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Placebo's US record label site. Information of forthcoming releases and news can be found here.
Bilingual English/Spanish site for the UK band with news, discography, lyrics, images, interviews, band info, curiosity, fan art and links.
Placebo on Page includes updated news, album/single reviews plus a discography section
Placebo - Black Market Music
Black Market Music is the third album by British glam-rockers, Placebo. Includes sound clips, and video.
Placebo links
Provides links to sites dedicated to the band Placebo.
Placebo Lyrics
A lyrics page that includes all three albums, with their bonus tracks. Also has a section for unreleased tracks, b-sides, or covers done by Placebo.
Placebo page at
Includes reviews of the band's latest music, short biography, news, and videos.
The Placebo Palace
Band site with news, multimedia, pictures, lyrics, interviews, tour dates, links, fun stuff, etc.
Placebo Stills
Collection of images from music videos and TV appearances.
Official site with news, tour dates, discography, articles, media, forums, downloads, merchandise and photos.
The Raft: Placebo
Includes news, chat and biographies. Placebo
Includes biography, recordings, pictures, articles, video files, and message board.
.:Second Chances:.
All about the charming band Placebo! This site includes a detailed biography section, photo galleries and discography & video's from Placebo's career.
Second Sight
A well designed website dedicated to Placebo. Includes everything any fan will want to know about Placebo. Site features a forum too. Placebo
Includes lyrics, tablature, discography, bibliography, tour dates, message board and links. Placebo
Placebo music news, album reviews, music videos, biography, discography, links, and chat room.
Virgin Radio
Listen to Placebo online now. Placebo live in session on virgin radio recorded in March 2003. Page also includes a chat with Placebo and host Steve Harris.
Just Hewitt: An Unofficial Steve Hewitt Fansite
Learn all there is to know about Steve Hewitt, Placebo's drummer. Includes news, biography, discography, images, quotes, interviews, mailing lists, and links.
Nancy Boy - A Shrine to Steve Hewitt
Includes pictures, fanclub, bio, quotes, interviews, concert reviews, concert pictures, and computer art of the drummer from Placebo, Steve Hewitt.
Brian Molko Is God
All about Brian Molko frontman of Placebo.
Happily Bleeding
Includes lyrics, pictures and information.
My Sweet Prince Without You I'm Nothing
Lyrics, biography, art gallery, pictures.
Second Sight
Placebo and Brian Molko fansite complete with a forum which requires registration and is open to anyone. Also includes: photo's, biogs, and fanart sections.
Some Strangers Place
Biography, links, interviews and articles, desktop items, ringtones for phone, polls, postcards, and separate photo galleries for the band, Molko, and the movie Velvet Goldmine. Site can be translated into Turkish.
Sucker Love
Includes pictures of Brian Molko.
Yahoo Groups: Nancy Boy Dressed in Leather
A club dedicated to Brian Molko.
Includes news, biographies, lyrics, dictionary, images, forum and chat. [English and Spanish.]
Black Market America
Includes biographies, information on the music videos, songs, articles, lyrics, news, setlists, audio, visual, photo galleries, tour dates, history of past gigs, a placebo mailing list, and other links.
Black Market Blood
Biography, lyrics, video clips, message board and pictures.
An unofficial Placebo site that includes stills from Placebo videos, published photos, live backstage photos, real audio b-sides, live audio, interviews. This site even has a Placebo quiz, comic strip, and links to sister sites.
Class Sucker-Love
C++ version of the song 'Every Me and Every You.'
Devil's Online
Wallpapers, screen saver and Winamp skin, as well as lyrics and a quiz.
Eyeholes in a Paper Bag
Pictures, news, lyrics and sounds.
Flesh Mechanic
Includes lyrics, pictures, links, webrings, message forum, chat room, music and concert reviews, music and band polls, and audio.
Includes band information, lyrics, pictures, history, look-alikes, and links.
Includes pictures and links.
Lipstick Trace
Band member information, discography, photos and quotes.
Mistresses of the Masters of Poof
A fansite with a splash of David Bowie, even more Placebo, and Brian Molko beaucoup. Includes photos, comments, links, and lyrical story.
My Sci-Fi Lullaby
French and English page with biography, discography, lyrics and pictures. Downloads include wallpapers, icons, fonts and Winamp skins. [Requires Flash.]
A website that includes information on the band, lyrics, discography, articles, pictures, message boards, a chat room, polls, and links. Also available are downloads of icons, desktop themes, and wallpaper.
Leonard's Lair: Black Market Music
Jonathan Leonard's review: 'There's no real skin-shedding on 'Black Market Music' but this is a classic case of 'If it ain't broke, don't fix it.'' 4 out of 5.
Metacritic: Black Market Music
Multiple critic and user reviews for Black Market Music by Placebo.
MusicOMH: Placebo
Review of an October 2000 concert at the Brixton Academy in London.
PICZine: Placebo - Black Market Music
Viki's review of the album: 'You can listen to this album loads - the tracks flow almost seamlessly. Rare for an album with so many songs that stand out on their own right.'
PopMatters - Placebo
Review of 'Black Market Music'.
The Nypihasl Site
A fansite dedicated to Placebo and Brian Molko with band information, lyrics and photos.
A Place for Us to Dream
Includes biographies, pictures, news, lyrics, audio and video clips, fan fiction and downloads.
Placeb0 - New Placebo Site
Includes information, photos, and guestbook.
Placebo - The Crawl aka Pucker-Up
Biography, lyrics, links, images, fan art, alternative FAQ, the Placebo drinking game, and a how-to apply make-up ala Brian Molko. Site also has information on the movie Velvet Goldmine.
Placebo Central
Includes MIDI, tablatures, and lyrics in PDF format.
Placebo Invade Oz
A small informative site dedicated to Placebo's tour of Australia.
The Placebo Palace
A site for Placebo fans with biographies, tour dates, quizzes and lookalikes.
The Placebo Place
Biography, lyrics, quotes, interviews, news, song meanings, random info, fan section and more.
Placebo Planet
News, pictures, tour dates, press, biography, chat, and audio and video samples.
Placebo Portal
Community with pictures, reviews, traders' corner, fan fiction, song ratings, multimedia, forum and an encyclopedia of the band. [Free registration required for some features.]
Placebo Single and Bootlegs MP3
Instructions and list of songs for exchange.
Placebo Unofficial Website
Pictures, lyrics and tablature.
Images, lyrics, discography, biography, and a RealPlayer interview with Brian Molko and Steve Hewitt.
Sweet Prince
Fansite featuring all things Placebo.
Taste in Men
An extensive site that includes news, biographies, info on albums, quotes by the band, a 'did you know' section, a picture and look-alike gallery, fan art, reviews, interviews, links and webrings.
Theories of Conspiracy
Fan site with live pictures, video stills, reviews, articles, message board and discography.
Vague Connections: Placebo
Biography, discography, lyrics and tour dates.
The Wicked Nun
Fan site for the band and Brian Molko features discography, pictures, tour dates, chat, forum and lyrics.
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