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Ubu Pere

All Music Guide: Pere Ubu
Profile, and discography with reviews.
The Belgian Waffles Rants and Raves: Pere Ubu
List of six reasons the band is great.
Billions: Pere Ubu
Tour dates and biography from a booking agency.
Cooking Vinyl: Pere Ubu
Profile and discography from the record label.
Spermatikos Logos: Pere Ubu
Web resource dedicated to exploring the work of Thomas Pynchon, and the musical artists who have turned to his works for inspiration. Essay on the connections, band history, and discography.
spinART Records: Pere Ubu
Profile from their most recent record label. Pere Ubu
Review of the band's career and recordings.
Ubu Projex
Official site includes news, calendar, band protocol, biographies, discographies, lyrics, and the Ubutique.
Ubu Web: Pere Ubu's Avant Garage
Includes discography, biography, and FAQ.
Yet Another J. Eric Smith Interview: Pere Ubu
Interview with David Thomas and Jim Jones from 1996.
Disinformation: Pere Ubu: Datapanik in the Year 00
Feature article by Ashley Crawford. (December 11, 2000) Pere Ubu Hits the Road
Feature article includes a brief email interview with Dave Thomas. (June 25, 1998)
Final Solution, By Pere Ubu
Review of the single as one of the greatest rock and roll records, ever.
Mark Prindle: Pere Ubu
Reviews of most of their albums, with reader comments.
Pitchfork: Pere Ubu: New Picnic Time
Rated 7.9 out of 10 by Michael Sandlin: 'sounds less like effortless brilliance than some of Pere Ubu's other work, and much more like a bunch of mad geniuses aimlessly farting around in the laboratory of sound.'
Pitchfork: Pere Ubu: The Shape of Things
Review of the live album by D. Erik Kempke, rated 6.8 out of 10. 'The sound is just too inescapably muddy, making it hard to recommend to anyone that doesn't already own the rest of the band's catalog.'
EvilSponge: Pere Ubu w/ The Features
Concert review of the show at The Echo Lounge, Atlanta, Georgia by PostLibyan, rated 3 out of 7 sponges. (September 27, 2002)
Ink 19: Pere Ubu
Concert review of a date at The Echo Lounge, Atlanta, Georgia, by James Mann. 'Pere Ubu remains alone as America's most challenging rock band.' (September 27, 2002) Story of My Life
Short review by Andy Skibins: 'Goes back to the basic (hap-hazard, if you will) Ubu vision.' (April 16, 1993) Worlds in Collision
Short review: 'As on Cloudland, Worlds In Collision is a further streamlining of the Ubu equation.' (May 24, 1991) Cloudland
Short review: 'Beneath their hard, dissonant and inaccessible sonic exterior, Ubu are capable of writing some really catchy melodies.' (June 2, 1989) The Tenement Year
Brief review, 'An extremely rare chemistry exists between these musicians: while their individual parts seem to have little to do with what the others are playing, it all meshes.' (July 1, 1988) 390 Degrees of Simulated Stereo
Short review by David G. Rosenberg, 'varies in sound and performance quality from excellent to awful, and will probably have greatest appeal to Ubu fanatics; all others should proceed with caution.' (January 17, 1983)
Ink Blot: Pere Ubu: Apocalypse Now
Review by Bill Meyer, who was in attendance at the show where this live album was recorded.
The Onion A.V. Club: Pere Ubu: Apocalypse Now
Positive review by Joshua Klein, 'casts Pere Ubu in a light as unexpected as the group's impressive life span: unplugged rock stars.'
Pitchfork: Pere Ubu: Apocalypse Now
Review by Michael Sandlin, rated 7.5 out of 10. 'Apocalypse Now does nothing more or less than capture Pere Ubu at their anarchic best.'
Ink Blot: Pere Ubu: The Art of Walking
Review of the reissue by Bill Meyer: 'Thompson's lighter guitar playing, loopy co-lead vocals, and songwriting assistance helped to steer the band ... towards breezy whimsy.'
Pitchfork: Pere Ubu: The Art of Walking
Rated 7.6 out of 10 by Michael Sandlin. 'With the addition of like-minded wing-nut Mayo Thompson, Pere Ubu's sound changed as much as it stayed the same....'
Pitchfork: Pere Ubu: Dub Housing
Reissue is rated 9.4 out of 10 by Michael Sandlin. 'In terms of sheer artistic ambition, this record blew just about anything else around out of the water.'
George Staroshin: Pere Ubu
Review of 'The Modern Dance' rated 13 out of 15. 'An innovative album that shows talent, even if that talent isn't always pointed in the right direction.'
Ink Blot: Pere Ubu: The Modern Dance
Review of the reissue by Bill Meyer: 'This is the soundtrack of intelligent men lost in the wretched cultural wasteland of the 70s, aware that their city was rotting around them and in love with its corroded rusting beauty. This is one of the best records
The Onion A.V. Club: Pere Ubu: Pennsylvania
Review by Joshua Klein: 'Ubu's art is as unclassifiable, unpolished, and unpredictable as it ever was.'
Yet Another J. Eric Smith Record Review: Pennsylvania
'Pere Ubu's 11th studio album is simply a marvel, cover to cover, top to bottom and start to finish.' Pennsylvania
Brief review by Ted Hendrickson, 'this highly-influential group continues to work at a level rarely achieved by 99% of the bands out there.' (May 11, 1998)
Yet Another J. Eric Smith Record Review: Ray Gun Suitcase
'Doubts be gone. It's Pere Ubu, and damn good Pere Ubu at that.' Ray Gun Suitcase
Short review by Douglas Wolk: 'The most extreme record the band has made since its 1987 reunion, and the best.' (August 21, 1995)
Ink Blot: Pere Ubu: Song of the Bailing Man
Review by Bill Meyer of the 1999 reissue. 'This album is a transitional entry in Pere Ubu's catalog.'
Pitchfork: Pere Ubu: Song of the Bailing Man
Rated 7.2 out of 10 by Michael Sandlin. 'Basically, these are your average Pere Ubu non-hit songs that ponder burning questions concerning paleontology, biochemistry, geometry, zoology, and the language and communication barriers between man and animal.' Song of the Bailing Man
Brief review by Jeff Tamarkin: 'Is it possible that Pere Ubu has gone near-accessible? Well, not quite.' (October 25, 1982)
Nthposition: 'St Arkansas' by Pere Ubu
Positive review by Ian Simmons: 'I suppose Pere Ubu are the American Fall.'
The Onion A.V. Club: Pere Ubu: St Arkansas
Positive review by Noel Murray: 'One of Pere Ubu's best works, displaying the kind of intelligence and imagination that gives the avant-garde a good name.'
Yet Another J. Eric Smith Record Review: St. Arkansas
'Pere Ubu's twelfth studio record is, in short, a creative masterpiece, a nigh-unto-perfect collection of ten well written, brilliantly played and crisply recorded songs....'
Pulse! Magazine: "St. Arkansas"
Review by Richard A. Martin; 3 of 5 stars. 'Thomas and his foil from recent times, Robert Wheeler, work up enough angst and bile to make St. Arkansas a worthwhile addition to the repertoire.' (August, 2002)
Pitchfork: Pere Ubu: St. Arkansas
Review by Jason Nickey with a rating of 8.5 of 10. 'St. Arkansas is the complex tale of a sharp-dressed trucker ... whose passion in life is the open road.' (June 28, 2002)
Delusions of Adequacy: Pere Ubu: St. Arkansas
Positive review by Patrick; 'Pere Ubu is the most consistent band I can think of.' (June 24, 2002) St. Arkansas
Review by Solvej Schou. 'After 27 years and 11 studio albums of avant-garde garage, founding member David Thomas still threads together stories as warped and warbled as his voice.' (June 17, 2002)
Jared's Pick: Pere Ubu - Terminal Tower
Album review: 'a collection of Pere Ubu's groundbreaking early singles, a perfect introduction to their fascinating sound.' (May 20, 1999) Terminal Tower: An Archival Collection
Review of the collection of singles and rare track from 1975 to 1982. (March 14, 1986)
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