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Alec Eiffel
Extensive site in English, Spanish, and French, with discography, pictures, news, press, audio.
Bailey's Walk
Message board for fans.
Death to the Pixies
Includes history and discography.
Elektra Records: The Pixies
Label site with biography, discography and message board.
Pixies - Complete B Sides
Review of the album by
The Pixies -
Fan site with news, videos, history, pictures, waiting room, and links.
Pixies - Guitar tabs
Guitar tabs.
Pixies Area 51
Minimalist fan page with some band photos.
Pixies Live
Exhaustive list of tour dates, setlists and bootlegs.
The Pixies' Official Site
From 4AD records.
Pixies: The Sauce of Chaos
Images, lyrics, and a ranking of the band's albums.
Biography, pictures and articles from the 1991-94 fanzine Rock a My Soul.
Thrashin's Pixies Page
Discography, tabs, history, images, audio samples, and links.
VH1: The Pixies
Includes album reviews, news, biography, discography, links, and bulletin boards.
Adrian's Album Reviews : The Pixies
A fan provides reviews and track listings.
Music Junkies Anonymous : The Pixies
Multiple reviews of the bands work by several different authors.
Prindle Record Reviews - Pixies
Short reviews of all the band's work, including readers comments.
Luna Kafé E-Zine: Pixies - Death to the Pixies
Håvard Oppøyen's review: 'this album shows the incredible qualities of a band that lived to short, ending in a sad and touchy break-up.'
MMMM: The Pixies - Death to the Pixies
Mike Melvillem's review: 'Despite all the gripes the songs themselves survive the compiler's mangle and probably six of my top 10 Pixies' songs make it onto the LP'
Salon: Death to the Pixies
Positive review by Gina Arnold of the greatest hits/live package. (October 20, 1997)
NME: The Pixies - Surfer Rosa
Rated 9.5 out of 10: 'Pixies have put a viciously eccentric but very subtle curve into the rock they play and replay'. With track list.
Nude as the News: The Pixies - Surfer Rosa
Mark T.R. Donohue's review: 'The album's songs aren't that far left-of-the-center -- they're just odd enough to make you take notice, and just normal enough that you'll have no trouble singing along.' Rated 9.5.
The Pixies - Surfer Rosa
Ryan Chittum's review: 'Great song follows great song, making this album the Pixies' greatest and most influential.' With pictures. (December, 1998)
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