
Stephen Curtis' review: 'His songs strike with the melodic immediacy of all great pop but are imbedded with wry wordplay, psychological twists and subtle musical surprises.'
CMJ New Music Report
Steve Ciabattoni's review: 'These songs deftly erase the chalk line between Top 40 and plaintive folk, like a shifting ballplayer kicking dirt over the lines of the batter's box.' (September 25, 1992)
Rolling Stone
Jeffrey Ressner's review: 'Penn's music is right on target, with an unpretentious, earthy feel that's both intimate and touching.' 4 stars.
CMJ New Music Report
'While it's hard to say if the record-buying masses are in the mood for an album like this, 'March' promises that Michael Penn's best is yet to come.' (September 8, 1989)
Cleveland Scene
Brian Baker's review: 'Penn's penchant for Beatlesque mannerisms results in a balance between Lennon's darkness and McCartney's lightness.'
Ink Blot Magazine
Paul Barras' review: 'Penn is less concerned with setting new standards than perfecting his current style, which is no small feat for a musician whose previous work elicits superlatives.'
Ottawa Sun
Ian Nathanson's review: '...a melody-to-the-fore collection of cleverly written conversation pieces.' (February 13, 2000)
Pause Magazine
Tony Sherman's review: 'It's a small pop masterpiece and worthy addition to anyone's CD collection.'
Splendid: The Essential Albums
Brett McCallon's review: '...seminal because the songs seem to develop on the strength of Penn's ideas alone, as though they could not exist other than they are.'
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