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Phantom Planet

Phantom Planet dot com
Official site. Contact information, show dates, recent news, fan club information, band biography, photos, discography, and merchandise.
As The World Goes On The Internet
Member profiles, lyrics, news, pictures, reviews, interviews, articles, fan stories, and a Look-A-Likes section.
Asteroid G
Articles, links, member information, images, and tour schedules.
Fine On My Own
Recent news, pictures, links, strange interviews, and a section called 'What the hell?' where visitors can come up with ideas about what Jacques is thinking/saying in a picture.
Phantom Planet Is Cool
Lyrics, MP3 files, images, biographies, tour dates, video clips, wallpaper, and links.
Phantom Planet Is Missing
Band profile, interviews with the members, reviews, images from live shows, lyrics, and listing of unreleased songs.
Phantom Planet Pictures
Picture collections, along with biographies, quotes and equipment information.
The Phantom Planet Shrine
Lyrics, images, band information, audio clips, and links.
Phantom Planet Strikes Back
Fan site with a Star Wars theme. News, interviews, pictures, and a biography.
A Place That's Warm
Interviews with band members, images, lyrics, performance schedule, and links.
Powered By Phantom Planet
Band history, interviews, listing of 'Phantom Clones', and lyrics.
The Sleep Machine
Member profiles, RealAudio files, lyrics, images with text links, concert reviews, links, and fan creations.
Spark's Phantom Planet Page
Conspiracy theories, discography, lyrics, images, and links.
Woohoo Phantom Planet Yeah
Member profiles, band history, images, interviews, discography, and links.
You Break Me
Photos, lyrics, biographies and news.
The Jacques Brautbar Fanclub
Includes member profiles, club information, images, survey and MP3s.
Alex Planet
Biography, photos, links, contact information, and lists of various appearances in movies, television shows, and commercials.
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