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Peter Paul and Mary

Peter, Paul and Mary
Official site for the folk trio includes lyrics and chords, discography, tour information, pictures, biographies, news and downloads. Peter, Paul and Mary
Biography and pictures of the group.
Peter Paul And Mary Tabs
Guitar tabs for some of their well known songs.
Three & A Half Decades of Peter, Paul & Mary
An interview by Tina Alvarez following the 'PPM&(Lifelines)' tour.
Vocal Group Hall of Fame: Peter, Paul and Mary
A historical perspective written by Jay Warner.
FrogCircus: Peter, Paul & Mary Lyrics
Complete lyrics and liner notes from all albums.
OldieLyrics: Peter, Paul and Mary
Lyrics to Peter, Paul and Mary's songs ordered by album.
Peter, Paul and Mary
Zipped files of lyrics for nine of the group's albums.
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